Your Essential February 2021 Energy Forecast

Posted on January 28, 2021
Updated on March 10, 2021

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Welcome to the number “2” vibrations of February, the second month of an eventful year. This month carries the energies of duality, polarity, and balance. However, we do not go through as many transits as we did in January, and this is a shorter month. There is no doubt about it; February will be historical.

The shifts this month are designed to teach us compassion, love, and unity.

It provides us the ability to see the duality between light in dark by forcing us to face the ego’s fears and connect to the source’s oneness.

Higher Universal laws are made available to us every moment during February. It is up to you to choose to follow your intuition and destiny or continue to answer the calls of fear. We are eliminating ancient karmic blockages that stem from previous lifetimes, realigning to the true frequency of source as our physical reality aligns with the Universal laws of nature.

We will experience a radical change in the Aquarian way, with the Great Aquarius stellium and New Moon that promises major breakthroughs. Then our heart makes its way toward the limitless ocean of love, and we close out the month underneath the Virgo Full Moon.

This month we will invent and develop a new reality for ourselves and the collective dream. We have the power to usher in freedom and liberation. February is sure to create a pathway to a brighter future.

Let’s explore this month’s planetary energies.

Your February 2021 Energy Forecast

February 1 – 7, 2021: The Newly Elevated Heart

The Sun & Mars

The first week of February launches a dynamic square between the Sun and Mars. This challenging yet motivating aspect forces the function of Self and the function of our actions and desires to become the basis of stability in the new earth paradigm.

2021 is the attainment of our spiritual desire and will to achieve, the restoration of the “I Will” template symbolizing the vision of acting under our higher self as we finally move away from old timelines. The Sun wants us to progress in our individuality and regain our autonomy. In contrast, old systems want us to remain fixed in asserting negative defense mechanisms like bullying, dominance, hate, manipulation, and violence.

Under this aspect, people may come off more pushy or inconsiderate to the feelings of others.

This creates a perfect opportunity for you to focus on new ways to rely on yourself rather than another person. You can accomplish major tasks under this highly charged combustion of physical energy, but slow down and take your time. Impulsiveness can lead to accidents and mistakes. Don’t forget Mars’ current theme while moving through Taurus, “Slow and steady, wins the race.”

Venus Enters Aquarius

Venus adds more intensity by moving into the Aquarian realm of consciousness to solidify the dynamic Aquarius stellium, including the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Pallas, and Mercury.

As Venus begins her heart movement through Aquarius, we will be elevating toward a higher vision, one of divine love, compassion, and kindness for our planet and all beings that exist in the solar system. When we live through our elevated heart, light codes illuminate to repair the distorted consciousness and fragmented truth.

Her newly found mission is to redefine our value system, birth social improvement, and increase the commitment to humanitarian goals.

During this time, insecurities may threaten your personal independence and relationships as we move towards unconventionality, freedom, and liberation. When we learn how to detach from the outcome, we make room for our 5d blueprint to manifest. Expect an increase in creativity, the need for social interaction, and a shift in your friendships.

Venus’ conjunction to Pluto back on January 28th, 2020, was the purge of what no longer serves us, shifting focus to the things that serve our soul. This included purging bad friendships, relationships, and contracts that are not supportive of your truth, marking an epic shift in our finances, self-worth, and value system.

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Venus Conjuncts Saturn & Squares Uranus

The sequence of events brought to us on February 6th, 2021, pushes us inwards to the heart, stretching beyond the status quo and restoring our sacred geometry that holds the divine blueprint of the soul.

With Venus’ heart movement of a higher vision, her conjunction to Saturn 5 degrees in Aquarius is a blast of authority and discipline to reclaim our seat of power. Her sextile to Chiron, and square to Uranus, is the dynamic movement forward towards global change.

Unexpected events ushered in by Uranus trigger Chiron wounds that have been taking up space in your energetic field.

These transits may generate feelings of coldness and distance, pushing you toward isolation. Thanks to the Sun’s easygoing sextile to the North Node, we can learn the lessons presented to us by these aspects, absorb the wisdom, and fulfill our spiritual destiny.

February 8 – 12, 2021: Elevating the Collective Dream

Sun in Aquarius Conjuncts Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

February 8th, 2021, brings an explosive flash of insights that stimulate your imagination and widens your perception. There is more focus on the subconscious mind during Mercury retrograde, which is the memory storehouse of past thoughts and experiences.

This blended union between the Sun and Mercury retrograde shines light on the subconscious and connects us to insights from the past.

