Got Tarot Block? How to Bring Your Tarot Readings Back to Life

Posted on June 03, 2019
Updated on September 28, 2020

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No matter how long you have been reading Tarot cards, no matter how many decks you have or how intuitive you are, no matter how connected you have felt to your cards as a reader, there comes a time for everyone where they experience the infamous ‘Tarot Block’.

What is Tarot Block?

It’s exactly like Writer’s Block, but in Tarot form.

It’s something even the most advanced and skilled readers struggle with. It’s that moment when you, in lacklustre fashion, pick up a deck of cards, shuffle them, lay them out and boom! You cannot connect. No matter how much you squint or think, no matter how many of your books or references you trawl through to find the meaning of your reading, you can’t connect.

The reading makes no sense; you feel depleted and empty; you scold yourself for professing to be a Tarot reader, for how can one be a reader without being able to read? You feel disheartened, depressed and anguished almost, telling yourself that your time is up and you will never read again.

So yes, just like Writer’s Block, Tarot Block can be equally frustrating. However, just like Writer’s Block, it is never quite as bad as it seems. There is always a way forward and a method to push through the block until the readings flow naturally once more. But how?


Sometimes, Tarot Block can be caused by overdoing it with the cards, particularly if you’re asking the same question over and over. A certain type of numbness occurs and there comes a point where every spread suddenly looks like a blank piece of paper.

This is a sign of mental overload.

Tarot readings can be tiring; you’re connecting to the collective unconscious and tapping into a place that demands a lot of energy (this is why you may feel hungry after a successive amount of readings!) At this point, it’s important to put the cards away for a few days and regenerate. Do something light-hearted, don’t think about the cards. Having this time away is crucial to recuperating so you can harness your abilities again in the future.


A reader who is tired, either mentally or physically, will experience Tarot Block. This can come from doing too many readings or simply not being grounded enough/getting enough rest before reading. In this case, as with regeneration, it is best to step back and have some time away from the cards. Getting enough sleep is also vital!

New Deck

It is often the case that a severe bout of Tarot Block can in fact be caused by a lack of enthusiasm towards the deck you’re using. The deck may be old or have been used one too many times. You may no longer feel connected to your deck.

That is perfectly fine. It’s a signal that it’s time to find a new deck, one which will serve its purpose to you at the time you need it.

Don’t feel guilty about abandoning your old deck. It has served you well during the time you needed it and done its job. And who knows, you may even return to it one day!


It happens to all readers. Get a reading wrong and you start to doubt your abilities. You could have a brilliant accuracy rate, but just one wrong reading can send you into a spiral of negative thoughts.

Am I really what I thought I was? Should I continue reading cards? I got it wrong once, I can get it wrong again. I’m not as good as I thought. I’m not good at all!

This lack of confidence in being able to read effectively can create a mental blockage. But, it can be triumphed over.

Start off slow with readings and, above all, forgive yourself. Understand that everyone makes mistakes. Every Tarot reader in the history of the universe has got a reading wrong every now and then; it doesn’t make you any less of a reader. You’re in good company.


As you can see, there are a variety of reasons that contribute towards Tarot Block. But they can all be conquered. Tarot Block is no more than a blip and it is something that every Tarot reader goes through.

If you are struggling with Tarot Block, then you are not alone and you certainly shouldn’t feel bad for it. Which of the reasons for blockage resonates most with you? Follow the advice about how to conquer it and you can get back to readings once more!

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