Full Moon in Virgo Horoscopes to Help You Make Full Moon Wishes!

Posted on March 05, 2015

It’s that time again folks! Today is Full Moon day which means it’s also Full Moon wishes day! And, since we have a Full Moon in Virgo this time around, today’s Full Moon is going to send all zodiac signs into a period of reflection. Do you have Full Moon wishes? What are you wishing for this month under the Virgo Full Moon? No matter what zodiac sign you are, there is abundance waiting for you under this Virgo Full Moon. And when we have Virgo in play, caution is always recommended. If you need some help configuring out your Full Moon wishes, just follow our handy Full Moon horoscopes for all zodiac signs, and then….happy wishing!


This month’s Virgo Full Moon will fall into Aries sixth house, or house of work and every day things. Seeing the big picture is going to be very difficult for Aries under this transit, so you really want to focus on those details. Things will seem fuzzy for you under this Full Moon, Aries, and you are better served spending time in reflection over action. This is a time where knowing a little about a lot will not come in handy. Rather, you want to focus on specific tasks, issues, and people, one at a time under this Full Moon. Aries Full Moon wishes this month should involve specific matters, rather than big picture items. What are your Full Moon wishes, Aries?


The Virgo Full Moon for you Taurus will bring out your inner child. This Full Moon is transiting your fifth house, which is your house of pleasures! You are feeling like you are on top of the world, and almost giddy with energy. As a result, if you hang onto this energy, and follow those sexy and sensual impulses that come your way, your Full Moon wishes will be granted! Don’t gloss over facts, they are important for you now. So if some come your way today, you want to pay very close attention. A decision is going to come your way and you want to follow your truth to make the right one. The important thing for you, Taurus under the Full Moon in Virgo, will be to cherish that inner child and play at every opportunity that comes your way. Taurus Full Moon wishes then should be about whimsical outcomes. What are your Full Moon wishes, Taurus?


There may be some unexpected stress coming your way today, Gemini, but of all of the zodiac signs you certainly know how to go with the flow. We see the Virgo Full Moon transiting your fourth house which is your house of foundations, the home, and family. So it is these areas where you want to focus your Full Moon wishes, Gemini. A dilemma or a decision may come your way today, and it will feel like you are at a crossroads. Search for information, or ask your guides for it, and it will find its way to you! Text messages and other messages in writing will be important today as well, so don’t overlook anything today. If you are still feeling stuck by the day’s end, Gemini, concentrate your Full Moon wishes on the outcome, and the decision will manifest itself to you. What are your Full Moon wishes, Gemini?


We see the Full Moon in Virgo transiting your third house, Cancer, and this is your house of communication and messages. Third parties are also favored today so if you need help with a problem, outsource it or consult with a trusted party. You also may feel like opening up to someone today about a problem that has been vexing you. That’s a great idea! You want to focus on your truth and your famous honesty, and the answers to your questions will reveal themselves. You don’t need to make excuses or provide reasons if you are emotional today, but seek help for the times when you feel stuck. At the same time, don’t be so quick to judge others that are feeling emotional as well. Concentrate your Full Moon wishes on improved communication, Cancer, and you will be surprised at how quickly they come true! What are your Full Moon wishes, Cancer?


Dear Leo, we see that you may be wanting to make some Full Moon wishes about money and values. A lot of tests have been coming your way in this area and you may feel like you will be spinning in many different directions over this. You may even feel like nothing feels right in this moment. The important thing for you Leo then is to remember that there are in fact things in life that you can not control. Your Full Moon wishes should pertain to a clarity on these values, and just clarity in general. Trying to control everything obviously isn’t working. So instead, let it go, and let the Full Moon grant those wishes for you. There’s no fight in this, Leo, just let it go, and let it happen. Even if that seems impossible! What are your Full Moon wishes, Leo?


The Full Moon is in your wheel house Virgo, and that means the world is your oyster. This is a period for you to truly reflect on what you most want in life. Today will feel sensitive for you, and you may be overly emotional. Being rational, usually one of your strong suits, is going to feel difficult today. It will just be difficult for you to find a stable moment. This is not going to last beyond today, and so you don’t want to stress about the outcome just yet. Instead, focus your own Full Moon wishes on keeping your life as you have created it intact and fully cohesive. You never really ask for much, do you, Virgo. You may be feeling emotional today, but you still won’t feel the need to request anything from the Universe. Make a change on that one today, and make some Full Moon wishes that finally treat YOU for a change. After all, you work so hard making everybody else happy, now is the time for YOU to shine. What are your Full Moon wishes, Virgo?


