Why You Should Get Reiki Certified to Heal Yourself

Posted on August 28, 2018
Updated on November 03, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I did not grow up with any clue about chakras, nor did I even know about intuition. Before I understood Reiki, it seemed to be a very far-out concept that my mind could barely grasp and I doubted it was actually a real thing.

Then I got Reiki certified and it all changed. I felt energy through my hands, feeling as if they were buzzing, and started to sense the power of this healing modality. When I started doing as I was taught and offering Reiki to others, I experienced incredible things that surprised me.

Reiki is a loving, healing energy tool that allows the energy forcefield that connects all life to flow through you. If we have low energy, Reiki can pick us back up. There are very few limits to Reiki. Energy can be applied to yourself by yourself and can even be channeled and sent at a distance.

It can be expensive to constantly get Reiki sessions and that is why I highly recommend getting certified so you can do Reiki on yourself. Here’s how a Reiki certification can help your mind, body, and spirit…

Physical Benefits

Reiki is now being used in hospitals to speed up recovery times during the healing process. It is used traditionally to help with wound recovery and chronic pain. Often, chronic pain is a combination of a physical issue and unresolved emotional energy stored in the body, or it is prolonged by a thought you have regularly that creates tension and blocks your energy flow in certain areas of the body.

As each chakra is restored to its optimal state with the assistance of Reiki, you will feel relief from pain and become more energized. Often, the behaviors people find themselves repeating that are not good for their bodies are released when they start doing Reiki on themselves because the energy is so loving and healing, they can perceive a better way to take care of themselves.

Emotional Benefits

Reiki can help you overcome depression, anxiety, and low energy that can contribute to negative thinking. It can help you to feel supported by the Universe and fill you with more energy to help you feel motivated. If you feel cloudy or off, this is a great way to help yourself get feeling yourself again.

Reiki can help you handle your heavier emotions so you can release and replace them. It’s like giving your emotional space a bath, a space that can get “dirty” when we spend time around negative people or go through something difficult. It’s like having a best friend who has great advice with you all the time.

Reiki healing raises your vibration by clearing away negativity so you can tap into higher streams of consciousness and start to be creative, optimistic, and vibrant again. By clearing and cleansing the aura and allowing energy to flow, we can have healthier relationships, speak our truth, and be more balanced in all areas of our life.

Spiritual Benefits

As Reiki helps you release stored energetic imprints that may be from long ago, you’ll develop healthier thought patterns by being in a higher vibrational state. This can help you manifest more positive people and experiences into your life by activating the law of attraction to work in your favor. As you raise your vibration, your intuition will strengthen and you’ll begin to understand your higher purpose so you can make the best decisions to align with the greater good.

There are new perspectives available to us on how to approach work, social life, health, love, and spirituality when our energy is balanced and flowing. We may be standing on uneven ground, unable to see the full picture of who we are because we have blocked chakras. When those clouds break and we see the Sun, we can find new avenues to share our love through and feel satisfied with our lives.

Concluding Thoughts…

I highly recommend reading the story about how Reiki was found and started; you can start by learning about the brief history of Reiki. Look for Reiki certification classes near you or even online! Most of the time you can become attuned in a day to level one energy.

Once you understand how Reiki works in your chakra system, you can decide if you want to grow your practice. I recommend working in each level for a while to allow the changes to take effect. Level 2 includes more symbols to help you understand how to move energy. Level 1 is mostly just about adding energy or removing blocks. Anyone can do it and it’s not hard! Eventually, you may love Reiki so much that you too will become a Reiki Healing Master.

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