Although the Sun finds it uncomfortable in Aquarius, Mercury loves it there and strengthens our intuition and sense of self. New messages and themes come up during this time, and until Mercury stations direct on the 20th, they will not be revealed.

Expect miscommunication and technology issues.

Since Mercury rules the nervous system, he generates large amounts of tension and restless energy under this aspect, increasing downloads. Shield your energetic field from emotional or sensory disturbances, and always remember to connect back with your breath.

Saturn Sextiles Chiron

Saturn’s coldness and discipline may trigger your Chiron wounds on the 9th, forcing you to take a mature and realistic look at how you process your emotions and underlying fears.

There is a strong need to assert one’s individuality under this sextile, but it needs to come from a loving place and not past hurt and pain.

Saturn reveals the cold hard facts so you can do what is needed to move forward, not only in personal attainment but collectively as well. There may be lingering wounds that result in authoritarian displays of dominance, generating the feeling of people not taking you seriously. It’s important to address your Chiron wounds, take them seriously, take yourself seriously, and overcome those unresolved insecurities.

Harnessing self-discipline is key!


Mercury Retrograde & the North Node

On Wednesday the 10th, Mercury retrograde manifests with the North Node pulling on your intellect to upgrade your mental perception in alignment with your destiny.

Under this energy, you can draw on your imagination, integrating it with your talents and past life experiences to fuel your soul’s purpose. There is a sense of harmony and mental attunement that opens your mind to a higher lens as Mercury reigns supreme in Aquarius, calibrating the divine mind. Mercury also engages in his second square with Mars, indicating a strong possibility for arguments and heated conversations.

Perhaps you or other people around you feel the need to fight to assert personal beliefs.

Mars stirs up competitive feelings that may cause controversy. For humanity to create healthy relationships, friendships, and agreements, we have to step back and learn how to support each other’s views no matter how different they are from our own.

Communication is the key in moving forward as a collective, how we speak to each other, the stories we tell ourselves, and the thoughts we allow in our head.

It’s important to use this energy to help you realize that a mind is a vital tool for pursuing your destiny. Don’t let the ego talk you out of living your dream. Any resistance you experience is due to internal miscommunication. Check your inner narrative!

New Moon in Aquarius & Venus Conjuncts Jupiter

Just a few hours before the New Moon, Venus conjuncts Jupiter 12 degrees in the consciousness of Aquarius.

The blended union between Venus and Jupiter is the heart expansion of our soulful self. This planetary conversation provides us an amazing opportunity to expand our newly elevated heart by continuing to balance it with the mind.

Joy and optimism are maximized under this invigorating energy.

When we let go of the density and shed our attachments, the heart can expand and reveal the soul’s blueprint. The clearing of energetic buildup creates space within our cells that become receptive to higher bandwidths of consciousness. Opening up new pathways of self-mastery.

The New Moon occurs 23 degrees in the sign of Aquarius, pushing us toward the energy field of awakening, freedom, transparency, and empowerment. Aquarius is the “Great Awakener,” who’s electrifying currents jolt higher frequencies into the collective. Light codes emitted by the New Moon attune us to the Universal frequency of love and intimacy.

This teaches us how to love ourselves unconditionally and express that frequency towards other beings. It just so happens that this New Moon takes place a day before the Chinese New Year of the Ox, the year of reaping the rewards from all your hard work.

There is an abundance of wake-up calls brought on by the Aquarian New Moon. Some of them you may not want to hear but serve as important stepping stones toward your future. Although Aquarius possesses a well of emotions, it is an air sign that promises us the art of detachment through compassion, individuality, love, and unity.

Happy Aquarius New Moon!

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February 13 – 14, 2021: Mental Brilliance

Mercury Retrograde Conjuncts Venus & Mars Sextiles Neptune

Brace yourself for an electrifying weekend full of aspects that push us toward new and innovative change, after connecting with Jupiter under the Aquarius New Moon, Mercury conjuncts Venus on the 13th, clearing away distortions in our intellect and decision making process.

For the new earth vision to manifest, we need to repair how miscommunication distorts our lens and alters our thinking.

Mercury is ready to claim a higher position by focusing more on lighter topics and matters of the heart. Artistic and intuitive senses are elevated toward the Aquarius forward way of thinking and expressing individuality. Success is gained when the heart and mind come into alignment and anchor in a new consciousness.

During this time, Mars sextiles Neptune creating opportunities to transform your actions and desires through spiritual awakening and mystical experiences.

