Flora and Astrology: How Flowers Work With the Stars

Posted on May 04, 2018

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Stop and smell the flowers”? Flowers are a gift from the universe, decorating the planet with beautiful colours and sensuous top notes.

There is something so comforting and inviting about the presence of wildly growing hydrangeas or any arrangement of blooms and blossoms that flowers have become synonymous with being in the present moment and appreciating the now.

It may be difficult to imagine that astrology has anything to do with flora or fauna, but the two perform an exquisite, universal dance with one another that brings them closer together than you might think. In fact, each sign is associated with certain flowers and surrounding yourself with your floral counterparts can actually increase the positive aspects of your sign.

Let’s take a look at each sign’s corresponding flowers and how to incorporate their essence into your life.


Honeysuckle is your go-to, Aries, due to its aspirational vines and charming appearance. Like the sweet and unique scent of the honeysuckle, your personality is magnetic and draws people to you. The honeysuckle is a tough cookie, which is reflective of your persona; you take what’s given to you and make the most out of it.

Try spritzing yourself with a mist that embodies the scent of honeysuckle, and focus on your Aries nature springing to life.


You are a fan of the finer things in life, such as art and cuisine, and you like an aesthetically pleasing environment. Your sign is associated with the poppy, a flower that provides beauty to its surroundings. Poppies are not only beautiful to the eye, they are a warrior flower that can battle many of life’s downfalls.

Much like Taurus, poppy flowers are determined and headstrong. Call your local florist and have a Taurus-ready arrangement made for yourself. You’ll appreciate the little treat and the poppies will share their energy with you.


Lavender is your floral go-to, which provides an incredible aroma while soothing the senses. Lavender is a calming flower, its energy seeps deep into your pores and releases tensions and anxieties. Lavender is perfect for Geminis as it can assist you in making decisions and feeling at peace with them.

Try dabbing a little lavender essential oil (Mixed with a carrier oil.) on your wrists and temples. The peaceful scent will flow through you and provide you and everyone around you with a relaxing tranquility.


Your personality is deep, sensual and emotional. You are loyal to your friends and loved ones, much like the nurturing nature of the acanthus. This is a somewhat sensitive flower that needs loving hands like yours to keep it safe and protected. Its beauty reflects your own, both internal and external.

This is the perfect flower for your garden, Cancer. Surround your home with this beautiful flower and protect it from the storms ahead.


Your warm and inviting personality are reminiscent of the sun’s energy — giving and responsive. You are the life of the party and you foster a sense of fun and openness in others. With an aura so vivid, it’s no wonder that your sign is best represented by the loud and large sunflower.

The brightness of the sunflower is much like the luminescence of your nature. Do some research and find the nearest sunflower patch, take a road trip and soak in the radiant, loving energy of these gorgeous blooms.


Virgos are among the hardest working of all the signs, rarely stopping to take a break or give themselves rest. For this reason, your flower, the morning glory, provides the clarity and foresight to realize that you need to relax and have some fun every once in a while.

Morning glories grow wild and can be found almost anywhere, so take notice the next time you see a patch of them on your morning walk. Stop. Smell the flowers. Take in their essence. Allow them to help you slow down every now and again.


Libras love two things: balance and beauty. My Libra mother can often be heard saying, “I must be surrounded by beauty,” — totally unironically. Libras want to soak up the beauty of the world and bask in its glow. Roses are your sign’s flower, and with good reason. Roses are heavenly both in scent and appearance, and have that iconic flower thing going for them.

Sure, Libras appreciate any beautiful floral arrangement, but roses just have that ancient, mystical edge. Try investing in some rose essential oil, which can be quite inexpensive. Anytime you need a beauty boost, just dab on a bit of your rose oil and take in the amazing scent.


Ah, the mysterious Scorpio. Your sign’s flower is the chrysanthemum, equally as mysterious and with just as many intricate layers as you. This flower is full of surprises, but requires patience and time before it reveals its inner layers, which happens only after it has fully blossomed.

Plant chrysanthemums in your garden or even on your windowsill to remind yourself to open up every once in a while and show the world the unique beauty of your complexity.


Sagittarians are philosophical, optimistic, and sometimes self-centered, making the narcissus the perfect flower to represent them. Named after the mythological hunter known for and well aware of his beauty, this flower is a sight to behold.

Surround yourself with the petals of narcissus to remind to you focus on inner beauty and philosophical ideals. Your personality is enigmatic, but you need a little help to remember to focus on others as well. Let the narcissus help you stay balanced and grounded in your dreamy pursuits.


The carnation is an understated flower that perfectly resonates with Capricorn, representing your ability to remain organized and focused in even the most chaotic of circumstances. Its beauty lies in its simplicity, much like yours, Capricorn. This is a determined little flower that follows its path with motivation.

Carnations are abundant and affordable. Simply take a trip to your local florist and request a bouquet of carnations to remind you that appreciating the beauty in life is just as admirable as hard work.


The Aquarian is unique and eccentric, following the beat of their own drum. Your sign is represented by the orchid, a curiously unique flower that reminds you to fight for your right to be weird. Fitting in has never been your thing; you are the trend setter, not a trend follower.

Try incorporating the energy and colors of the orchid into your daily life through art or even fashion.


The dreamy Pisces is a romantic ruled by water, making the water lily the perfect flower to represent your deep, intuitive personality. Your intuitions are remarkably strong, even when you choose not to listen to them. The water lily reminds you that you are strong and intelligent beyond your recognition.

Try painting an image of water lilies in their habitat and focus on yourself as the body of water, with the lilies representing your many beautiful qualities.


It’s amazing to learn how many things in life are tied to and affected by astrology. Flowers are uplifting and healing, and when combined with the power of the stars, they can bring you further towards your true centre.

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