Dream Work: Are you Living the Dream?

Posted on November 03, 2015

Do you feel like you have it all? Are you living the dream? Are you scoffing at me already for just suggesting as much? The truth is, the wealthy are called “one percenters”. They make up a very small fraction of society, so I don’t blame you for laughing at me for asking if you are already living the dream. But the other truth is, the One Percenter Club is growing, and quickly. And that is because we are in an age of awareness where more and more people are arriving at the awareness that success comes from within, and is not something that happens to you. Did you know this? Did you know that if you are not already successful, it is because you have not tapped that magic button within?

It was Walt Disney that said, all of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. And many people believe in that, and keep waiting for that day when Tinkerbell with her magic wand will arrive with the opportunity that helps us to pursue our biggest and wildest dreams. But it was Carl Jung, one of the founding fathers of dream research and dream work that said, “He who looks outside, dreams, But he who looks inside, awakens.” And what Jung meant by that was that, dreaming continuously and waiting for that happy opportunity is just that, dreaming. But if you look within, you will find the answers you need to grab that brass ring of success, and awaken to what you need to do to be living the dream. The other truth that many of us forget is, Universe is about abundance. And there really is enough to go around for everyone. That is the definition of abundance. But you have to look within to capture a piece of that for yourself. Do you?

Do you dream about success and abundance? That’s great. That’s really important. But are you living the dream of success and abundance? Bridging that gap between your Walt Disney sized dreams and your Walt Disney sized success is exactly what we are going to talk about today. And you can do it too, no matter what zodiac sign you are. And with only a few weeks left in 2015, there’s no better time to do it. November is rich with energy from astrology that will help you tap into your deepest dreams and desires, and help you manifest them in your day to day life. Do you want to find out how? Let’s have a look at how to do dream work this dream rich month of November so that you too are very soon living the dream.

1. Decide what you want.

We as humans love dreaming so much that we very often get swept away and caught up in it. One minute we are agonizing over a spreadsheet at work, the next we are staring out the window and have a cocktail in our hand with ocean waves just feet away. Next we find ourselves shopping at Chanel. Our next dream may involve us leaping skyscrapers in a single bound. And perhaps in our next we are saying something that begins with, “I’d like to thank the Academy.” The truth is, nobody lives all of these dreams at once. They achieve these things one dream at a time. So before you live the dream, you need to decide, really decide, what you want. You want all of it? Fine. Nothing wrong with that. Which dream are you starting with first? The beach vacation? Your artistic skills for the Academy of Motion Pictures and Film? Or your dream of a new Chanel bag?

No successful person got it all at once. No skyscraper or Trump Tower cropped up in Manhattan overnight. But it all starts with one dream that may have happened overnight, or even while you are staring out the cubicle window at work. When you are clear about what you want in life, your dreams and your life begins attracting just those very things. Maybe you book a beach vacation and end up seated beside a high powered producer on the plane. Overwhelming your mind with many dreams at a time does just that. Overwhelms you. But if you focus on one thing, one dream at a time, they really do begin to fall into place if you do the dream work and have the courage to pursue them as Walt Disney said. Keep the intentions clear on all of your dreams. But be clear about what you want, one dream at a time. Donald Trump does not build thousands of hotels at a time, because that would be a waste of time and resources for him. As it would be for you. Instead, he does one at a time, with clarity, and with a dream. And when he builds it, they do come. What clear vision are you building from your biggest dreams?

2. Mercury in Scorpio says, put it in writing.

We talk about dream journals and dream work a lot here. One of the reasons a dream journal is so important is because it helps you to remember what happened while you were unconscious. Taking notes in your dream journal as soon as you wake up in the morning is key to remembering your dreams. Even if what you are writing down feels like it is another language. Right now we have an astrological transit in play that will help you take those scraps of dream symbols and transform them into usable dream symbols and sentences that can help you to manifest success and abundance. So no matter what you are thinking or feeling as soon as you wake up in the morning, put it in writing. Mercury in Scorpio energy is available now to help you make sense of those dream symbols, so that you end up getting more of that from inside your head, to the paper in front of you.

