8 Powerful Ways to Use the Full Moon in Aquarius

Posted on August 02, 2020

A woman standing in front of the Full Moon.

Full Moons represent the completion of a lunar cycle, but they’re also about the completion of something in our own lives. If you started a new project, relationship, or manifestation ritual during the previous New Moon, those things will be starting to complete or fulfill themselves during the Full Moon. This lunar phase represents the beginning of a fresh new cycle, allowing you to release or let go of things from the recent past that no longer suit you.

A Full Moon in Aquarius is currently approaching, bringing us closer to the end of this lunar cycle and the beginning of a new phase in our lives.

Aquarius is a Fixed sign ruled by Air, and those falling under this sign will feel the effects of this Full Moon more deeply and intensely than other signs. Additionally, other Air signs – Gemini and Libra – will also experience this Full Moon more profoundly. However, every zodiac sign can harness the energy of this Full Moon in Aquarius and use it to their fullest advantage!

Upcoming Full Moon Dates

The Full Moon in Aquarius occurs on August 3rd of this year.

The following Full Moon will be in Pisces, and it takes place on September 2nd. Following that is a Full Moon in Aries occurring on the 1st of October. This year, we’ll see two Full Moons in October, with one taking place on Halloween – something that only happens about once every 20 years.

This Full Moon on Halloween will be in the sign of Taurus.

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Key Themes of The Full Moon in Aquarius

Each planet takes on the qualities, traits, and themes of the sign (or constellation) that it’s currently traveling through. Therefore, when the Full Moon takes place in Aquarius, you can expect the traits and themes of this sign to enter into our emotional lives.

Because Aquarius is an Air sign and the Moon rules over our emotions, you can expect your emotions to take on a rational, thoughtful quality. In other words, you may find yourself thinking about your feelings more than actually experiencing them. Aquarius asks you to set your emotions aside and think things through carefully.

What the Full Moon in Aquarius Means for You

1) Eccentricity

When the Full Moon falls in Aquarius, you can expect any eccentric aspects of your personality to be amplified.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, a planet that admires eccentricity and rebellion over blind compromise. Uranus brings unexpected energy and shirks tradition, encouraging you to let your freak flag fly.

An Aquarius Full Moon urges you to anticipate the unexpected – especially when it comes to your emotions.

2) Humanitarian Energy

Aquarius is a sign that wants to change the world one action at a time. Aquarians want to use their energy for the good of humanity. And when the Full Moon is in this sign, you’ll begin to take on this energy as well.

The Full Moon’s influence can be felt for a couple days before and after the Full Moon takes place – so you may spend this week trying to determine how you can use your own talents and skills to help make the world a better place.

3) Innovation & Big Ideas

This sign represents the brains of the zodiac. Think of Aquarius as the Einstein of the astrological calendar. The Air element ruling Aquarius stirs your thought process and helps you come up with creative new ideas, while Uranus encourages thinking outside the box.

When these aspects come together, you may receive flashes of insight from the Universe. Brilliant thoughts are flowing through you during this time, so pay attention to them!

4) Search for New Truth & Perspective

The airy nature of Aquarius is always seeking new information and nuggets of wisdom in this life.

This transit will encourage you to seek truth and explore the hidden areas of life. Uranus, Aquarius’ ruling planet, is a lover of spontaneity and new experiences, encouraging you to see things from a different point of view.

5) Love Gets Logical & Loyal

Aquarius may not be considered the most romantic sign in the zodiac, as they tend to keep their feelings to themselves, and they aren’t the biggest fans of public displays of affection.

However, this sign is loyal to their loved ones, even if they approach romance from a logical point of view.

During this Full Moon, your sense of romance will take on this logical stance, allowing you to view your relationship from a new angle. This logical stance may help you realize why you care for and appreciate your loved ones so deeply, allowing you to express your loyalty in new, exciting ways.

8 Ways to Use the Aquarius Full Moon’s Energy

You might be wondering what the best way to take advantage of this Full Moon is. If you aren’t exactly sure how to properly channel the energy of the Full Moon in Aquarius, here are a few tips that will help you make the most of this lunar phase.

1) Make Time for Your Loved Ones (And Yourself)

Aquarians are fiercely independent, but they also appreciate time spent with friends and family. This sign enjoys group activities and projects, making this an excellent time to share moments of joy and appreciation with your friends and family.

However, you can’t neglect the part of yourself that needs alone time to rest, relax, and recharge. Follow your intuition – when you feel like socializing, call your loved ones; but if you need a moment to yourself, take it.

2) Practice Self-Restraint

Because Uranus encourages spontaneity, you may find yourself experience random cravings or bursts of unexpected energy. This spontaneous vibe can make you feel a bit wild, like you’re not sure what to expect from yourself.

This can lead to indulging and impulsive behavior, and it’s crucial that you learn to reign that energy in.

Like a wild horse running through an empty field, this energy can take you on an unexpected ride. Try to take a moment or two to think things through before making any decisions or taking action.

3) Focus on Projects Rather Than Problems

The Full Moon brings a lot of energy, and it typically surrounds our emotions. With the airy, intellectual nature of Aquarius affecting you, you may feel the urge to think or even ruminate about your problems. And if you allow yourself to fall into this cycle of overthinking, you may end up taking your frustrations out on those around you.