Dear Libra, you are going to be feeling very philosophical under this Full Moon in Virgo, and you want to use this to your absolute advantage. You don’t like fitting into the boxes in life and the Virgo Full Moon is going to emphasize that for you. With this Full Moon in your twelfth house, the spiritual undertones that come your way during this time may also bring some psychic revelations. You also have a guardian angel around you during this period, so your wishes will take on even more important meanings. Expect it to be a few days post the Full Moon for your energy to settle down. Keep showing off your quirky self though and you will see some magic happen. When it comes to your Full Moon wishes, Libra, you want to wish on outcomes from inspiration. What are you inspired by right now? Follow that, and the Full Moon wishes will manifest. What are your Full Moon wishes, Libra?


You always look forward to the Full Moon, Scorpio, and the Full Moon in Virgo is no different. This time around we see the Virgo Full Moon in your eleventh house, your house of long term visions and objectives! This means you want to dream big, Scorpio! That is very exciting to you. Think as big and as far away as you can, and don’t be shy about letting people know what is going through your mind. You’ve needed a good day of reflection and inspiration, and you certainly love to dream. The future is yours for the taking under this Full Moon, Scorpio. And if you feel pulled down to Earth in the midst of this dream fest of yours, don’t be afraid to ignore it. Today, your dreams will take you far. Execute the plans you have in your mind, Scorpio, and you will be surprised where they take you. Dream big with your Full Moon wishes, Scorpio, it may be a while before this energy comes back your way. What are your Full Moon wishes, Scorpio?


The Full Moon in Virgo this month, Sagittarius, is going to be transiting your tenth house of work! This is the career that you were destined to be in, Sagittarius, and not necessarily the one you are in now. So if you are feeling like work has been a rut for you, use this period of reflection that is being offered to take yourself into the work direction that you are hopeful for. You dream big, Sagittarius. And your vision is as grand as this big wide world. If you feel there is a bigger career for you, one that could put you in the spotlight, spend some time in reflection and let the Virgo Full Moon inspire you accordingly! Put aside how you actually feel about things, and instead let this Moon make a practical turn for you. Where can you truly succeed, Sagittarius? Only you can answer this question, and that is where your Full Moon wishes should be focused on. What are your Full Moon wishes, Sagittarius?


Philosophical ideals and the big wide world is your oyster under this Virgo Full Moon, Capricorn! We see the Full Moon in Virgo transiting your ninth house which is your house of the big picture. Little details that have been vexing you lately are suddenly going to make a lot of sense. The ninth house is also the house of foreign affairs, so you may see business propositions unfold that are foreign today or this week. You also may want to think about planning a trip under this Full Moon if you need a change of pace in life. If foreign matters inspire you today, planning a new adventure under this Full Moon is all you need. You don’t need to get up and go just yet, but planning something fun and far away will take you out of any Winter rut you may have been feeling. Your Full Moon wishes then, Capricorn, should revolve around miracles stemming from big visions or foreign matters. What are your Full Moon wishes, Capricorn?


There are going to be some epic changes for you in play, Aquarius under the Virgo Full Moon. We see the Full Moon in Virgo transiting your eighth house which is the house of change and transformation. You will probably be okay with that, you are in your happy place when it is out of the box, and there are some big picture things in play here. So keep your Full Moon wishes in the big picture range and you will do very well with them. Do not panic if a relationship sees a swing and a miss, uncertainty in that situation is going to be your biggest asset. Big decisions under this Full Moon are not favored for you unless you are prepared to deal with some epic consequences. The potential for both epic good and epic bad is equal. You may see a marriage proposal and you also may see some chapters close. You are in the driver’s seat however, so whatever changes exist on the horizon will be yours of the making. Make your Full Moon wishes centered on authentic choices in the big picture and it will be a beautiful thing. What are your Full Moon wishes, Aquarius?


Relationships are going to be front and center during the Full Moon in Virgo for you, Pisces. Make your Full Moon wishes accordingly. And these aren’t the ones where you are sneaking out before the morning coffee. These are the kind that you are going to remember forever. So make those Full Moon wishes count! There are going to be some demands on your time during this period, Pisces, you are best to just go with the flow. Whether that is from a home partner or a work partner, when you are asked to do or give something that you normally would grumble over, do it with a smile. The rewards will certainly follow. Moves made in relationships under this Full Moon will last a while, so make sure they are the moves that you really, really, want. Take care of your Self first and make your Full Moon wishes on the relationship of your dreams. And report back! What are your Full Moon wishes, Pisces?

Happy Full Moon day! Did your Full Moon in Virgo horoscopes ring true? What are your Full Moon wishes?

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