5 Dreams You Will Have In 2021 & What They Mean

Posted on December 30, 2020

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With so much on the horizon in 2021, it can feel overwhelming at times to keep up with the astrological current.

Whether you plan to make big waves and changes or are awaiting certain goals and events to unfold, the anticipation for 2021 can seem almost too much to bear! And with so much going on astrologically, you may feel out of the loop when it comes to the skies and stars.

Thankfully, our subconscious and intuition already often know what’s up, keeping track and following the astrological energies on their own. As a result, sometimes keeping up with your dreams is simply the best astrological calendar you got.

With a dramatic and exciting year awaiting us, being up to date on your dream landscape is one of the best ways you can get in touch with both yourself and the stars.

Let’s see what lies ahead for 2021 dream meanings and symbols!

5 Dreams You Will Have in 2021

1. Neptune Retrograde: Potent & Prophetic

For almost half of the year, Neptune will be retrograde. The dreamy planet of illusion and mysticism will be moving “backward” from June 25th to December 1st. With any retrograde, a planet’s energy gets turned inward, making your internal world — including, you guessed it: your dreams — more prominent and important.

This is particularly powerful, especially as it will reside in its ruling sign Pisces, making waves in the realm of psychic powers, emotion, and even prophecy! During this special period, your dreams are more likely to be rich with insight and knowledge.

However, as the planet of illusion, you may not always immediately understand what your subconscious is trying to communicate to you. Keeping a dream journal to write down your dreamy insights is key, as you may soon understand their power and the overall dream meaning.

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2. Pisces Season Power: Emotional & Romantic

As always, psychic Pisces is sure to pack a punch when it comes to the world of dreams.

Pisces season reigns from February 18th to March 20th, being a time where the world often feels the weight of their own emotions and internal dialogue grow heavier. During 2021’s Pisces season, you can expect Mercury and Venus to meet up with the Sun in residing with Pisces, however, making the energy full of fishy power.

The 2021 dream symbols may be eccentric at first but are also likely to carry emotion and romance messages thanks to hopeless romantic Pisces’ heart full of love.

3. Plutonian Progress: Self-Discovery & Identity

Pluto will go retrograde on April 27th in the bold and dramatic sign of Leo, only going direct later in the year on October 6th.

Pluto — the planet of change, transformation, and rebirth — going retrograde makes plenty of the changes that occur internal ones. In the sign of Leo, we are likely to contemplate our sense of self and identity, and sometimes who we are as creatives and artists.

As a result, the energy during this time can create difficult and anxiety-inducing dream landscapes thanks to Pluto’s desire to get to the nitty-gritty of our internal world.

However, within what may seem like a simple nightmare will lie insight into how you see yourself and identify. This 2021 stress dream is actually meant to help you!


4. Mercury Madness: Wild & Weird

Of course, it’s not an astrological peek into the year without a glance at Mercury retrograde!

Mercury will go retrograde several times throughout 2021, lasting for a bulk of February (until the 21st), a few weeks in June (until the 22nd), and straddling September and October (September 27th to October 18th).

The key is that every single Mercury retrograde will actually reside in an Air sign, and different ones each time, at that! Moving from Aquarius to Gemini and finally, to Libra, each Mercury retrograde will offer insight from each of our beloved Air signs.

You can expect dreams during this time to be more cerebral, communicative, and witty than usual. You may be having conversations in your dreams, and these will be particularly rich with insight as a 2021 dream symbol. They may even be funny or carry some humor!

5. Aquarian Alignment: Worldly & Idealistic

A great worldly astrological event of 2021 includes an Aquarius stellium, meaning that in February specifically, several planets will all pile up in the sign of Aquarius.

The Aquarius stellium is likely to impact everyone a little differently, but there is one possibility that will exist for us all when it comes to our dreams.

This is a profound time in any regard, but for your dreams, you may find that some of your dreams actually have nothing to do with you!

Worldly and humanitarian Aquarius is often focused on the greater good and collective, so especially for more empathetic folks, you may receive messages about world events and community happenings more than about yourself. Pay attention to these 2021 dream symbols, and see how you can apply them to real life.

Dream Big & Dream Forward!

In the land of dreams, insight will always be abundant.

If your calendar for 2021 is a blank slate, or you’re looking for key periods of growth and self-transformation, keeping tabs on how the stars are impacting your dreams is always a great place to start.

And whether you’re prophesizing about the next great event or simply want to use your dreams to better understand yourself, 2021 offers an abundance of opportunities for profound dream work in all areas and spectrums.

Use your 2021 dreams to your advantage, and make waves even in your sleep.

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