A Tarot Spread to Uncover When You Will Find Love

Posted on September 01, 2021

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Have you ever wondered when love may be on the horizon for you? Or when you’ll meet your soul mate, “The One,” or stumble into the relationship of your dreams?

This is quite a common pondering for many, and understandably so.

It may seem like a silly question at first, but matters of the heart are always taken seriously with the Tarot as your trusty guide and companion. That’s right: your Tarot card deck can likely help you find some answers even here.

Let’s dive a bit deeper to learn how it’s done.

Timing & Tarot 101

First, let’s discuss the matter of time and prediction within a Tarot reading.

Most Tarot readers will tend to agree that although the Tarot is capable of predicting future events and outlines of time, the future is still subject to our free will. After all, that’s why it’s a powerful tool in the first place: if you see an outcome you don’t like, you now know what to change.

With that in mind, there are many methods to uncovering a timeline within a Tarot spread, but you can apply these rules if you’re looking for one yourself:

In the suits of the Tarot:

  • Pentacles are slow-moving, indicating years.
  • Cups move moderately, indicating months.
  • Wands are fairly speedy, indicating weeks.
  • Swords are very fast-acting, indicating hours or days.

In each case, you would be looking for a number to also apply to the suit. If you pulled the 6 of Cups, for instance, that could mean around six months.

Simple enough, right? Now we can get to finding love!

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A Tarot Spread to Uncover When You Will Find Love

With that information under your belt, here is a simple four-card Tarot spread that you can apply your new knowledge to — and find out when and where you’ll find love in the process.

This spread works best if you use only Minor Arcana, at least for the first two card positions, for the purposes of the timing method outlined above.

Feel free to return the Major Arcana to the deck after pulling the first two cards.

  1. When will I find love? (Suit)
  2. When will I find love? (Number)
  3. In what kind of environment am I likely to find love?
  4. What actions would speed up the process of finding love?

Still a little lost? Let’s see what this spread and method might look like in action.

An Example Tarot Spread

1. When will I find love? (Suit)

Knight of Pentacles

We pull the Knight of Pentacles. We won’t look at the specific card here – we are just looking at the suit of the card, which in this case is the suit of pentacles.

With this information, we now know that the cards are pointing to slower movement, perhaps with love coming around in years versus months. For instance, as we know, Pentacles usually refer to years.

2. When will I find love? (Number)

2 of Wands

We pull the 2 of Wands for our second card. This time, we’re just looking at the number of the card, which in this case is a two. With the last card in mind, we can gather that the timeline is now around two years.

The biggest mystery is now solved! But why stop there when we can dig for more information?

3. In what kind of environment am I likely to find love?

3 of Cups

The next card focuses less on the “when” in this situation and more on the “where.”

The 3 of Cups is a card of joy, affection, and companionship. It sometimes can indicate a party setting, which can give you a very literal indication of where you may meet someone in this case.

Otherwise, it can point to the general energy of having a good time, of multiple people being in a space at once, and of free-flowing conversation.

4. What actions would speed up the process of finding love?

Ace of Wands

Finally, it’s good to close out with an understanding of how your own free will can impact the situation.

With the Ace of Wands, you have a large reminder that initiative and taking the first steps in the pursuit of passion and love is just as important as being receptive to it. Sometimes, you have to create your own opportunities.

This card would indicate that taking matters into your own hands and brainstorming how you can put yourself out there may speed up the process.

Following Your Heart’s Desire

When it comes to when or where love may find us, Tarot is certainly one piece of the puzzle that can illuminate the path ahead.

However, the “when” and “where” are only a few pieces of the equation overall, and Tarot — like other divination tools and systems like astrology — is capable of providing even more insight than that.

So you’ve now mastered how to find when love will find you, but now what? It may be time to also dig deeper, unpack some of your heart’s true desires, or get a broader understanding of your love life as a whole.

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