Dream Interpretation: How Dreams Reveal What You Need to Heal

Posted on June 03, 2018

We sleep almost half of our life, but rarely give our dreams much thought, waving them away as subconscious nonsense. What if we told you that your dreams could be both helpful and life changing, if you only knew how to speak the language of your dreams? Dream interpretation is very similar to the language of the Tarot, which is all about symbols and emotions.

Dreams can help us protect ourselves by showing us where we are breaking our own boundaries and where our deepest fears live. When our dreams show us where we feel lacking in control, we can recover our power and see the ways in which we may be manipulated by our own insecurities that run below the surface of our waking consciousness.

If you’re interested in becoming a healer, dream interpretation is key to developing intuition. The point of this article is to help you recognize the healing messages your reoccurring or memorable dreams are trying to tell you. By the end of this article, you’ll understand common dream phenomena and how to interpret their subconscious messages coming through to help you.

Reoccurring Dreams

Many people experience reoccurring dreams of some sort. Whether it’s being late for school or work, losing control of a vehicle, or being inexplicably naked in public, these are all messages meant to wake you up to your own inner struggle to show you how to make your life easier. If you are out of control in some way in your dream, you probably need more stability and structure in your life. If you are being stalked or chased, it means you may want to avoid the influence of the thoughts of a culture or person in your waking life.

If you are surrounded by dirt in any negative situation, your subconscious is showing you that you are allowing something in your life that shouldn’t be there. If you had a dream someone shot a gun at you, there may be someone directly draining your energy, and your mind is trying to help you see where you need to reclaim your ability to stand up for your own values.

Whatever your reoccurring dream is, notice your primary emotion in the dream and what similar experience in your waking life makes you feel the same. Being mindful of your dreams can make you realize what you don’t need in your life.

Dying In Dreams

Believe it or not, dying in dreams is usually a good thing! It means you’re letting go of a large psychological part of yourself. You may not notice a dramatic shift when you have a dream like this, but your life may just get better because you’re releasing a weight that has been on your mind.

If you are dreaming about someone else who has passed away, your unconscious mind is trying to show you something unresolved from that person’s life. Notice how that person is behaving. Are they excited and happy? Is the message to bring more fun into your own life? Or are they decrepit and unhappy, revealing a pattern in their life that would behoove you not to repeat? Sometimes our unconscious wants us to see behaviors that have been passed down from one generation to the next so we can free ourselves of them.

Running or Anxiety Dreams

There are many common reoccurring anxiety dreams that may be hinting that you’re not taking care of your health or you’re running from your own emotions. If there’s water in the dream, it’s likely that you need to take some time to let yourself experience and let go of some emotions that have been building up.

If you’re running from a person or group of people, this may represent your own fears that are chasing you, telling you it’s time to face them and shine light on them so you can stop living in fear. When we are actively avoiding someone or doing something that causes us anxiety, we will often have fearful dreams of being pursued relentlessly so we can see that there is a more empowered way of living that can bring us a greater sense of fulfillment.

Dreams Where You Have A Different Life

Sometimes we dream we are living a different life. Pay attention to what is going on and how you feel. If you were really happy in your dream, it’s showing you the potential that you’re pushing away. If you’re walking towards someone or something, the dream is showing you the possibilities awaiting you.

If you are dreaming of romantic relationships with other people, don’t freak out! These dreams don’t usually have much to do with the specific people who appear in them, but instead want you to revisit the themes that these relationships had in your life. Notice how you’re treated by the people that show up in your dreams. Is something you no longer need to allow in your life being revealed? Often times when we are not expressing our creative energy and our own attraction to others, we will have sexual dreams because it’s not natural to suppress our emotions.


Once you receive the healing message that a reoccurring has, you’ll probably stop having those dreams. Maybe they are there to help remind you not to repeat a certain behavior. Maybe they are meant to tell you to be more kind to yourself. Maybe they want to show you how someone else’s thoughts are influencing you. You can also look up certain aspects you remember from your dreams. When you discover a meaning that feels most true for you, that’s your intuition telling you you’ve found the answer. For example, many people dream of animals and then look them up to help receive the healing message that spirit animal is there to help them with.

The best way to find the healing message of a dream is to know that everything in your dream represents a part of you. Another person is a part of your own consciousness. Colours can represent emotions and link to the chakras. Homes and cars are actually about your body, and the weather is representative of your emotions. Sit down with a journal if you are experiencing reoccurring dreams and ask your higher self how is this dream here to help you and what it is trying to tell you that will keep you safe and happy? Your higher self will guide you, as long as you’re open to let the answer come to you.

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