Use Neptune in Pisces to Unlock Your Dreams

Posted on November 29, 2018
Updated on November 26, 2020

If you build it, they will come, and yes, I am talking about dreams, my friends. As we round up 2018, the Universe has a few lovely surprises in store for us, as always. This year it seems to be the rounding up of the retrogrades. As one retrograde cycle comes to an end, we find ourselves working through another. At least Neptune, the planet of dreams, has finally done a complete one-eighty and moving from retrograde to direct. This means you are going to see some forward motion on some of those inner dreams of yours.

We’ve already talked about how Neptune direct is going to change your inner world to events in your outer world. But today we are going to focus on how those dreams, night time or otherwise, can become a reality. You really can use Neptune direct to unlock dream portals.

The Dream Potential of Retrograde Season

Had a lot of blasts from the past this year? Especially in the last half of the year? That’s because we have been in retrograde season, for a long time. We had a Mercury retrograde this summer, with a Uranus retrograde, Neptune retrograde, Venus retrograde, and then another Mercury retrograde that will last to mid-December 2018.

All of this energy has the potential to be a major game-changer for you to manifest dream content that can help you in your life, as you close out the year.

Neptune direct is the first big transit that we are closing out 2018 with. Although Neptune season can be a little foggy, this is a powerful transit that you can use to launch some of those big dreams of yours. The power is within! Time to go from using your fog lights to your bright headlights. The future is as bright as it seems, if you want it to be.

Astrological influences always come into play in our lives when it’s time for lesson learning. As with any test in life, the more preparation you do ahead of time, the easier the test will be. As you know, just because the weather seems a little shadowy or confusing, doesn’t mean you can’t reap miracles.

With Neptune direct, you just need to put your brights on. That’s best accomplished through dream work.

What once seemed so elusive, is now experiencing forward motion.

What is Neptune Direct?

The planet Neptune is the planet of dreams, psychic work, creativity, and the other world. Because Neptune is so dreamy, it is confusing and can create illusions in our day. Let’s say you are trying to buy a car for example, and the sales guy is really pitching you something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

If he can get your emotions rolling under a foggy Neptune transit, you may forget to read the fine print. This is especially true under a Mercury retrograde, which we have in play until December 6, 2018. At the same time, you may be so inspired by that car that you go home and create a masterpiece work of art about that car, or wake up the next morning with amazingly vivid dream recall about that car.

Therefore, like every planet, we take the bad with the good. Neptune has been working retrograde for many months now, and turned direct on November 24. For the past several months all of our dreaminess and fogginess has come from within.

Maybe it’s been harder to get a clear thought on something. Maybe you’ve had more dreams than usual. When Neptune is retrograde, all of its effects are happening internally. When Neptune is direct, the fog settles down on real life. This is why Neptune is called the planet of illusion and confusion. On November 24, Neptune turned direct and will stay there in Pisces until June 20, 2019.

Neptune’s Secrets

Neptune has a way of making us avoid reality. That’s why so many of us love Neptune’s dreamy airs. Let’s go back to the car sales guy. You love the car and that’s all you want to think about. If the sales guy snows you under a Neptune fog though, weeks or months later you may think of blaming him when a matter in the fine print crops up, but you can’t.

If you chose not to look at the fine print under that fog, it’s really only you to blame when one of those things crops up. This is Neptune’s secret. Every astrology transit is designed to teach us lessons. Neptune wants you to pay attention and puts a fog in your way to see if you are ready to pass that test. Are you?

You gain more clarity when you use Neptune fogs to your advantage, and put those fog lights on. One way to do that is through unlocking the dream portal.

Unlock the Dream Portal…

Some of us will remember our dreams more than others. Under Neptune retrograde, we are all a little fuzzy here. We may vividly remember that we had dreams. We just can’t remember the details.

Have you ever had an experience where your dreams feel so real it is almost spooky? You wake up in the morning with the memory that, just moments ago, you were in a castle, on a beach, wearing a mink coat and ruby slippers, and your mom was there but she looked like… an ostrich?

