Full Moon in Virgo March 1: Time To Get Organized

Posted on February 27, 2018

As the first full moon after the lunar and partial solar eclipse, you can expect it to bring more change due to the nature of a series of eclipses. If you’ve been focusing on what you desire and are working towards it, this four day window could be extra special for you!

The actual full moon occurs on March 1 in the earth sign of grounded and meticulous Virgo. It’s also a very nurturing sign, so you will have energy to offer to others. It’s important to know that each full moon comes with its own unique energy based on how the other planets are lined up.

Not all full moons have the same emotional flavor, some are spicy and some are sweet. This one may be a bit sour if you don’t know what to expect. It can however, be very valuable if you accept that it’s time to take a look in the mirror and get real with what is not working in your own behaviors.

The full moon is always an exciting time for those that work with the moon cycles. To learn more about how to manifest what you want, check out this article; Want To Manifest Your New Year’s Resolution? The Moon Cycles Can Help. Here are some of the ways you can use this full moon energy to make your life better and how to manage the energy.

First: Find Ways To Reduce Anxiety

People’s emotions tend to be heightened on a full moon, causing them to explode verbally and become reactive. You can channel the energy by intentionally relaxing with a hot bubble bath and a journal, some good soothing music and maybe even light some candles for that extra relaxing touch.

We don’t need to project our intense feelings onto others but we can turn that energy into creative ideas that can propel us forward. This is not a good time to reach for a glass of wine to calm your nerves because the ‘vino veritas’ will only amplify your feelings.

Usually we feel like socializing around the full moon because we have extra energy and feel extra confident. However, this full moon has some auspicious energy that can throw a wrench in our interactions. What a great time to foster that connection to your soul and just slip away from it all!

On this full moon in particular, it will be easier to get into disagreements or have hurt feelings from misunderstandings and negative viewpoints that are being brought up by the planetary alignments.

Instead of hitting your head against a wall about your social interactions, know that everyone’s going to be looking at some temporary negativity and don’t take your own feelings seriously. It’s like we all suddenly become kindergarteners, throwing tantrums, then waking up in two days wondering what time machine we were in.

Second: Choose To Pre-Forgive People

Sometimes it’s not practical to avoid interacting with people and we need to brave the emotional war zone. Do not fear, this is a great opportunity to practice having a strong, loving intention. We can actually look at it as a huge blessing because with practice we get better at controlling our thoughts, words and actions.

Prep yourself not to react and know people will say things they don’t mean. Pre-forgive them and plan to take a deep breath, dealing with everyone with compassion and kindness. Imagine that if someone blows up in your face, you find a way to make them laugh, make them feel heard or you change the subject.

It helps to know that many people do not have tools to deal with their emotions and they really are hurting inside. They are still plagued by the habitual thoughts that developed during their childhood or adolescence and it’s a psychic pressure they cannot relieve without tools.

You can offer to do some breathwork with people or play calming music to help soothe their nerves. Send someone an uplifting song, give hugs and spread love because you are in the know about how strongly these planetary movements, especially the moon, affect everyone, whether they know it or not. You’re now a wizard and it’s your turn to work some magic in your shire!

Third: Use The Virgo Energy

Alright, enough gloom and doom talk, let’s get down to the juicy stuff that’s going to catapult us to a more empowered place by the time the next full moon comes around. Use this time to get organized. Do you need to clean out your room, your car or maybe your physical body?

You can now see where clutter or filth is adding weight to your life, be it inside your own body or in your home. Drink lots of green beverages, take out the vacuum, drop off your stuff at Goodwill. Your environment helps you think clearly and your internal state does too. We need both to be squeaky clean.

Instead of getting on someone else’s case, get on your own case (with a sense of humor) and do what needs to get done. Have you been putting something off or have you known for a while that it’s time to get into a new routine? Let’s make a plan, write it out and envision yourself with more energy because of it!

It’s a good time to get clear with your goals and let go of projects that are draining your energy. Sit quietly and write down your top three goals as well as how you can better use your time and energy. What will you let go of on this full moon?


You can also look up which house Virgo is in on your birth chart to see which area may be highlighted for you specifically on this full moon. The full moon can bring forth a lot of underlying energy that can lead to change. The type of energy we will most likely bring forth is usually linked to the house in our charts that the sign of the full moon falls in.

For example, if Virgo is in my second house, I may make realizations about my talents or finally feel like using them. A full moon can be detrimental in relationships because of the bursts of energy it brings out. It’s important for us to channel our energy in healthy ways and not let our passions be vomited unconsciously towards others.

I’ve seen many people unconsciously affected by full moons and they’ll project their pain onto others, lashing out because of the pressure of their unconscious minds. To deal with full moons in a healthy manner and to use that energy to bring positive change, create a full moon ritual to release energy and attachments to ideas that aren’t serving your highest good.

Be prepared to take some space from people if you need it and definitely don’t take what people say on a full moon too seriously.

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