Fuel Your Fire with These Crystals for Leo Season

Posted on July 24, 2019

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Leo, the Fixed Fire sign, emits a warm, bubbly energy that people just seem to gravitate toward. The life of the party, Leos are optimistic, funny and kind-hearted. However, like any sign, Leos experience certain challenges and unfavorable attributes – such as impatience or dominating energy. These challenges can furthermore present themselves more prominently during the month that the sun is in Leo.

Crystal healing is useful for any sign of the zodiac, but did you know that there are certain stones that work to amplify the positive traits and bright energy of your personality? Keep reading to discover the perfect crystals for Leos to use this summer.

The Perfect Crystals for Leo Season


Like the Leo, orangey-red carnelian is associated with the element of fire and works to magnify your emotional warmth. Because this stone has stabilizing properties, it can also help you feel more balanced and creative. Carnelian promotes motivation in areas of success and helps reduce any feelings of indifference, restoring passion. This stone also increases mental clarity and improves memory. Try placing a piece of carnelian in a glass of spring water to create a Leo-inspiring infusion.


Pyrite is perfect for a Leo dealing with challenging people or relationships, as it provides psychic protection to those who work with it. Also known as Fool’s Gold, this glittering stone dispels negative energy and attracts abundance – it is especially useful in business dealings or partnerships. Pyrite also protects against electromagnetic smog, making it perfect for use at work or whenever you have screen time. Keep pyrite on your desk at the office or in your left pocket to manifest opportunity and dispel technological smog.


This crystal is energetic in nature and encourages enthusiasm. Typically found in hues of yellows and golds, citrine works well to balance the chakras, leaving you feeling more connected to your spirit and the earth. This stone is particularly useful for increasing your confidence levels and magnifying that fiery, Leo energy. Citrine is also a great stone for attracting luck and prosperity. Try placing a small piece of citrine in your wallet, or perhaps wearing a citrine bracelet on your left wrist.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is another stone of luck and opportunity, but it is perhaps more well-known for its properties of protection from negative energies and psychic vampires. This stone – which comes in dark shades of brown and black with metallic flashes of yellows and oranges – also increases mental sharpness and clarity, and it helps balance mood swings. Tiger’s eye releases tension that has been stored in the body, helping dispel negative energy and leaving you feeling refreshed. This is an excellent stone to meditate with but wearing or carrying tiger’s eye all day provides the most benefits.


Amber is technically fossilized tree resin and not a crystal, but its energy is powerful nevertheless. Amber harnesses the sun’s energy, basking Leo with the glow of its ruling planet. It has exceptional healing properties and purifies the mind and the body. Amber dispels negativity and absorbs the stress of those who work with it. Amber reduces depression and can lift your mood on darker days, when the sun’s energy is less palpable. What makes it perfect for Leo is that it enhances patience, allowing you to slow down and appreciate the present. There are many ways to work with amber, but amber jewelry is especially effective and easy to find – although not inexpensive, it is worth it.

Rose Quartz

While Leos are thought of as one of the more confident zodiac signs, you may have days where you struggle with self-esteem and self-love. Rose quartz, which comes in shades of romantic pinks, encourages you to give your spirit a big hug and appreciate who you truly are. This stone opens the Heart chakra and shows you the many wonderful traits that you possess. It promotes the unconditional love that you deserve to have toward yourself, while also opening your heart toward others. Meditate – with rose quartz – on feelings of love toward yourself and others, and you’ll soon find your spirit lifted and your confidence glowing.

Leo Love

Like any sign, Leos face certain challenges – but there are so many things to love about your engaging, friendly personality. While your birth month may seem to highlight or intensify these challenges, working with crystals will help you unleash your most powerful, positive self.

There are many ways to work with crystals, and the suggestions offered in this guide are merely that – suggestions. Create new traditions with crystals that interest and excite you. Half of the fun of crystal healing is learning which crystals and practices you are attracted to.

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