Full Moon in Leo Love Horoscopes: How to Use the Full Moon in Leo to Manifest Love

Posted on February 03, 2015
Updated on July 03, 2020

We are in that magical Full Moon zone my friends, and this one is a super special one for lovers! February 3, 2015 we have the Full Moon in Leo rising, and as all Leos know, Leo is about love, love, love. And, given that this is the most romantic month of the year, we are going to celebrate this month’s Full Moon a little bit differently.

Did you know that ancient folklore considers the Leo Moon to be a special miracle in itself? Some say that anyone, yes, anyone can find their true love under the light of the Full Moon in Leo. One way that the ancients have said you can find your true love under this Moon is by braiding your hair before you go to bed, and then focus on love, true love, as you fall asleep. It’s important to remember not to speak to anyone before you fall asleep on this night as well. Legend has it that if you follow these steps, you will have a dream about the one that you are meant to be with! So braid your hair tonight, lovelies, don’t whisper a word to any soul, and then dream a little dream of your true love.

But there’s more that you can do too! Just follow these Full Moon in Leo love horoscopes that give you handy tips for every zodiac sign. Many people think that the Leo Moon is only for Leos, but that is just not the case. Using these Full Moon in Leo love horoscopes, all of the zodiac signs can enjoy the beauty of this light to find their true love. Are you ready?


Aries, under this fiery Full Moon in Leo you can enjoy all of its advantages by treating yourself right. Go shopping and get something sweet for yourself, or do something nice for the house. Think of it as your Christmas, with a love token attached. By treating yourself you create a magical spark that your true love will be oh so attracted to.


You are not too into the mood of fire and romance right now, Taurus, as you are aching for spring to arrive. That’s okay! You can capture the magic of this Full Moon in Leo by doting on your family. Show some love to those you love and the magic will weave its way back to you! Snuggle up and hunker down under the covers and literally let the good times roll.


Your creative juices are really flowing right now, Gemini, and this will work to your advantage under this Full Moon in Leo. Take to the pen and write someone a love note, and don’t hold back! A little post it note strategically placed will be just the right start, and send some saucy texts throughout the day as well! Doesn’t matter to who, whomever your target is, they will be listening!


Material possessions are going to mean something to you under this Full Moon in Leo spell, Cancer. And for you in this case the finer they are the better. Consider using some of your finest dishes for a special or romantic night in. You will also be feeling very attached to material objects, and so wherever your heart is leading, is exactly where you must go. Attachments are important so don’t ignore them during this time.


You are feeling more generous than usual, Leo, under this gorgeous Full Moon in your zodiac sign. You have extreme confidence under this Moon as well, and you absolutely should run with it! Make an overt gesture to someone you have secretly admired for a long time. Have you been Facebook stalking Leo? Time to make yourself known! You are guaranteed for a delightful surprise if you do!


You are going to be feeling particularly sentimental under this Full Moon in Leo, Virgo. This will send you into moments of reflection as well. And you should take them! The more you look inward during this period, the more likely you are to find those answers to true love that you seek. Does one name keep popping out at you, Virgo? There’s a reason for that. Explore it!


Your magic for finding true love under the Full Moon in Leo, Libra will come when you use your diplomatic skills. Do not get caught up in drama, jealousy, or games. Instead, be the peacemaker whenever and wherever you can. Your goal is to be the mediator that you know so well. Grace, charm, and elegance gets you everywhere Libra!


It’s time for you to put your bragging pants on, Scorpio, as that will get you everywhere. Work matters especially believe it or not will work in your favor in love. So strap the work boots on and get working. Do your very best, as you know you will, and not only will the higher ups notice, but so will someone else’s who is very, very proud of you.


Things are feeling metaphysical and philosophical for you Sagittarius under this Full Moon in Leo. Spend some time in reflection and inner thinking, and you will find some doors open in your mind that could lead you onto adventures in the real world. Just be sure you aren’t going too far into fantasy. Stay on the brink of reality and your inner exploration will reveal some fantastic things that send true love your way!


Trust is going to be all important for you Capricorn under this Full Moon in Leo. And the more you trust, the more likely you are going to see love coming right your way. Use the mantra “try and trust” and you will be okay. I know this is a tough one for you, but if you do, just try, the trust will come, and it will be two ways.


Relationships may feel particularly intense under this Full Moon in Leo, Aquarius. As such, you want to be sure that you don’t err on the dramatic side of life. Your mission if you choose to accept it is to knock some of the walls down that you have established. When you do, you will notice there is something, or someone, on the other side that is more than happy to create some butterflies for you. What are you waiting for?


You are at your personal best, Pisces, when you establish acts of kindness. Giving is the theme for you under this Full Moon in Leo. The more you give, the more you shall receive. Be creative, something that comes naturally to you. And you will find that the creative giving comes right back in your direction. Did you have a dream about love recently, Pisces? You definitely want to pursue that. Follow those hunches, and let the true love roll.

And there you have it folks, your true love horoscopes under the Full Moon in Leo that occurs today, no matter what zodiac sign you are. ALL zodiac signs get to enjoy this one. What are your Full Moon wishes this month? How are you going to cast your spell of true love?

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