Get to Know Venus: Which Zodiac Signs Does Venus Rule?

Posted on October 14, 2018

When we get to know astrology we often get to know our own sign first (in Western astrology, that refers to your Sun sign) and then we become curious about the other signs. As we add layers to our understanding of the cosmos, we start to get to know the planetary energies as well. Each zodiac sign has a personality, which is influenced by its ruling planet.

Each planet relates to a certain area of our life. Venus, in mythology, as the goddess of love and beauty, and Mars is the god of war and passion. Jupiter rules our money, Neptune rules creativity, Mercury rules communication, and so on. Getting to know each planet’s area of influence in our life can also help you understand the energy behind each zodiac sign.

This can help you understand yourself and others on a deeper level. You can start to apply this knowledge by seeing how the planet’s energy shows up in each person’s sun sign. Cancer, for instance, is ruled by the Moon which is all about intuition, and you can see how it influences the way this person sees and interacts with the world.

What Does a ‘Ruling Planet’ Mean?

In astrology, the ruling planet comes into effect in a variety of ways. Besides each zodiac sign having a ruling planet, each house also has a ruling planet. Your personal birth chart also has a ruling planet, which is determined by the planet that rules your rising sign. Therefore when the sun moves into your ruling planet, you will feel extra energy and the strengths of your personality will be magnified. The Sun gives energy to the sign it is in, and that changes every 30 days.

The ruling planet reveals the themes of a person’s life. If you look to your rising sign’s ruling planet, the things that planet is known for will also be things you’re known for. The link between planets and zodiac signs was made by the Greeks and has shifted slightly over time but generally, it’s remained constant. Some modern astrologers say Ceres is the true ruler of Taurus but for our interpretation, we will use the traditional ruler, Venus.

Venus Rules 2 Zodiac Signs: Taurus & Libra

Venus is said to be the ruler of Taurus, an Earth sign, and Libra, which is an Air sign. Venus has to do with how we indulge in our senses, how we express our love and how we assign beauty to things. It’s a planet that has to do with relationships as well because it rules the 7th house of partnerships. Venus is also linked to the arts, which is related to aesthetics and how our senses respond to visual stimuli and design.


Venus is expressed in Taurus, the stubborn bull, through their love for decorating their home, indulging in delicious foods, and typically prioritizing pleasure over work. Taureans are known to be romantic, committed, and motivated by love. They also love luxury and will often spend more time than other signs getting ready as they love to make people swoon. If you go into a Taurean’s home, it will have a feel to it that brings comfort to the owner and visitors. Taureans usually have a sweet tooth or give into their favourite foods because they live through their senses. Of course, they also love to talk about love and watch romantic movies as well. Love is a big theme in the narrative of a Taurean’s life.


Libra, an Air sign, is also ruled by Venus. Because Libra is an Air sign, they express love through words and ideas. They love to debate and share love through their many close friendships which they nurture constantly. They are friendly, magnetic, and positive, making people enjoy their company and crave their energy. Librans are also usually interested in the arts as Venus rules the arts. Librans are known to be a bit eclectic - sometimes they let their passions run away with them or choose to have unconventional relationships. They are so passionate in fact that they can forget to sleep, getting lost in their love for ideas and intimate friendships. They do well working in the arts, writing and working in nonprofits where they have an outlet for their loving nature. They often become musicians and love to dance.

Where Do These Signs Show Up In Your Chart?

You can look into your own birth chart if you know the time and location of your birth to see what influence this planet has in your life. Wherever you have Libra or Taurus show up, the colours of Venus will also be in effect. For example, if Taurus shows up in Mercury, which is the planet of communication, you will communicate through your senses and certainly not like to be told what your preferences are. If Libra showed up in your tenth house of careers, it would be likely that you would have a career in areas related to the arts and you’ll express your love through fighting for justice, a romanticized ideal in your life.

In your chart, look at Venus and see which zodiac sign it appears in. When Venus appears in one of the signs it rules, chances are you will be extra adept at expressing your love. It Capricorn falls in Venus, you’ll show your love by working hard to provide for your loved ones and be less inclined to be mushy gushy. If Venus shows up in Cancer, you would need to be sure not to fall in love too quickly or cling on to people when they are not even right for you.

Concluding Thoughts…

Venus spends 20 days in a sign, going through all signs in under a year. When Venus is in your ruling sign, you can expect confidence in the area of love. When it goes retrograde, you can expect to revisit old romance themes, partners and wounds so you can heal your love life. Its retrogrades last 40 days; we are currently in a Venus retrograde from October 5, 2018, to November 15, 2018.

You can also always look to see what sign Venus is in to see the way in which your mind will be approaching romance that month. On September 9th, Venus entered the intimate and sexually awakened sign of Scorpio where it will be until October 31st when it enters Libra. It will re-enter Scorpio on Dec 5th. We can expect a bit of a romantic time this winter, to say the least, since Scorpio is so open with its feelings and Libra is ruled by Venus. Get ready for love, or at least lots of lustful inclinations!

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