Full Moon in Cancer: In Our Feelings

Posted on August 20, 2020

The Full Moon in Cancer brings new life to our emotions and allows us to express ourselves on a new level. If you have been intentionally manifesting a relationship, expect someone to make the first move now.

During this period of time, people have more confidence and desire. The shadow of this Moon phase will provide strong intuition for all because of its placement in a water sign, beyond this crab influence will have us picking up on unspoken cues and looking for more vulnerable meanings behind body language and eye contact.

The extra boost that the emotional Cancer zodiac sign brings us will bolster our intuitive capabilities that much more. You may feel a deeper than usual connection with someone this full moon which feels extraordinary.

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About The Full Moon in Cancer

When the Full Moon is in the Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer, emotions take center stage. Cancer is the nurturer of the zodiac, which means themes of connection, vulnerability, and sentiment are emphasized. Especially when it comes to home and anything that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, all of which will reap big rewards for you under the Full Moon in Cancer.

Who Will Be Most Impacted?

Being in the Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer, this Full Moon will impact Cancer the most, as the Full Moon in their natal sign will energize their strongest and nichest traits. Fellow Water Signs Pisces and Scorpio will also enjoy its warm and revitalizing effects more than others, as this Moon speaks to their elemental connection to the inner world.

Additionally, this Moon is opposite the zodiac sign of Capricorn, so this Earth sign will feel it as well. This being said everyone, no matter what zodiac sign you are, will be able to take full advantage of this energy and experience its loving and beautiful gifts.

What To Expect Under the Full Moon in Cancer

The Full Moon in Cancer will fill the Universe with emotional themes, maternal love, and close connections. Let’s look at what we can expect when the Full Moon gets crabby.

Emotional Courage

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and so when the Moon is full in the sign that it rules, the qualities of that sign are heightened. Cancer rules qualities of motherhood, the Great Mother, fertility, womanhood, and all matters on the home and family front.

We will all feel an intense impact on our emotions, if you have been hiding from emotional discussions in any area of your life, you won’t be able to hide from them now. You can however ease this conversation by being the one to start it, then it won’t sneak up on you and lead to a blowup.

At the same time, these shakeups will be blessings for many of you. If you have been aching for a sense of renewal in your life, a complete shakeup will do just the thing. It will be a cathartic and liberating feeling for you if you truly embrace this power. Here you will make decisions where there is no going back, and it will feel…amazing.

We recommend you manifest with Moon crystals! Take out your Rose Quartz or Moonstone crystals to manifest this Cancerian energy and ensure you make the most of this gift you get with this wonderful Full Moon.

Desire For Security

The Sun is always in opposition to the moon on a full moon. Since the Moon is in Cancer, which loves a cozy home and close emotional bonds, we will be searching for security within our inner and outer lives. Cancers are natural cuddle bugs and need a sense of home to feel safe. A strong emphasis on security in the physical world will make people look to relationships to create that reality.

This brings our awareness to the more practical needs of security than a creative and risk-taking sign would. Chances are, we will be craving stable, committed relationships under this influence.

Anticipation and Intuition

As the Water Sign that is connected to the Moon, this is a very intuitive period. Every Full Moon offers the world an opportunity to harness a psychically charged atmosphere, these gifts are heightened by Cancer and given to all of us with intensity over this period.

Full Moons are about endings, follow those deep yearnings in your heart when it comes to discovering what endings in your life you want to create. By so doing, you open the door for new beginnings.

You may want to take out your Tarot cards and use this energy to get in touch with your feelings and desires, the Cancer Full Moon is the perfect time to do this.

Extra Appreciation

Every mother of every great family, and especially the great mother, is successful because she truly understands what really matters in life. She doesn’t sweat the small stuff. She also has a mother’s intuition that helps her. This is the quality you can harness during this Full Moon, no matter what zodiac sign you are. Operate your relationships with this perspective, appreciate what really matters, and toss what doesn’t. Cancers are the Cardinal Water Signs, the leaders, the initiators in all things family and emotions. Take charge of your emotional worlds with an appreciation for what really matters, and what really matters will manifest while the rest simply floats away to the curb where it belong.

While some extra appreciation is invited, some are not. Old lovers and friends have a funny way of showing up under a Cancer Moon as well. So be aware of your past coming back around during this powerful Full Moon.


Cancer Moons often bring up the past. You can expect this to happen with intensity during the Full Moon. Waves of nostalgia will wash over you and if you find yourself thinking of someone you haven’t thought of in a while, the psychic atmosphere suggests that’s probably because they are thinking of you too. Use this energy to its fullest potential, when the past comes back, there’s always a reason.

With nostalgia being a key theme in this Moon, you can use this to your advantage. Those in long-distance relationships can strengthen their bonds by bringing up memories with their partners over email, zoom, or text. Send a care package to someone that comes to your mind under this Moon, the Moon is sending you a message for a reason.


It is important to be nurturing during this period, this is what Cancer does. But, it is also important to make sure that you are nurtured as well. If you don’t have a family or partner that does this for you, take charge of this not just during this Moon, but in your life. Add items to your weekly agenda that take care of you, a manicure, massage, or just a weekly shopping trip that meets your needs will do the trick.

Full Moons are great wish opportunities! There’s no limit to how many wishes you can give to the Moon. Just make sure you make them! They will be strong at any point but will be strongest in the 48 hour period prior, at the midnight hour, and in the 48 hour period following the Moon. With a Cancer Full Moon, wishes made near water or with water will be intensified.

Get those wishes ready!

Learn more about the power of Full Moon’s in our Ultimate Guide to Full Moons.

* Editor’s note: This article was previously published December 31st, 2017 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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