Flirt Your Way to Love While Venus is in Aries

Posted on January 31, 2017
Updated on November 26, 2020

If you’ve been falling short in the relationship department, the month of February has some surprises in store for you. Enter the transit of Venus in Aries: the boldest romantic transit of them all that begins on February 3rd. First, we have the planet Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Then it enters the zodiac sign of Aries, a fire sign, which is all about confidence, taking initiative, and making big, bold, daring moves.

Venus in Aries is all about taking charge, taking control of your relationships and releasing the idea that you don’t know how to flirt or be sexy. All of the zodiac signs can channel the energy of Aries and see a boost in the love department this month, so get your flirt on!

With Venus in Aries, you can expect a transit that inspires that snap, crackle, and pop in love that only it can deliver. Whether you’re looking to find love, turn that crush into something more, or improve your current relationship; read on for some great flirting tips.

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Take Some Flirting Initiative

Aries is an antsy one! Aries gets what it wants, or else Aries explodes. Waiting for someone else to make the first move can be frustrating, so instead go out and make that first move yourself. It’s about having the confidence to go after what you want, which is always sexy.

When it comes to relationship advice under Venus in Aries, make that first move and have fun! Nobody wants to flirt with someone who is sweating and stammering. Remember, your life isn’t riding on this phone call or text. At worst, you’ll get rejected.

At best, if you flirt like an Aries, you’ll definitely be sweating in all the right ways sooner than later. Here show to gain the confidence of the Ram when you are trying to make an impression on that cute stranger or impress your partner you’ve been with for a while.

  • Have a compelling question or topic to discuss with your special love interest when you approach or come home at the end of the day.
  • Stop waiting for them to phone you, and call first. Show off your sense of humor with your lover, be playful and romantic.
  • Looking to meet someone at a bar? Buy that cute guy or pretty lady a drink and simply enjoy the conversation without an agenda.
  • Send an unprompted text. Tell a joke, make an observation, ask a question, anything to heat up the waters a bit and let your intentions be known.

Flirt With Wild Abandon

When it comes to relationships, Aries’ are the mayors of Flirtville. It is especially true during the Venus in Aries transit. You’ll be inspired to strike the match of romance. Don’t stop at one match; light as many as you can, as often as you’re comfortable so that your ‘target’ isn’t confused about your intentions.

Romantic sparks rarely turn into fires on the first try, so flirt often if the person seems open to your advances. Light those matches and then strike up and light again. If you’re running low on flirting ideas, try these tricks:

  • Send a mysteriously inviting text in the middle of the day. It will make the recipient smile and want to respond and spend some time with you.
  • Drop a well-timed, genuine, and unique compliment. People love to have their positive traits noticed by other people.
  • Tap them on the shoulder, whisper in their ear, rub away that invisible piece of “lint” on their shoulder. We all know that lint doesn’t exist!
  • Remember: touch is the language of flirting. If your subject is within arm’s reach lay your hand on their forearm with generous eye contact

Cast a Wide Net

Lighting the fire of romance under Venus in Aries is about targeting your special someone, but not everyone is going to be receptive. If the object of your affection isn’t in the mood to flirt, you shouldn’t be forced to spend your life without romance.

Fast track your love mission by casting a wide net if you are single. If you aren’t, cast your net in your current relationship and try a bunch of different flirting tactics with your partner, some are bound to be appreciated. Here are some ideas to spread the love around:

  • Amp up the romantic cards, leave notes on their windshield.
  • Give a small token or gift of your appreciation.
  • Send a bouquet of roses.
  • Take your love interest on a surprise date.

Flirt With Confidence

Aries is a self-ruling leader. It means that people born under this sign are good at putting themselves first, but this backfires under the Venus in Aries transit. The key to flirting properly is not to be selfish. That’s the only relationship advice you need for this transit.

Do what they like, send them the drink that they want, put their desires first and your flirting will be successful. Make your target feel like they are the spotlight of your world, and you will be irresistible. Who doesn’t want to feel special and adored?

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Flirt first, flirt often, flirt with confidence, and cast a wide net and soon you will be the one teaching the art of flirting! Love, success, and happiness are in your future with you and your squeeze if you spice up the conversation and make them feel appreciated and attractive.

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