Full Moon in Gemini: Double Your Full Moon Wishes & Double Your Luck

Posted on November 20, 2018

It’s Full Moon time again, beloveds! This one is going to create some tension, as it is occurring in the Mutable sign of the Air signs, Gemini. Gemini is a little all over the map sometimes, but the intellect of Gemini is something we can certainly appreciate when it is being used wisely. And this is what we need to think about under this Full Moon. It’s literally a push and pull between head and heart. The Moon is emotional, Gemini is a thinker. So you have to find that balance under this Full Moon to make those Full Moon wishes come true.

This is an intense Full Moon, one that has a strong relationship with the Scorpio New Moon we had two weeks ago. You can’t get more emotionally intense than that! So we have the thinker Gemini Full Moon completing a cycle that the emotional Scorpio New Moon planted. It’s time to decide if we are going to finish that phase or complete that phase by tossing out those ideas.

What seeds of new beginnings did you plant earlier this month? Do you remember? Sometimes seeds are planted without our knowledge, and sometimes we plant them on purpose.

Maybe you handed in a project for work two weeks ago and will get the recognition this week. Maybe you sent a note to a crush and will be asked on a date this weekend. These are the types of things we talk about when we talk about planting the seeds of new beginnings with New Moons, and closures and finished chapters with the Full Moon. This week, starting November 21 and offering energy until November 25, some chapters are coming to an end. The Full Moon energy will peak on November 23 in Gemini.

As we know, with every closed chapter there is a new one beyond it to dive right into. Have you experienced some cycles ending this week? Or do you see wheels spinning right now that will bring some cycles to an end in the near future? Keep your eyes opened and look for these opportunities. What new chapters are you hoping to dive into? Like the old Green Day song, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings’ end.” Time to think about that - really really think about that.

Themes of the Full Moon in Gemini

  • What: The Full Moon is the part of the Moon cycle where the Moon waxes Full in all her glory. With this much light being felt on us Earthlings, information is often revealed during this time. Secrets come to light, and information is revealed that helps to clarify key issues. Endings and closed chapters create a pathway to healing and success.
  • Where: This Full Moon is happening in the zodiac sign of Gemini. Gemini is symbolized by the twins and ruled by Mercury. Paperwork, messages, communications will play a role in experiences that shape your endings and closed chapters. Also, twin flame energy is abundant during this Full Moon. Dualities, choices, and things happening in pairs and in doubles are things to look for under a Gemini Full Moon!
  • Who: As this Full Moon occurs in the sign of Gemini, Geminis will be the most affected, or will feel this energy the most. Scorpios will feel it too, as the Gemini Full Moon has a relationship with the Scorpio New Moon. All zodiac signs, however, will feel the energy and experience cycles of endings and beginnings under this Full Moon.
  • When: This Full Moon began on November 23, and its energy peaks through to November 25. Due to the intensity of this Full Moon, however, we can expect events to manifest in our lives long after the Gemini Full Moon has passed.

How to Double Your Luck & Double Your Wishes Under a Gemini Full Moon…

Follow this checklist and set the intentions for a prosperous and abundant Full Moon in Gemini. The intentions you set now are the ones that will double your luck and double your Full Moon wishes under the Full Moon in Gemini. What are your Full Moon wishes?

Set intentions.

Use intentions to rid yourself and your life of all things that are toxic. If there is something or someone that comes to your life just reading that, that’s the thing you need to decide to let go of. You don’t need to do it in one fell swoop. But begin the motions now of cleaning up the trash in your life, and leaving it at the curb!

Everything is information.

Under the Full Moon in Gemini, much is revealed in very mysterious ways, but as Gemini is ruled by Mercury, you will see this in communications, communication devices, and messages and paperwork. Emails, texts, private messages will reveal much information to you at this time. And sometimes, just who you are hearing from is information itself, in addition to the content of the message. Everything is information to you at this time, use it wisely!

Mercury retrograde.

While you can appreciate that information is coming forward, it’s very important to remember that Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is retrograde during this Full Moon phase. That means that communication is going to be trickier than usual under this Full Moon. It’s imperative that you tread this day with caution emotionally. Yes, we have high expectations for our wishes and luck. But we need to be practical and rational as well. Blowing up on someone today or in this period could cost us those Full Moon wishes.

Look for dualities.

Under this Full Moon, things will have a way of happening in twos. You may get two friend requests on social media at the same time for example. Experiences that happen in twos or seem to happen in pairs are experiences the Universe wants you to pay attention to. This is the sign from the Universe that you are about to double your luck!

Twin flame attention!

Expect to be getting some twin flame attention over the next few days. Signs will come to you as well, and the power of 11:11 is very potent right now. Make Full Moon wishes and powerful twin flame wishes during this time, and wait for the miracles to manifest!

Examine all sides.

A really great way to double your luck and double your Full Moon wishes is to make sure you examine all sides to a situation that comes your way. Gemini is a Mutable sign though, and looks at things from all angles before making a final decision. You will double your luck and your full moon wishes under this Full Moon when you take ALL things into consideration.

Choose balance, peace, and harmony at all costs.

These are the qualities that maintain twin flame relationships, and sustain relationships of all kinds. If you want your Full Moon wishes to come true, and even double your chances, choosing peace and harmony at all costs is your mission. Don’t choose to accept it, just do. This will mean walking away from drama, even when you don’t want to. It will be tough. But you want to double your luck, right? Peace and harmony at all costs.

Karma is key.

Every Full Moon has a high karma quotient to it, it’s important to remember this. This is a fantastically beautiful Full Moon as all are. We are tempted to be spellbound by it. But we are also tempted to be wary, as many are under Gemini energy. Just remember that karma is key, and although other influences today may feel heavy, taking it out on those around you just won’t work. The power of twos, two II’s side by side, twins, are all hints that karma is knocking. But if yours is in good shape, you’ll definitely double your luck and wish potential.

Wish on everything!

Ever have one of those days where everything feels like a sign from above? Expect those to happen in abundance over the next few days. I’ve said before for me it’s ladybugs and feathers. What are the wish symbols you like? Pennies? Rainbows? A Moon? You have a glorious Full Moon in Gemini to make as many wishes as you want. And this Full Moon will shed light on many more wishing opportunities for you to increase your chances at luck and success. What do you wish on and what will you wish for?

Concluding Thoughts…

This Moon comes with double the opportunity, but also double the chances to be wary of good things that come. That’s normal, Gemini energy has a tendency to do that. Try not to, and try to keep your karma quotient high, so that you really can double your luck. Take every chance to wish that comes your way over the next few days under the Full Moon in Gemini. There’s power in every wish! What are you going to wish for? What wish symbols are your favourite?

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