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Posted on March 21, 2019
Updated on October 28, 2020

A fire juggler.

Chiron is on fire! Chiron entered Aries on the 18th of February after spending the last eight years in ethereal Pisces. But who is Chiron and what does he represent?

Astrologically, Chiron is a minor planet and a comet. Orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, he creates a bridge between past and future, transcending karma, time and space. He corresponds to the archetype of the wounded healer and deals with profound wounds and the capacity to rise above them.

With Chiron in the picture, it’s very much about transcending our own deep wounds and traumas. We’re talking about those wounds we never seem to get rid of, those that keep repeating, the ones we feel when we’re 11 and still feel when we are 55. They are persistent, deep, and complex. With Chiron now in assertive, Mars-ruled Aries, can we expect to start to heal these wounds?

Who is Chiron?

According to Greek mythology, Chiron was the ‘wisest and justest of all the centaurs.’ The son of the Titan Cronus (Saturn) and Philrya, a sea nymph, Chiron was rather popular because of his wisdom and medical knowledge. He was the tutor of various Greek heroes like Asclepius, Heracles, and Achilles.

On one occasion, Chiron was accidentally wounded by a poisoned arrow that belonged to Heracles and even though he was a master in the healing arts, he couldn’t heal himself, suffering much pain in the process. While attempting to heal his wounds, he made various healing discoveries but never found a way to treat himself. In the end, as the pain was unbearable, Chiron renounced his immortality and was placed in the stars as the constellation Centaurus.

Chiron continued his life while enduring the pain, continuing his teachings and work. This shows us that even though Chiron may represent that human part of us, our woundedness, he also represents our capacity to work through those past hurts and the lessons we may learn about ourselves along the way.

The healing journey can be successfully compared with bloodletting by leeches. It is going to the root of the issue, to purge out all the gunk and bring it to light. To be humble and honest with ourselves, accepting our wounds opens our hearts to compassion and service to others. By helping others, we’re ultimately helping ourselves. It is about being compassionate with ourselves as we are with others, being the nurturing parent to our inner child.

In the end, the Chironic wound never really ceases to exist, but we learn to live with it, we learn from it and we learn to be compassionate with ourselves and others.

The sign and house Chiron sits in your birth chart will give you information about where there are unresolved issues and where you will find most healing if you accept those issues and their pain.

Chiron Moves from Gentle Pisces to Energetic Aries

In the last eight years, Chiron transited through Pisces, bringing up many issues related to victimhood, spirituality, and compassion. There have been many questions and doubts regarding the divine, spirituality, and its practices. This was a time where the collective sensitive side was highlighted and many of us became associated with lost causes, with the underdogs and those who have been wronged.

Chiron in Pisces marks a time where compassion was highlighted and creative, healing energy was released. A time to endure certain struggles without having a clear solution the healing journey was very much about acknowledging and surrendering to the pain.

Chiron in Pisces showed us understanding in that everything happens for a reason, helping us find that personal connection with our spirit, encouraging us to assist a troubled fellow human and to comprehend that we’re all connected to each other.

Now Chiron is in Fire sign Aries, upping the ante! Chiron in Fire signs is about carrying wounds in the ego, heart, and self-expression.

Appropriately, until April of 2027, we will be dealing with identity and individuality issues. We will be asked to find courage when complications arise, and to check our impulses, reactions, and assertiveness. This is a Mars-ruled Chiron, so issues related to aggression and masculinity will also be triggered.

The Wounded Healer here is also the Wounded Warrior and will stand up and fight for those who can’t defend themselves. In the face of adversity, he will get up and go even though he rather stay in bed all day.

This is a time to have enough courage to admit when we’re hurting - and having the will to do something about it. This can initiate an inner exploration where we can find the answers we’ve been waiting for or avoiding. As Chiron discovers where his sense of identity is wounded and where his individuality has been damaged, so too can we heal previous hurts to emerge even stronger!

We’re now dealing with issues that may have wounded the sense of our own existence. It is a time to remember the lessons from Piscean Chiron: to embrace compassion and remember we’re all connected with one another. Remember that the bully deep inside has a hurt inner child who is also crying for attention and nurturing.

People with planets in Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn will naturally feel this transit more strongly and they may even find themselves coming up with their own existential questions.


There you have it! With all of this in mind, let’s work on being more assertive and focus on ourselves without dismissing others. Let’s build up our self-confidence, embrace our uniqueness, and accept and express our own individuality.

Fulfilling the Chiron in Aries purpose means giving a voice to our inner child and following our dreams, as well as being kind and compassionate to one another rather than aggressive and judgmental. What are you going to work on during Chiron in Aries?

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