Halloween Costume Inspiration, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Posted on October 27, 2019

We’re about to move into spook season, and with it comes all kinds of weird and wonderful things – including Halloween costumes!

You may be agonizing over which costume to wear for that upcoming Halloween party, for accompanying your little one for Trick or Treat, or maybe just wearing one for the sake of it (who doesn’t like to dress up for Halloween, regardless of whether they get to show it off or not!) Agonize no more.

As with many things, the Chinese Zodiac has a superb way of helping you discover more about yourself and finding solutions to both big and small puzzles. Your Chinese Zodiac sign is who you are at heart – sometimes, your mind may be disconnected from your true self, but your Chinese Zodiac sign does not lie!

Knowing your Chinese astrology sign can tell you all kinds of things, from what era you belong in, to the best crystals for you to use.

If you’re in a state of flummox and can’t make up your mind which costume to go with, read on to find out which one is best for you.

Your 2019 Halloween Costume, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign:

Rat: Sherlock Holmes

What better outfit for the Rat than a famous sleuth, known for solving some of the most difficult mysteries in the fictional world? The Rat is someone who prizes problem-solving above all else and is totally in their element in the form of a famous detective. To the Rat, there is no greater talent than the talent for being a cerebral genius, as the great Sherlock Holmes is.

Ox: Mummy

Strength is one of the most notable features of the Ox and there is no doubt that the Egyptian mummy is a fearsome character of strength, who often won’t take no for an answer. (Think of Imhotep in The Mummy!) Ox people are strong, stubborn characters; in Ancient Egypt, mummies were the bodies of dead people who had been preserved after death; for many Ox people, one of their defining quotes is, “Not even the fear of death can stop me!”

Tiger: Catwoman

What better Halloween costume for the feline of the Chinese Zodiac than Catwoman? Like the Tiger, Catwoman prowls the night, slaying her enemies. The Tiger is someone who is not afraid to face the demons and monsters that the darkness brings, so dressing up as the sleek, feminine and dangerous Catwoman fits perfectly with their characters. (And if you prefer a more masculine outfit, try Batman!)

Rabbit: Ghost

The Rabbit is someone who prefers to watch from the sidelines, preferring other, more exuberant members of the zodiac to take centre-stage. A ghost costume fits in nicely with their overall demeanor, which has a tendency to fade into the background and make mental notes about all that is going on around them. Rabbits are often quiet people too – silent as a ghost!

Dragon: Zombie

If there’s one sign that likes to make an entrance, it’s the Dragon. What better costume to make an entrance with than a zombie, which is guaranteed to turn heads? So many films have been made about zombies for a reason – they fascinate some, repel others and even generate inspiration. Sounds like the majestic Dragon!

Snake: Witch

A philosopher and deep thinker, the Snake is the Chinese Zodiac’s Plato. Plato was not just a great philosopher of Ancient Greece; he was a great believer in the supernatural and all things esoteric. Witchcraft is merely the manipulation of energy – whatever you think shall manifest in reality. For the Snake who prizes the mind so greatly, it is the perfect costume.

Horse: Mermaid

Always one for venturing into new horizons, the Horse suits the unique splendour of the mermaid costume! A Horse would explore under the sea if possible and the mermaid highlights their very adventurous and explorative characters.

Goat: Vampire

A great costume for the Goat person. Dreamy and gentle they may be, but the Goat has a fiery side! They have no qualms about sinking their fangs into you if you rile them. The vampire costume also provides the Goat with the opportunity to make the most of their creative side; their imagination knows no boundaries!

Monkey: Pirate

The ultimate sign of exploration, what better costume for the Monkey than the original – albeit criminal – explorers, the pirates! With this sign, the cheeky Monkey can proudly show off their curiosity and inquisitiveness, letting everyone know that they are willing to scan vast horizons to achieve their goals!

Rooster: White Walker

The villainous Game of Thrones White Walkers are perfect for the flamboyant Rooster, who also likes to make an entrance. White Walkers will stop at nothing to get what they want, changing others into White Walkers along the way. With their stubborn determination and ability to sway the crowd to their own way of thinking, the Rooster makes a great White Walker!

Find out which Game of Thrones character matches your Chinese Zodiac animal right here!

Dog: Werewolf

What better costume for the Dog than the werewolf, in honour of their ancestors, the original wolf! Dogs are loyal, serious and grounded, but when they or their loved ones are under attack, out comes the werewolf – and when this happens, it’s time for everyone to back away!

Pig: Fairy

The sweet and gentle Pig is most suited to a fairy costume this Halloween. Not one for grim ghoulishness, they like to keep things pleasant and nice. So, while everyone’s off scaring one another to death with Whitewalkers, werewolves and zombies, the Pig in a fairy costume is busy keeping everyone happy and overseeing the bobbing apples!

So there you have the perfect Halloween costumes for your Chinese astrology signs! Enjoy this coming spooky season and wield the inner ghoulishness of your Chinese Zodiac animal while you’re at it!

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