Full Moon in Libra Eclipse: The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

Posted on April 02, 2015

We are still in the middle of eclipse season my friends, and this week is really going to pack a punch in that regard. This is heavy energy that can and will lead to profound and epic change. Not only do we have our usual monthly Full Moon, but we have this month’s Full Moon in the zodiac sign of Libra. In addition to this lovely harmonious energy we have a total lunar eclipse happening over Easter weekend. CBS reports this year’s total lunar eclipse, occurring on the eve of Easter Sunday, will be the shortest eclipse of the year lasting only 4 minutes. BUT, this short transit is going to pack a punch that could last up to six months in your life. Many are going to see some epic endings, while others are going to close chapters for some epic beginnings. As it is a Full Moon in Libra, relationships are going to take a strong focus. Your goal? To follow your heart. Now, more than ever this year, the heart wants what the heart wants. This means, if you want to make the most of this amazing Full Moon potential, follow your heart, and these handy tips.

1. Open your eclipse portal.

The “eclipse portal” has actually been already opened for you, with the launch of the Spring Equinox and the solar eclipse that occurred with the New Moon two weeks ago. If you haven’t already, it’s time to dive into that portal and see what awaits you! The easiest way to do that will be through meditation, however those that are in tuned with their dream worlds will receive messages in that way as well. Change is expected, don’t fear it, embrace it, and see what the world has to offer you.

2. Expect change.

Eclipses bring change whether you want them or not. It’s going to be a heavy weekend for many. The best way to prepare for that then is to, expect it, and embrace it when it happens. Be sure that your intentions and thoughts are clear, and kind. And from an authentic place. You are allowed to want what you want. So, set those intentions and let the change that needs to happen for those intentions take shape.

3. Prepare for a bumpy ride.

Eclipses that come with Full Moons are bumpy ones. We are talking about some serious life changing energy. But as we keep saying, these changes are going to be good, if you are open to them. Consider this Full Moon weekend like a roller coaster ride. Some of us love them and love the thrill of the ride. But, it can be a little scary from beginning to end. Don’t you feel exhilarated at the end though? Of course you do. But it’s a whirlwind getting there. Prepare for some ups, some downs, some unexpected turns, and secure all loose articles because it’s going to be a bumpy one friends.

4. Allow your heart to want what it wants.

Our hearts have wishes and deep burning desires. When the Full Moon is in Libra, relationships are going to take front and center. And these are not short lived relationships. These are relationships that are going to last, or end forever. Again, you are allowed to want what you want in love. So, let your heart lead the way this time with the Full Moon in Libra. Fighting, resisting, and trying to break away from your deepest desires is going to make your roller coaster ride a lot….bumpier.

5. Go with the Full Moon flow.

When we experience change, too often we resist it because change can be a scary thing. But, this time, under the Full Moon in Libra lunar eclipse, do just the opposite. Let it happen and let the chips fall where they may. It’s happening for a reason. Listen to your instinct and remember the messages you received when you entered your own unique eclipse portal. Go with the Full Moon flow. It’s a good thing! Maybe it’s a little awkward now….but just wait until this cycle is complete, and the miracles will be abundant.

6. Prepare to see the unseen.

One of the key events that occurs with every lunar eclipse, and solar eclipse as well, is a chain of reactions that creates revelations. Before our eclipse season, we experience Moons that obscure things from our conscious view. Eclipses change all of that, and the Full Moon in Libra is going to shine a big ol’ light on all of our deepest insecurities and fears. It will also shine a light on all of the things that have been blocking our way in love and life, whether those things are mental and cognitive, emotional and heart warming, or whether they are practical matters like secrets or details standing in our way. This eclipse will reveal all. Sometimes, the truth hurts. But the pain will help you create the path you need to embrace change, and success.

7. Expect confusion.

Lunar eclipses have a way of muddying the waters while they are clarifying the unseen. So don’t expect to go into this Full Moon in Libra thinking suddenly all will be revealed and become clear. All WILL be revealed, but it may be less clear than it has ever before. This is pull the rug out from under you energy. You will question a lot. In fact, the more questions you have, the more clear things will be that you are on the right path. Everything you once thought was so in one situation in your life will actually be something entirely. It will take some days to process it all, but just remember to follow that heart, and it will lead the way.

8. Lucky strikes are coming your way.

In addition to the eclipse energy and all of the changes that are in play with the Full Moon in Libra, we are going to be seeing some gorgeous energy with Jupiter in Leo. So some lucky strikes that will feel fun and rejuvenated will be happening this weekend as well. They aren’t flukes. Go with them! Exercise some child like energy and don’t take things so seriously. Then, the true mysteries will reveal themselves even sooner.

9. Let Venus hold your hand.

Remember, this Full Moon in Libra in conjunction with the lunar eclipse means that, relationships are going to take front and center. This is true for all zodiac signs, not just Libra. We are also seeing Venus change signs at this time and this is going to be experienced in your relationships as well. Venus will be in Taurus, and Venus also rules both Taurus and Libra, so an even greater emphasis on relationships will prevail. Let Venus lead the way, and hold your hand through this process. Don’t take things so seriously, and feel your way through the muddy waters using your heart as your flashlight. All will be revealed in time.

And that’s all you need to know to embrace the epic change that is coming your way under the Full Moon in Libra and total lunar eclipse. Are you ready? What are you hoping to eclipse from your life? What change are you hoping will take its place? What are your Full Moon wishes?

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