The Biggest FAQs About Dreams

Posted on January 21, 2016

At Astrology Answers, we get a lot of questions about dreams. Dreams about falling, dreams about death, dreams about your father, dreams about teeth, and dreams about flying. Did you know that those can be a powerful tool in helping you achieve your waking dreams as well? You can have access to those tools every night if you really want to.

There are certain times we get help from astrology transits to access dreams more easily. We usually give you a heads up on Full Moons, Neptune transits, or Mercury Retrograde periods that encourage dreams and reflection. We’ve also compiled a handy-dandy list of FAQs about dreams to get you started!

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Is it Possible I Don’t Dream?

Have you ever felt you fall in the 6.5% of the population of people that believe they don’t dream? Whenever I get on the topic of dreams, dream symbols, and dream interpretation; there’s always somebody that claims they don;t dream. it’s one of the most common dream questions there are.

A new study printed in the Journal of Dream Research out of France found that indeed, everybody does in fact dream. Sometimes, the people that think they don’t dream, dream the most! This research looked at 289 random people and studied their sleep patterns and body movements that occur during a human’s dream cycle. They found that indeed, every single participant dreamed.

The National Sleep Foundation says that we know that dreaming occurs in the stage of sleep called REM, or, Rapid Eye Movement. Your body can move too. REM is the last stage of sleep, and there are many stages of sleep before this phase.During each phase, as you slip into the unconscious circadian rhythm of sleep, brainwaves get slower and longer, moving from alpha through beta, and then into very slow and long delta waves.

Once you start reaching the delta wave portion of sleep, you will experience key dream periods of REM. Those sleep stages are often interlinked. If you sleep and reach your REM cycle, you dream. You may not remember those dreams because they happen when your brain waves are slowest and longest and they don’t deposit information into your memory bank.

Why do we Dream?

There really is no definitive answer to this question. We all have our individual dreams for certain reasons. Although, we all dream for the same reason. There’s really nothing else for our brains to do while we are sleeping. We never stop thinking or processing. If you want to look at this from a scientific perspective, it will help to make more sense of it.

Consider your brain to be like the computer of your human body. It makes all the decisions, sends all of the commands, and executes all of the functions that your body needs to do to get by in the world every day. Well, sometimes that system gets a little overloaded. I often like to think of my unconscious life as the cache of the computer system in my brain.

Our brain has different compartments and sections; little nooks and crannies where we store all of the things that happen to us every day. Sometimes it knows where to store the information. “Oh, that delightful Christmas Day goes right into my long-term memory!” Or, “I need to get milk this afternoon"is deposited into the short-term memory account.”

Similarly to the memory cache on your computer, sometimes things slip out once in a while. When it does, it slips out in unconscious ways, and through dream symbols. You might say the wrong thing in your waking life with a ‘Freudian slip’, or you dream about what you truly want to say at night.

You can also dream about your fears if your waking life is full of that. Solutions can also be found in dreams if that is what you choose to focus on. So the answer to why we dream is a scientific one. Our brain needs a physical outlet for all of the systems and processes that are running, or that we are dealing with, at any given moment in time.

What are the Most Common Dream Symbols?

There’s no such thing as a ‘normal’ dream symbol. As Harper’s Bazaar points out, there are common dream symbols, but each dream symbol you have is yours and yours alone, for a reason. There is nothing weird or crazy about it. That being said, we humans are pretty predictable, even when we think we are not.

There are a number of common dream symbols that you may find popping up in your own dreams. That’s because most people have had them at some point or another during their lives. Here’s a list of the most common ones:

• Dreams about falling

• Dreams about death

• Dreams about my father

• Dreams about teeth

• Dreams about being chased

• Dreams about being naked

• Dreams about teeth falling out

• Dreams about babies

What do the Most Common Dream Symbols Mean?

There is a wide body of evidence from dream research over the past several centuries, from innovators like Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud to contemporaries like Deepak Chopra. These common dream symbols, if you are experiencing them, are nothing to fear. Fearing them in fact could turn a good dream, into a bad reality.

Knowing what the most common dreams and their meanings are can help you really get a grasp on how to use your dreams and their meanings to their very fullest advantage. When you catch this concept then, these dreams and their meanings actually become your very own field of dreams. If you build it, they will come.