That experience seemed so real, right? We’ve all been there, and some of us more than others, but you don’t have to be “gifted” if you want more experience and meaning with these kinds of dreams that seem so real, especially under Neptune direct.

Tapping into those dreams more frequently will help you to find that connection between, your sleeping dreams, and your dreams of becoming a superstar one day. Everyone has the potential to open that portal.

With Neptune direct happening during a Mercury retrograde, these are powerful periods for you to do some dream work, and manifest dream content with messages you can actually understand and use in your day to day life. Time to unlock the dream portal. The power really is within.

The Power Within – Your Brain on Dreams

The best time to have those dreams that seem “so real” and bear such important messages is in the morning. You can’t force this or make it happen. You just need to pay attention to the fact that you are having them.

It’s like forcing a car beside you on the road to do something. Can’t be done. You just have to notice what it is doing, and, pay attention. The same works for those morning dreams.

Psychic researcher Frederic Myers, founder of the Society for Psychical Research, called those kinds of dreams “hypnopompic dreams.”

You know those mornings when you just wake up and you are thinking of someone and you don’t know why? The answer is, you just had a hypnopompic dream about them. These are dreams you have right before you wake up when you are semi-conscious because your body knows it is about to get up for the day.

The brain wave activity that is happening now is literally on that precipice between your conscious and unconscious world. You can feel your dog weighing down your legs on the bed like an anchor. You aren’t ”there,” and yet, you are. You are on that fine line between this and the other world, one foot is in each side of the doorway.

That’s why they seem so real, and why you remember these dreams the most. Many people go to sleep at night trying to dream of something so that they can remember it the next morning, not realizing how futile that system is.

Think about it. That’s like trying to memorize the Gettysburg Address right before the anesthesiologist puts you under for surgery. Your memory doesn’t work that way. What you are doing here is banking that dream attempt into your short-term memory.

Then you drift off into the alter world for about 8 to 10 hours riding the delta waves that change back to alpha right before you wake up. Everything you just put into your short-term memory 8 hours ago? Poof. Gone. It rode into the sunrise on a delta wave.

You are BOUND to forget what you dreamed. If you set your brain to activate for the morning hours, those hypnopompic dreams, especially during Neptune direct and Mercury retrograde, could lead to an awakening unlike any other.

Start This Dream Ritual Today!

  1. Establish your intent. Your intent is not to dream more, you already dream every day. Your intent is to remember your dreams more. Your intent is to literally just, pay attention.
  2. Set your alarm for one hour earlier. If you are a snoozer, your gift of snoozing will finally come in handy! Snooze your alarm when it goes off and keep doing so until it is time to get up, but don’t get up. Stay in the sleep zone to snooze, and then fall back asleep. With practice, you should be able to pick up in your most recent dream, right where you left off.
  3. Journal. As soon as you do wake up for the day, write down your thoughts in your dream journal. When you first start, you may only get a few words on paper the first few days or week or so. You will find that the more you practice, more and more comes to you in the morning when you wake up from these delicious hypnopompic experiences. Our Dream Dictionary can help you find the cipher to some of those symbols.
  4. Engage in more spiritual work. White light meditations, chakra work, psychic activity, you get the drill. The more often you train your conscious to access the unconscious, the more natural this process becomes with time.

Dreams or dream symbols will begin to enter meditative states, psychic hunches turn into dreams, the crossover between asleep and awake begins to pick up in frequency. It’s a powerful experience, and very useful on your soul journey.

It is a field of dreams that is yours for the taking, if you’ve planted the seeds, toiled the crops, and are ready to withstand any storm to harvest abundance. Be sure to check your Daily Horoscopes to see how Neptune direct will help you manifest dream content, and your own field of dreams every day.

Concluding Thoughts…

There is your homework, my friends, as we wrap up 2018. Time to put your bright lights on! You can see clearly now, the fog has gone. The feelings and dreams you are having are no longer illusions. Remember, the more work you do now, the easier these transits will feel. Why not get to work on some of this dream stuff while you are waiting? What are you writing in your dream journal today?

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