When we transcend the ego, we melt away material desires and actions that keep us bound to the old system that operates in distorted timelines. It’s important to understand how the ego is a motivator for our actions and desires. When shifting past the illusions and aligning with Neptune’s transcendent point, we realize the oneness in all of life and transcend the barriers of the ego, prompting higher-self motivation.

Mercury Retrograde Conjuncts Jupiter

The second of three Mercury Jupiter conjunctions occur on the 14th expanding our heart and mind on Valentine’s Day.

Mercury’s first conjunction to Jupiter occurred before his retrograde shadow, with his final aspect post shadow on March 4th, 2021. Aquarian consciousness is the vibration of Universal Love, the collective’s sacred heart vibrations, and the new vision for humanity.

As these two dynamic planets unite again, our intellect will be given a boost of Aquarian Love!

This is a perfect time to gather your ideas and write down your plans and visions for the future. This planetary conversation generates new insights into technology that aids our future. Venus trines the North Node, opening us up to new relationships that assist our highest density. There is a sense of harmony and one with the universe under this harmonious trine.

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February 15 – 21, 2021: Revolutionary Change

Saturn Squares Uranus

The 17th brings us to a final phase of the Saturn square Uranus cycle, which occurs three times this year. This stepping stone ushers in radical change that disrupts the existing state of affairs.

Saturn triggers a crisis in the Uranus realm of consciousness that may drastically shatter your previous perspective, forcing you to find new ways to move forward.

Change is uncomfortable and can trigger negative emotions. Sometimes not all change is good. It can be hard and challenging. It tests your ability to find a balance between freedom and structure. It pushes you to face your fears that block access to your higher self.

These blockages weaken your intuition and cause a thick fog of confusion.

This aspect may prove to be extremely hard to navigate and may generate some negative feelings. A pivotal point for the collective that marks the dissolving of endings with the tower falling as the star guides the way underneath the Moon. There will be a shift in power as Pluto continues to work in the background bringing an end to patriarchal dominance. We are pulling the curtain, and it won’t be easy, but it will be extremely worth it in the end.

Pisces Season Arrives

The Sun moves into the intuitive waters of Pisces from February 18th until March 20th, 2021.

Pisces symbolizes the light of the realization that illuminates the soul self. It is the limitless ocean of love and the collective waters of humanity that illuminates our soul’s blueprint and purpose of this lifetime. The waters of Pisces wash through our inner communication channel and upgrade our infrastructure to love.

This movement through Pisces makes it much easier for us to tap into our intuition and follow our hearts’ guidance.

Pisces is the last of the zodiac, the waters where we cool off, drink, and rest. This dreamy energy stimulates the imagination and increases empathy. Through Pisces, the Sun’s movement shines a light on our dreams, creativity and provides the frequency of inner peace.

Don’t get caught in the moody waters of Pisces. Use this season to open up to spirituality and dive deep into the limitless ocean of love.

Happy Birthday, Pisces!

Venus Squares Mars

Venus squares Mars on the 19th, causing a tidal wave of divine love, like powerful ocean currents that manifest the ability to plan our actions in the seat of our heart.

This square may generate tremendous amounts of sexual energy and tension, pushing you to find new ways to release your stress. Emotionally detaching from energy-draining situations will help you curb impulses and irrational behavior. There is a lack of self-control, causing internal conflict between personal feelings and the feelings of others.

The only way to take the right action is to activate your spiritual will to achieve and ground in your heart. Trust the process and do your best to work through any unresolved emotions.

This aspect affects finances, relationships, sexual drive, and your value system.

Mercury Stations Direct

Mercury finally stations direct on the 20th at the Master degree of 11, thus signifying a powerful calibration of the mind, widening our intellect and perception.

We made it through the first retrograde of the year, full of drama, communication issues, and technology breakdowns. His journey through Aquarius was meant to reboot our internal operating system following the divine mind. He did this by showing us the power of WORD, communication, thinking, and writing. He brought us lessons to move toward communicating through the frequency of love.

Clearing anxiety, mental distortions, and fragmented perceptions. Downloads and messages will begin to reveal throughout the next few weeks as Mercury begins to close out his shadow on March 13th. Something you have been focusing on will turn in a new direction.

Remember, people do not knock your blessings. Your thoughts do!

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February 24th-28th: The Transformational Right of Passage

Mars Trines Pluto

The last week of February brings us to an epic crescendo, as Mars manifests with Pluto, Venus enters into the intuitive waters of Pisces, the Sun sextile Uranus, and Jupiter manifests with the North Node, our Soul Star Chakra that illuminates our higher blueprint and life purpose.

