Top 5 Divination Tools Used in Astrology - Do You Believe in Magic?

Posted on March 12, 2016

When it comes to astrology, answers are always available from the stars. Whether you find those answers on your birth chart, in your solar return reading, or in your daily horoscopes, the astrology answers are there! But as we always say, once in a while we need a little bit of help from the Universe in terms of specific answers. For example, you can not consult your birth chart to help you find the heirloom ring of your grandmother’s that you lost. But there ARE some tools that CAN help you answer specific questions like that. We call them divination tools. And believe it or not, but there is a divination tool for almost everything. So yes, keep using astrology for answers on your biggest questions. And, for your more specific questions, we refer you to the top 5 divination tools that you can use in conjunction with astrology for all of the other answers you need. Do you believe in magic? Because when you believe, you receive gifts in the way of answers. Hopefully you caught party one of our Divination Tools Series as we are going to expand on that today, and connect the dots for you on the top 5 divination tools and their connections to astrology.

Today we are taking a second look at a feature we brought to you precisely one year ago today, and taking that up a notch by connecting the dots for you between those powerful magical divination tools, and astrology. So to continue our divination tools series, today we bring to you the top 5 most common divination tools, and how to use those with your Astrology Answers favourites like daily horoscopes, love horoscopes, birth chart readings, and more.

Find out something neat on your solar return? Give yourself a Tarot reading to get a better idea on the specifics. Need a yes or no answer right now about those love horoscopes? Grab the pendulum. The Universe is infinite when it comes to answers. So here’s how to use those divination tools, in conjunction with astrology, to get precisely the answers you need as you navigate a murky March 2016 eclipse cycle.

1. Dowsing Rods

A dowsing rod is one of the oldest divination tools on record. It is most often used for helping with specific matters like finding lost objects. A dowsing rod is a divination tool that is an actual rod shaped like an L. The individual looking for a lost object will hold each of the ends of the rod, one on each side of the L, and begin looking. Legend has it that when the rod finds the lost item, the two ends cross over each other like an X. And that’s how you use this powerful divination tool in conjunction with astrology!

The Astrology Connection: The connection between dowsing rods and astrology is that dowsing rods function by the gravitational pull of the Earth. So the astrology connection is that sometimes there are astrology transits that simply bring you a better gravitational pull so that your dowsing rod is more effective. Many in the Wiccan faith use dowsing rods under a Full Moon only, as the gravitational pull is literally, out of this world. And during a Super Moon like our recent New Moon in Pisces total solar eclipse, even more so. So you really will get the best answers from your dowsing rod under astrology transits like this. We will keep you in the loop when they are pending! The Full Moon in Libra partial lunar eclipse later in the March 2016 eclipse cycle will be one of them!

2. Tarot Cards

The Tarot is one of the most powerful and oldest divination tools of record. This is a set of cards, usually about 78 cards but every Tarot deck is different. Each of those cards has symbols on it with astrology connections. Pentacles for example represent Earth Signs, or timing that involves Earth Sign dates. And there are many more connections between astrology and the Tarot that can help you find specific answers to specific questions. Want to know when a job answer is coming? Or if you are going to close on a house? Your birth chart can give you a general idea, but Tarot can help you fine tune those details!

The Astrology Connection: There are literally an infinite number of ways that the Tarot connects dots with astrology. You can even find zodiac signs in the Tarot like, Leo in the Strength Card or in the Knight of Wands. Justice represents Libra, and the zodiac sign of transformation, Scorpio, can be found in the Death card. You will also find astrology transits show up in readings, if the Moon, Sun, or Star card appear. The Tarot cards also have suits: Cups, Pentacles/Disks, Wands/Staff, and Swords. Each of these corresponds with a zodiac sign element, so the Cups represent Water Signs (Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio), Wands represent Fire Signs (Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius), Pentacles represent our Earth Signs (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo), and Swords represent the sharp witted Air Signs (Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius.) So if you want an answer about a specific person, ask the Tarot because there is a court card for that. If you want to know if the March 2016 eclipse cycle, or the Full Moon in Libra partial lunar eclipse is going to impact your life, do a 3 card Tarot reading to take a peek. There are so many connections between astrology and Tarot that often astrologers use Tarot as their wing man for detailed answers after looking at your solar return or birth chart.

3. Pendulum

Sometimes in life, the simplest answers are the best. As much as astrology answers many of our general questions, sometimes we just need a yes or no answer. Is this guy The One? Should I take this job offer? Should I answer this phone call? These are simple yes or no answers you can’t find in a birth chart. That’s what a pendulum is for! This divination tool is so simple, it does just that. Ask it your question, and wait to see which way the pendulum swings! If you have your own pendulum, you simply need to calibrate it so that you know what answer means no, and what answer means yes. You can do this by asking the pendulum if your name is…whatever your name is. Watch which way it swings for your known Yes answer, and you’ve just calibrated your pendulum! Whenever you need a quick fix and quick answers that astrology can’t provide right away, the pendulum is your go to!