But this is the time to start focusing on the solutions rather than the problems themselves.

Allow the intelligent energy of this Full Moon to wash over you, helping you focus on new projects rather than the things that are bothering you. Turn that frustration into motivation!

4) Spread the Love

The humanitarian nature of Aquarius makes this the perfect time to be generous and kind to those around you. When you spread the love and share your positive energy with the world, you’ll start to feel more positive and supported yourself. When you share your love and light with the world, you can expect it to come back around to you.

Practice generosity right now for a generous helping of good karma in the future.

5) Seek Truth & Knowledge

All this intellectual energy encourages you to gather more information about life, to seek knowledge and wisdom in all things. Additionally, seeking truth and knowledge can serve as a distraction from negativity or frustrating emotions.

Use this time to study and learn about things that you find interesting, expanding your mind and helping you grow both mentally and emotionally.

6) Embrace Your Quirky Side

We all have little habits or facets of our personality that are a bit quirky, or even weird. This is the time to embrace those parts of yourself, and practice gratitude for the interesting and unique traits that make you so wonderful.

Be as weird as you want to be right now – make up new sounds or dances, record yourself doing a one-person skit, or write a science-fiction themed short story.

It doesn’t matter how you embrace your quirks, as long as you aren’t holding yourself back.

7) Reconsider Your Values

Aquarius is a sign that urges you to stand up for what you believe in – which is much easier when you know exactly what it is that you believe in. This is the perfect time to reassess your values to determine if they’re still working for you.

The world is changing right now, especially as we move into the Age of Aquarius. Allow yourself and your beliefs to change alongside the world, growing and shifting with the times.

Re-evaluating your values can also help you understand the ways in which you’ve grown as an individual, encouraging you to practice gratitude for your personal growth and transformation.

8) Use This Aquarius Full Moon Ritual

Aquarius is an Air sign, and when the Full Moon is in Aquarius, you will benefit from purifying the air around you.

While it sounds simple and self-explanatory – we all want clean air, after all – many of us forget about the benefits of cleansing your home and the sacred space within it. The following suggestions can be done in any order and will work to cleanse your home and help you feel more peaceful.

Light Candles or Use Essential Oils

Light your favorite candles, especially those with teal, blue, or aquamarine colors in it. Or, try diffusing your favorite essential oils throughout your home. (If you have pets, just be sure to research which essential oils are safe to use around animals.)

You can also fill a spray bottle with filtered water, a few drops of essential oils like lavender or peppermint, and small chunks of clear quartz or citrine to create a healing, uplifting room spray.

Use Sage or Palo Santo

Another great way to clear the energy in your home is by using sage or Palo Santo. It may seem counter intuitive, but certain types of smoke actually work to clear negative energy from the home.

Just remember that Palo Santa will clear negative energy only, while sage clears all energy – both positive and negative.

Depending on the type of cleansing you prefer, light a stick of Palo Santo or a bundle of sage and carry it throughout your home, allowing the smoke to fill and cleanse each room. Be sure to waft the smoke into corners and doorways for the best results.

Clearing the air of stale or negative energy in your home will also help you clear your mind, promoting mental and emotional clarity.

Take Time to Journal

The Full Moon is also a great time to purge any emotions, thoughts, or beliefs that might be holding you back right now. Grab a notebook and a pen and write down any negative feelings or ideas that are bothering you, and then imagine these feelings flowing out of your body and away from you.

Use Crystals or Herbs

There are also many crystals that can help you clear your home and your mind of negativity:

  • Clear Quartz is a master healer that absorbs negative energy and heals emotional wounds.
  • Amethyst is an emotionally soothing stone that will help you feel stronger in the face of overwhelming emotions.
  • Aquamarine connects to the energy of Aquarius, clears the mind, and makes it easier for you to communicate your thoughts and feelings to others.
  • Hematite is a grounding stone that will help you remain calm and peaceful when dealing with emotional upsets.
  • Tiger’s Eye will protect you and prevent you from taking on the negative energy of others.

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Additionally, there are many herbs that are beneficial to work with right now, including rosemary, sage, valerian, and mint.

Use the Energy of the Full Moon to Your Advantage

The energy of any Full Moon can feel overwhelming – but you’re not alone with these feelings. We all feel a bit more tender when the Moon is at its fullest, causing our emotions to spill over. And with the unconventional, surprising energy of Aquarius influencing this Full Moon, you shouldn’t be surprised when unexpected, spontaneous emotions begin to flow.

But, if we can all learn to accept this zany energy and use it for good, this can be a healing time that encourages growth of the spirit and transformation of emotional energy.

Keep your heart and your mind open to new possibilities right now. Expect the unexpected. Don’t judge yourself or others during this time, because we’re all experiencing similarly confusing, emotionally charged energy right now. If you can learn to accept and appreciate this energy, this can be one of the most healing moments of your life.

Let the energy of Aquarius and spontaneous Uranus wash over you and fill your life with exciting surprises.

Aren’t you feeling excited about the Full Moon in Aquarius?

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