On Wednesday the 24th, Mars trines Pluto marking a transformational passage that concludes the grounding of the masculine’s higher vision.

Pluto is the higher octave of Mars and acts as the subconscious generator of our deepest desires and power. He attempts to purge negative elements from the psyche that block right action, our spiritual will, and desires. Important themes of lust, power, and sexuality will be revealed for the pure light of consciousness to reveal the truth.

To align with your higher self and right action, you need to purge out the subconscious blockages that limit your growth.

It is time to tune into your inner radiance, purify the shadows, and bring yourself to higher levels of consciousness. Maybe you have abused or misused your power or sexuality in the past, causing the negative tendencies of Pluto to wreak havoc in your life. This is a chance not only for you to break out of negative behaviors, but it is also a chance for the collective to break away free from the misuse of power and sexuality.

This is the first of two Mars-Pluto trines this year, with the second one occurring on September 6th, 2021.

Venus Enters Pisces

Venus leaves Aquarius, asking us to release our emotional energy as she enters the limitless ocean of Pisces on the 25th. Here we transition to the calming, soothing, and intuitive waters of Pisces, dipping ourselves in Universal love.

Venus in Pisces represents the soulful lover in you.

Since Pisces is a Mutable sign, we have a chance to properly adjust ourselves to the natural ebb and flow of the Universe, granting us a completely new outlook on relationships and love. This energy enhances your artistic and sensual side.

Beware of the darker moods of Pisces, which can play out in friendships or intimate relationships.

These tend to be the moods of jealousy and self-sacrifice. Dreamy energy caused by Pisces may create a fog of confusion or illusions in your love life. Work through any deceptive behavior under this transit. Once Venus moves into Aries, she manifests the emergence of our elevated heart. During this time, the Sun in Pisces engages in a positive sextile with Uranus, aligning our values with our soul’s blueprint.

Jupiter & the North Node

Jupiter takes this a step further on the 26th by manifesting with the North Node, forming a harmonious trine that opens up new pathways to your destiny.

This highly fortunate aspect generates abundance through personal growth and development. If insecurities haunt you and prevent you from actualizing your desires. It is time to clear away your old belief system, precisely aim the arrow, and expand your inner truth. There is a great deal of guidance from a higher power to aid you on your path.

So tap in!

Full Moon in Virgo

We close out the month with a nurturing Full Moon occurring 8 degrees in the sign of Virgo on the 27th.

Virgo is the Master Healer/Teacher. This represents the attainment of spiritual perfection and the ability to heal fear-based thoughts, prompting a brand-new self-mastery pathway that will allow higher consciousness to be the true motivator of our actions.

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun is opposite the Moon, highlighting the polarities between the signs. The Virgo/Pisces axis challenges you to develop the potential to love and nurture self, gaining the strength to care for others. This energy forces humanity to knuckle down to a course of action that might benefit others. We are being asked to step up to the 5d belief system that is our collective soul purpose as keepers of Mother Earth.

The mind and heart can elevate us to the level of the mind of a Higher Power by upgrading our beliefs to love.

The Full Moon forms a trine to Uranus, ushering in waves of higher consciousness as we eliminate all that does not reflect the truth of our collective soul purpose. You may be more irritated and moody at this time, making it difficult to find peace. Tap into Virgo’s energy and align yourself with a new daily routine.

Health is wealth, the Virgo way!

Happy Virgo Full Moon!

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Energy Tips for February 2021

There is no doubt about it that February ushers in higher levels of consciousness that alter humanity and our relationship with the world.

As we leave the eccentric, ever-changing, and unpredictable energy of Aquarius, we leaped right into the soothing waters of Pisces to nourish our soul. This month was designed to reshape the collective dream and restore our sacred heart vibrations, the geometry of the Universe. After battling through the shadows, we gain new insights and increased psychic sensitivity.

Now we rest and recharge.

We will need all our energy as we make our way toward Aries season.

This month’s oracle card is Lucky from the Sacred Symbols deck. A streak of divine energy and inspiration that grants you the “Midas touch.” Luck comes in all forms, not just financial wealth. Luck may be healing, inspiration, love, or a newfound spiritual awareness and gifts.

Celebrate yourself and enjoy this lucky streak. You deserve it. If you don’t feel motivated, take some time to meditate and boost your spirit.

  • Journal your thoughts.
  • Practice gratitude affirmations.
  • Engage in daily breathwork and thank your cells.
  • Meditate to clear and balance your chakras.

Tap into the mystical and powerful energies of February. Have a wonderful month!

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