Crystals for Taurus Season: Focusing on Self

Posted on April 26, 2020

Crystals for Taurus Season.

April brings with it the season of Taurus which also bestows a calming and stable energy, which many may welcome after the chaotic and fiery energies of Aries season. Furthermore, both the solar and lunar energies fall in Taurus during the New Moon on the 23rd, which means Venusian Taurus energy is at its most powerful!

What does this mean for us?

Well, Taurus is a sensual Earth sign and likes to indulge in the pleasures of life. Taurus energy provides us with the grounding to focus on matters in the physical realm – such as health, wealth, and personal empowerment. We may be more inclined to start a new exercise regime or think of new ways to increase our income. We may be in the mood to undergo a makeover or beautify our homes and environments.

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Taurus is an Earth sign and a Fixed sign so this provides us with a tenacious spirit. Whatever our focus is on, we are determined to get the job done.

(For example, I’ve just signed myself up for a 6-week lower-body workout course which was entirely out of the blue, but I guess that’s the magic of the Taurus season!)

Reconnect with Yourself with these Crystals for Taurus Season

So which crystals are most helpful for us during Taurus season?

All crystals have the ability to heal to some degree but the ones listed below are especially good for those born under the sign of Taurus, who have a substantial amount of Taurus in their natal chart and anyone who wants to benefit from Taurus season itself!

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Jade is an excellent crystal for Taurus people and for anyone during the Taurus season. It has the ability to create balance. It brings harmony and stability to individuals and to our environments. This crystal enhances Taurus energy even more and can also help bring stability to out-of-control emotions.


The emerald crystal is especially associated with prosperity (in witchcraft, green crystals and candles are often used to draw money to the individual). Taurus is a sign associated with money and material matters. Wearing emerald or meditating with it while envisioning abundance can help manifest it into your life. Emerald’s natural properties of abundance and healing are powerfully aided by Taurus energy.


Taurus energy is wonderful because it brings grounding and an ability to focus on tasks and complete them. But like all Earth signs, it is very much focused on the physical. When the Sun is in Taurus, this can block our connection to the spiritual. Selenite keeps us connected to the spiritual world and provides a good balance between the physical and ethereal. It is a helpful crystal to use or wear during Taurus season.

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This is an especially good crystal to use between the phase of the Waning Crescent Moon and the New Moon. Amber is a cleansing crystal, known for ‘letting go’. Taurus season is a great time to think of what needs letting go of (whether it’s a bad habit, way of thinking, or stuff in your cupboards which have no more purpose for you). This crystal can help cleanse you and prepare you for new things to come.


At a deeper level, Taurus season encourages us to think more about our personal needs and values. It also brings the opportunity to beautify both ourselves and our environments. Rhodonite is a gentle crystal that promotes love of self and its energies are very similar to Taurus. Rhodonite wants to see both inner and outer beauty, and prompts the wearer into creating beauty and harmony.


Taurus is about enjoying comfort and stability. It doesn’t like worrying about what it doesn’t have. Instead, when Taurus is at its best, it appreciates all it already has because it knows deep down that the key to happiness is appreciating what you have and not hankering after what you don’t have. Lapis Lazuli enhances this sense of comfort, encouraging the wearer to embrace what they were blessed with and not work themselves into a state of anxiety by falling into the ‘grass is greener’ trap.


This Taurus season, enjoy what the sign of the bull has to offer. It is likely you will feel a strong sense of being able to achieve. You may want to take up new hobbies and activities, as well as work on yourself and your environment, making both as pleasant and comforting as possible.

Keep the above crystals close to you so that you can work the magic of Taurus for yourself!

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