• Dreams about falling: You are feeling unsupported in an area of your life. Ask yourself who was with you in that dream? That is a clue about who you need to bond and have a conversation about this feeling.

• Dreams about death: A chapter is ending for you, it doesn’t mean you are dying. What is going on in your life right now? Are you changing jobs? Relationships? Moving? What is the change the death in your dream is symbolizing?

• Dreams about my father: Many people just have complicated relationships with their dad, and as such, this is a common dream symbol. The feelings you remember from this dream are the most important part of this dream content. It’s never about your father. It’s about your relationship and where you stand in it.

• Dreams about teeth/teeth falling out: Teeth are often associated with our outer appearance, or how we present ourselves to the world. If they are pretty, we feel pretty. So if you are dreaming about teeth, how you feel about how you are presenting yourself to the world or perceived by the world is at stake here. Teeth dreams also note anxiety. If you just have teeth in your dream, the anxiety could be about how others perceive you. If your teeth are falling out, you feel like you have no control over how others perceive you, and have anxiety over that. You can quickly overcome this fear when you realize that what others think of you doesn’t matter if you are on the karmic path to enlightenment.

• Dreams about being chased: This dream shows up when we are feeling overwhelmed. You may feel it at Christmas time when bill collectors are calling, or the kids are asking for expensive presents. If you are being chased in a dream, you want to find out what is chasing you in your waking hours. It could be a prophetic dream, that a bill collector may call, or a friend you haven’t heard from in a while will be calling. It could also be a sign that more information to the situation is on its way to you, or is behind you right now and you just can’t see it yet.

• Dreams about being naked: If you have a dream about being naked, you are feeling exposed about something in your life. A secret may be coming out, or you may fear a secret is coming out. Maybe you feel alone and exposed and are lacking support in some area. Like the Emperor without his clothes, you just need to see the truth for what it is, and put some ‘clothes’ on!

• Dreams about babies: Babies are fresh and new and exciting innocent things. Sometimes a baby dream will be just that. A prophetic dream that someone around you is about to have a baby, or make that announcement. Babies could also signal a new beginning in your life, and it will likely come in the form of a miracle. A baby dream is a great dream, it means something fresh and exciting and innocent and miraculous is on its way.

How can I Remember and Make Dreams Come True?

This is the real reason why we all want to know more about our dreams. Prophetic dreams are not all in our imagination. The more you get in the habit of paying attention to your dreams, recalling them and the symbols you find, and documenting them, then you are well on your way to turning those dreams into a field of dreams where your dreams come true, for real. It happens.

I have dream journals that are all over the place; from little scraps of paper to files on my computer. Whenever I get a flash of a dream symbol from last night, I write it down…somewhere. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wandered across one of those files or scraps and marvelled ”Whoa! That one came true!”

Prophetic dreams are a thing and you don’t need to be an actual psychic for that to happen. You just need to consciously pay more attention to your unconscious. Yes, it can be tricky and it takes practice. I’m not going to lie and say after one article feature that you are now a dreams guru. Nobody is.

Once you do get the hang of it, it gets so much easier over time. Remember that your brain is a computer chip. It does what you want, takes your commands, and performs the functions you order it to do. Here are some ways you can enter the commands at brain command central to start remembering your dreams and see them come true.

• Wake up earlier. Remember what I said about being woken up during REM? You can make sure that happens by waking up one hour earlier than you usually do. You are likely to be riding those delta waves then, and more likely to experience dream recall. Don’t expect this overnight, though. Give this habit two weeks solid to form and your brain will start working with you.

• Write it down. It’s really that simple. There is no one size fits all way to remember your dreams, but writing down the flashes you recall really helps a lot. So get thee a dream journal! Begin waiting for those flashes to crop up during the day and jot them down whenever and wherever they crop up.

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Forget about drinking milk before bed. There are really only two steps you need to get in the habit of remembering dreams and making your own field of dreams come true. Wake up one hour earlier and carry a dream journal with you and write in it when you have moments of dream recall.

Dreams are a fascinating and complex topic. They have as many interpreations as there are people who have the dreams. Remeber to apply the common dream symbols to your own specific life situation and you will gain insight into what they are tryign to tell you. We hope that we have answered some of your most pressing questions about dreams.

Do you have more questions about your own dreams and their meanings? Check out our Dream Dictionary

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