Consider this your subconscious planning stage. As one of the psychic Water Signs, Scorpio is very connected to the dream world. Scorpios and all Water Signs, Cancer, and Pisces, are expected to have a very dream rich November 2015. These dreams will offer cues and clues to your success. This could lead to abundance in love, money, wealth, or even just a few problems solved this month due to tips from your dream world. But Water Signs are not the only zodiac signs that have this advantage, they just have a higher energy level to tap into it. Mercury in Scorpio will be here for all zodiac signs to harness the power of dreams. With Mercury on your side here, putting your dreams into writing will have a very powerful effect that could last well beyond this month.

And the planets don’t care if your dreams are conscious or not. Day dreams are just as important and powerful as night dreams. Again, focus on one clear dream at a time. Put it in writing as often as you can. Sticky notes around your desk at work, pictures from a magazine or newspaper headline on your bulletin boards, dream journals, note pad references on your phone, there is no place too small to print out your dreams. Wherever you go, every time you see a symbol or a sign that matches your dream, write it down or put up a picture. The more you do, the more those dream symbols will begin manifesting in day to day life. This action sets off a vibration pattern where you literally begin to attract your dream symbols in waking life. Remember the Law of Attraction, what you focus on grows. Focusing on a million dreams at a time leads to chaos. Focus on one at a time, and put it in writing or posting a picture whenever Mercury sends you a hunch that this dream tip is really about to happen. You will soon start to see a pattern from these symbols and sticky notes and post its and note pad scratchings. And when you do, that’s when you know you are this close to go time to bring your dreams to life.

3. Neptune goes direct in Pisces – The Follow Through.

Mercury in Scorpio from November 2 to November 20 is going to help you use November’s dream rich energy to be clear about your biggest and wildest dreams. Use this energy wisely, and get into the habit of putting your dream symbols into writing. As I said, once you do, you will find that you begin to attract them in your daily life. And when you do, now you know it is time to pursue those dream symbols and turn them into something that is a reality in your life. This is where Neptune in Pisces comes in, and this is another very key and critical transit happening this month that will have an effect on your dream world and dream work. It will make dreaming for you, and bringing those dreams to life, that much easier. Fortunately this transit will be occurring almost at the same time that Mercury leaves Scorpio. So this pairing between Mercury and Neptune on your dreams this month will not leave you empty handed, or void of dreams, after November. Neptune in Pisces will be in play for a very long time. And with Neptune going direct in Pisces this month, right around the time that Mercury leaves Scorpio, your biggest dreams are going to be more clear than ever before.

Neptune has been retrograde in Pisces since this past Summer. This has put a serious wrench on many people trying to use their dreams to manifest success. When Neptune, the planet of dreams and fantasy, is retrograde, our internal day dreams and subconscious efforts become a little muddied. People that normally dream every day, find they are not so much, or are having a very hard time making sense of their dreams in the morning. Sound familiar? If the past few months have been tough on your dream life, you are not alone.

And relief is in sight. On November 18, Neptune will make a station and move direct in Pisces. This is going to be like a major fog lifts off of your brain. Clarity abounds! If you perform a dream ritual, or meditation before bed to try and dream more during the night, you will find this exercise really helps after November 18. With Neptune direct, there is forward motion on your subconscious again, and dream symbols literally spring to life. Remember, up until now you have been honing in on specific dreams, and putting them in writing. But you haven’t done any action on these dreams just yet. When Neptune goes direct in Pisces, your dream work will take on a renewed vigor and experience more energy than it has in months. That is your cue that it is go time.

Begin to really pay attention to what happens to you during the day. Those symbols and signs that you wrote down in your dream journals should start cropping up in day to day life, and could be something as simple as a butterfly shaped cloud. Maybe you dreamed about the number 17 for example, and are sent on an audition that is on the 17th floor at 1717 Seventeenth street. Ok so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you get the picture. And you would be surprised at how obvious dream symbols can be in our waking life. Take note of those dream symbols, and look for where they appear in your waking life. When you get the call to go to that audition on 17th Street, or wherever that symbol shows up for you, take it as validation from the Universe that this is where your success lies. With Neptune direct in Pisces, those dream symbols are going to be happening more and more on external events in your life. The most important question is, are you paying attention?

Do you use your dream work and dream symbols to manifest success? Are you living the dream? What are you going to do this month to get closer to your success and your biggest dreams?

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