How to Pair Your Crystals With Incense

Posted on May 17, 2021

Two types of incense and an amethyst crystal sit on a table.

We all know that with the right tools and intent comes a lot of power—and if you haven’t already, you may want to consider making some magic with crystals and incense.

Both in life and in all spiritual workings, making choices with intention goes a long way.

In life, we can intentionally choose people, careers, hobbies, and passions that light our inner fires and bring us peace. And in our spiritual practices, we can choose tools that resonate with what we want to call into our lives (like love or abundance) or what we want to expel (like toxicity or negativity).

Making sure that you’re using tools that properly align with those goals can often really be key to success! But with crystals and incense tools with such varieties and uses, it can be hard to know what is really right for you.

Got your intention ready? Or even just a curiosity for this cleansing combination on your mind? Keep reading to explore your options and discover the magic that can be made with these powerful objects.

Why Combine Crystals & Incense?

It’s not unheard of to combine spiritual tools for different results. For example, a card reader might not just use Tarot, but also Oracle, within a card reading, for that extra dose of insight.

But what about crystals and incense?

Crystals don the element of Earth, bringing in energies that can ground your needs in a very tangible way. For those that prefer physical representations of energies and their goals, crystals are an excellent companion to work with.

Incense can be a great representation of the element of Air, and as you tend to light this aromatic tool, it can also be a representative of Fire.

In other words, combining these two tools can create a well-rounded ritual or spiritual experience, enhancing your needs so long as you know how to maximize both of their potentials!

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The Best Crystal & Incense Combos

How you ultimately choose to combine incense and crystals will depend on what your intent for their usage is. If you’re feeling stuck, here are a few combinations that we love!

1. Cleanse Your Space: Dragon’s Blood Incense & Selenite

Need a bit of a refresh in mind, body, or physical space?

Dragon’s blood has a wide variety of uses, but it can be one of the most potent energetic cleansers as well. And if you still feel like it’s not enough, pair it up with some selenite for one of the deepest cleanses you’ll ever need!

Selenite can often be used to clear spiritual blockages, especially relating to the Third Eye, so you’ll be able to hit all the necessary spots with both Dragon’s blood incense and selenite combined.

2. Call in Love: Rose Incense & Rose Quartz

Looking for crystals or incense to bring in some love and romance? Rose incense is considered to be deeply connected to matters of the heart, helping us clear out the old and call in only the purest forms of love.

Coupled with rose quartz, a crystal of self-love and positivity, your spiritual workings focused on matters of the heart are sure to be successful.

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3. Make Some Money Magic: Pine Incense & Citrine

Perhaps love was not the first priority on your list, but instead some abundance and financial flow.

Pine incense will support a healthy, prosperous, and sustainable financial energy. Its focus on longevity and foundation, combined with the joyous and lucky citrine, will create a combo that brings forth the best of both worlds.

You’ll have both the entrepreneurial and ambitious spirit needed to get the job done, but also the long-term thinking and supportive foundation you need to make it all last.

4. Protect Your Energy: Cinnamon Incense & Obsidian

Sometimes it’s not just about cleansing or calling new things in, but also protecting what is ours already.

Cinnamon incense is a wonderful agent for protection, recalling properties like warmth and home. With its ties to the element of Fire, it is easily one of the more powerful scents for protection.

Combine this powerful incense with obsidian, an equally protective stone that has ties to the Root chakra, further supporting our ability to ground and protect.

Combining Creatively & Intentionally

Getting results with your crystal and incense combos is really only half the job.

More than simply creating pairings that you can work effectively, combining crystals and incense is a practice that involves a lot of creativity and intentionality. Of course, this is true for most spiritual practices!

Because of this, it’s important that you feel comfortable experimenting and finding out what actually works for you and your needs. Don’t be afraid to try new things and put your own creative flair into your practice!

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