Don’t Get Heated with Mercury in Aries

Posted on April 19, 2019

A thermometer in front of the sky.

​On April 17th, Mercury, the planet of communication, enters the fiery and confident sign of Aries.

This transit holds a lot of potential for progress if you know how to use your words to fuel your passion.

Your world can be shaken up by the cosmic energy generated by the movement of the planets through the solar system. But, when you know what’s coming, you can predict the consequences and plan to use each transit’s energy to your advantage. To do that, you need to know the characteristics of each zodiac sign and planet so you can harness their best qualities and plan your life accordingly.

When you learn the astrological dance of the planets through the signs, you can manifest the miracles and goals you’ve been working towards. There is order in this vast, chaotic Universe - if you know where to look.

So, don’t get overheated when Mercury lands in Aries this month. Here’s how!

Aries, The Ram

Aries is a Fire sign symbolized by the Ram. Rams are associated with courage, adaptability, impulsivity, and willpower. Their assertive, masculine energy is outgoing, willing to take the initiative with confidence. Harnessing those traits, you can find your inner voice use it to speak up about what you need and want.

You can strengthen your independence and get things moving that have slowed down or stopped. As a Cardinal sign, Aries is clear, concise and starts things just as the season of Spring starts with the first sign in the zodiac, Aries!

Negative expressions of Aries are aggressiveness and hot tempers. Picture two battling rams with their horns interlocked. Avoid being combative by channeling any aggressive mental energy into creative projects like poetry, writing, art, or music. Funnelling anger into a larger passion project instead of expelling your anger outward into your environment is your best strategy.

Mercury, Ruler of Communication

To understand how Mercury affects, us we need to understand that each planet rules an area of the psyche and essentially of our life. As each planet moves through the signs and houses, we feel the corresponding energy.

Mercury rules the areas of communication in our lives which include thoughts, conversations, emails, and texts. It’s also the ruler of one major, dominating, superseding, all-encompassing, huge aspect of our life, our mind! Mercury is very influential in our lives not only because it’s one of the inner planets and has a measurable effect on electronics.

It’s also a big influencer because it governs our perception, our thoughts, words and thus our interactions that make up our lives.

Now to bring all of this together, we can expect people around us to have a short fuse and we can use positive words to redirect the energy. The point is, words create energy, so use the passion of Aries to build strong bonds and create opportunities where before you saw walls.

Opportunities With Mercury in Aries

Knowing the planetary effects means that instead of being caught off guard by them, we can use them to manage our time and create more success. You want to take full advantage of your powerful communicative abilities with Mercury in Aries.

Here are 5 simple ways you can use this energy in a positive way instead of just being a hot head!

  1. Work On Creative Projects - Aries is all about passion and you can use the energy to communicate your ideas and share them with others who can help you make them a reality. Get together with friends and talk shop about the ideas and you’ll be able to make progress.
  2. When You Feel Like Yelling, Write a Letter Instead - Before you let yourself unleash the fury you’re feeling, take a moment to listen to yourself by writing it down. Don’t send or deliver the message until you’ve had a chance to cool down.
  3. Get Clear Goals and Write a Task List - You can lower your mental angst by setting clear goals that you can look at each day to know how to direct all the extra energy in your mind. Make a list of the things you want to do in order to make headway towards these goals so you can start checking them off each day. It will help you feel good about yourself too!
  4. Listen to Music with Uplifting Lyrics - Music can help shift your mind from angry to inspired when you listen to music that makes you feel like dancing and singing along. Find music that inspires you to be confident and loving instead of music with angry or depressing lyrics that would amplify thoughts like that.
  5. Let Your Feelings Out with Love - This could be a time where you can heal relationships because you’re ready to talk and say how you feel. Before you have an important conversation, set your intention to communicate soul to soul and not be defensive. Try not to take what other people say impulsively too seriously.

Concluding Thoughts…

Mercury generally hangs out in a sign for three weeks - it will remain in Aries until May 6th when it moves on into Taurus. So until then, don’t get heated! Let your inner fire shine bright, but make sure you have it fully within your control.

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