The Astrology Connection: Like dowsing rods, pendulums as divination tools work from a gravitational pull of the Earth. I always like to use my pendulums when I am outside and actually standing on Earth for that reason. That’s not always possible. I’ve used my pendulum in everywhere from airports to restaurant rest rooms to church to you name it. But when I am outside with my feet on the Earth it swings the best. So like dowsing rods, stay tuned to astrology transits where the gravitational pull offers more depth. Full Moons are great but so are Super Moons like the New Moon in Pisces we had this week. Using your pendulum before you make New Moon wishes or Full Moon wishes also really helps word those wishes so you can truly manifest the Destiny of your birth chart.

4. Runes

Runes are very similar to the Tarot when it comes to divination tools. Instead of cards, however, the symbols of this divination tool are put on a series of stones. Each symbol and each stone means something different! And, just like the Tarot, you draw stones when seeking your answers. The symbol on the stone you draw will reveal the answers that you seek. You can also do readings with Runes, and draw 3 or 5 or even 10 if you want detailed answers! Runes are a very powerful divination tool that have been used for thousands of years for everyone from mystics to witches to famous philosophers to get detailed answers to some of life’s biggest secrets!

The Astrology Connection: As we say, Runes are very similar to Tarot in how they are used, and the answers they provide. They also have many astrology connections very similarly to the Tarot cards. One difference is that the Tarot cards are 78 in total, while Runes are usually only about 24. Runes are stones with ancient images printed on them, and each image has a different meaning. These meanings do coincide with astrological transits, zodiac signs, and even the planets like the Tarot cards. The Fehu Rune for example, could be telling you about an Aries in your life, or someone with Mars and Pluto influences like a Scorpio. This Rune also symbolizes the astrology transits Mars in Aries and Pluto in Aries. The Rune Hagalaz is telling you about a Leo, or about an astrology transit involving the Sun or the Moon. There aren’t as many Runes as there are Tarot cards, but there are many astrology connections in ancient Runes that can provide solid astrology answers to your zodiac sign and birth chart related questions.

5. Lithomancy – Crystal Healing

Lithomancy is a big word that not many people use all of the time. But more people use lithomancy than you might think! Lithomancy is simply a fancy word for crystal healing, and you would be surprised at the answers you can get from gemstones! Crystals can be used on their own without being consulted for divination. Place them on your bed stand, in your purse, or wherever you need a little bit of extra energy! To use them as divination tools however, engage the power of lithomancy! Simply put all of your crystals in a silk pouch or a little bag so that you can hold them. Shake up the bag, ask your question, and drop the stones. Many people use a chart, which you can make yourself by hand by simply drawing a square or circle and dividing it into sections. Mark the sections with things like “Love”, “Luck”, and “Money.” Or if you have a specific question, mark the boxes with answers, like the names of the months if you are asking a timing question. Or the names of people if you are asking a “person” question. Shake up the stones and drop them onto your chart, and…there are your answers!

The Astrology Connection: Crystal healing has been used for thousands of years, and one of the reasons is due to its astrology connections. Each crystal used in crystal healing has a zodiac sign association. We all have birth stones! So if you ever wondered why the history of birth stones started now you know. They were used in ancient times as divination tools. In many ancient traditions, if you wanted to know who you would marry, a religious leader would put a series of stones in a pouch like Runes, and pull one out. With this information you would learn that you would marry someone that had been born within a certain time frame, say from when the Sun enters Leo and the Sun enters Virgo. You would then not be permitted to court suitors born outside of this date range. How’s that for an arranged marriage! Would you want to choose your life time mate based on what rock you pulled? It happens. Each of the crystals used in lithomancy is associated with a zodiac sign. Aries likes their crystals red hot like they are and go for the Ruby every time, while Aquarius likes their amethyst for example. Leo likes their golden Topaz, just like Scorpio. Your birth stone may not necessarily be your lithomancy stone. We will cover this more in an upcoming feature so stay tuned!

And there you have it! Everything you ever needed to know about the top 5 divination tools and their deep connections to astrology. Now you also know how to use them to activate answers that go beyond what astrology can provide. Watch the total solar eclipse in all of its totality at The Weather Network. This past total solar eclipse was watched by stargazers up to Asia! Did you see it? Don’t forget to review how to keep your divination tools ready for use. Do you use divination tools? Which ones? And what is your favorite? In the meantime, share your stories with your experiences with divination tools.

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