Full Moon in Leo: Rituals For The Snow Moon

Posted on February 06, 2020

A supermoon comes up behind the trees.

We hope your mouth is watering, because it’s that time of the month when the Moon once again ripens like a glistening, milky persimmon in the midnight sky. The Full Moon approaches, this time in feisty, fiery Leo, here to spark a creative fire within our soul.

And this Full Moon is even more special, as it’s the 4th biggest Full Moon of 2020. Almost a Supermoon, this Full Moon does not quite fill the (many varying) requirements needed; however, we still think it’s cosmically cool.

Further, the Full Moon in February is also known as the Snow Moon, and is traditionally thought to bring chaotic energy or unpredictable moods. This chaotic energy, coupled with the impulsive and spontaneous nature of Leo, may bring a Full Moon that you are not soon to forget.

What is the Meaning of a Full Moon?

Everyone knows that Full Moons occur, but not everyone understands what this means. Especially as you break down the sign that the Full Moon occurs in - Leo, in this case - the concept can become even more confusing. Full Moon? Check. Full Moon in Leo? What on Earth does that mean? Will only Leos feel this energy? We’re here to break it down for you.

Every Full Moon and its energy can be felt globally. A Full Moon in Leo is not reserved for Leos, for example. However, a Full Moon in Leo will display more of the traits found in the sign of Leo than usual - like courage, spontaneity, and optimism.

The Full Moon is part of the lunar cycle and shares a special relationship with the New Moon. You may notice many articles on this website surrounding New and Full Moons, and it is because of this symbiotic relationship within the celestial lunar cycle.

The New Moon represents new beginnings, the birth phase of the cycle. This is the phase of the Moon wherein we plant the seeds of our future, making plans and taking steps towards our goals. Manifesting and creating vision boards. The Full Moon, however, represents the end of the lunar cycle, or the symbolic death and eventual rebirth into the next cycle. The Moon is overflowing, spilling over with the fruit born of the seeds you planted during the previous New Moon.

Full Moons represent the completion of a cycle, the outpouring of creativity and emotion, and reaping the fruits of your hard work.

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This is the second Full Moon of 2020, and the 4th biggest Full Moon this year. This is also the Snow Moon, which always takes place in February and represents slightly chaotic energy. This Full Moon in Leo follows January’s Full Moon in Cancer and completes the following lunar cycle. The seeds planted during the previous New Moon in Aquarius will begin producing fruit soon.


This Full Moon takes place in the Fixed Fire sign, Leo.


This Full Moon may rest in Leo, but the influence will still affect everyone. To find out more about how this transit may affect you, take a look at where Leo is in your natal chart.

Fixed signs, including Leo, Taurus, Aries, and Scorpio may feel this Full Moon more intensely than others, as well as fellow Fire sign, Sagittarius.


This Full Moon in Leo takes place on February 9th at 2:33 a.m., Eastern Standard Time. The energy may be felt for a couple of days before and after the Full Moon occurs.


The importance of the symbiotic relationship between the New and Full Moons cannot be stressed enough. This Full Moon relates to the New Moon in Aquarius that just took place in January. Did you plant any seeds? What did you manifest? Those seeds will drive you into the courageous, creative energy of this feisty Leo Full Moon.

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Full Moon Rituals to Boost Bravery & Increase Inspiration

Be Creative

Leo is a creative sign, and creative self-expression allows you to release negative or overwhelming emotions - a welcomed activity during the emotional, overflowing energy of the Full Moon.

Open your journal and pour your heart out or break out your markers and paints and create a masterpiece. Even baking cookies can unleash your creative spirit and fill your body with a sense of joy and accomplishment. It doesn’t matter how you engage your creative side, as long as you don’t hold yourself back.

Practice Being Genuine

We’re not calling you a phony; we’re just acknowledging how easy it is to water our spirits down in the name of diplomacy or political correctness. You might often hold yourself back, refraining from sharing your opinion out of a desire to get along or go with the flow.

But, it’s important to speak up for yourself and what you believe in. Embrace the courage that this Full Moon in Leo brings by being as genuine and as true to yourself as possible, even if it ruffles a few feathers.

Cultivate Your Confidence

Leo is ruled by the Sun, a warm, glowing planet of confidence and self-acceptance. The Sun is not concerned that its light is too bright or that its fire might burn too hot; the Sun simply is. Leo represents confidence that flows effortlessly, and the Full Moon in Leo is a great time to cultivate and increase this confidence.

Citrine is an excellent stone to work with to increase confidence, and it is connected to the sign of Leo. Citrine also attracts abundance and fortunate circumstances, which work to help you accept that you are deserving of such things.

Positive affirmations are another great way to increase confidence. Try taking a pad of sticky-notes and writing something nice about yourself on each slip of paper. Then place these positive notes around your home, in places where you will frequently see them.

Embrace Intuition

Water signs and Fire signs are known for their enhanced intuition; however, each branch accesses their intuition uniquely. While Water signs typically turn to their emotional compass to guide them, Fire signs are driven by passion. Their intuition is a result of their passionate energy, and it is often impulsive. The Full Moon in Leo, then, increases this passionate intuition, and asks you to follow your instincts.

When you feel butterflies in your stomach, take that as a sign to lean in. When your heart beats with excitement, you’ve encountered your intuitive guide. It may feel scary trying to follow your passion, it will open the doors for a life of courage and pave a path towards your personal passions.

Embracing your intuition also includes creating your own Full Moon ritual. Gather your supplies, like sage, crystals, Tarot cards, a notebook, a pen, and a candle, and make your own traditions.

By now, you understand more about this Full Moon in Leo and how to embrace its energy. Now it’s time to decide which rituals you wish to practice to bring this courageous, creative energy to life!

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