Happy Birthday, Aquarius! 9 Awesome Moments Your 2016 Aquarius Horoscopes Reveal…

Posted on January 19, 2016

Happy Birthday, Aquarius! Our first set of birthday horoscopes for 2016 goes to Aquarius, as it does every year. Aquarius is the Fixed Air Sign of all of our zodiac signs, and that makes Aquarius committed, loyal, and a big thinker. Aquarius is also ruled by Uranus, and this makes Aquarius a quirky one. Have you been wondering what your next lifetime year holds for you, Aquarius? Does it feel like something big is about to happen this year? If so, you are right. And if you know an Aquarius and are looking for some Aquarius birthday gift ideas, these Aquarius birthday horoscopes will give you everything you need to know. Just tuck these birthday horoscopes into their gift or card, and you will be giving your favorite Aquarius a gift that lasts all year. A gift of revelations! Are you ready for an awesome year, Aquarius? If not, get ready. Because 2016 has some really exciting surprises in store for you. Here’s a peek at the 9 awesome moments that your 2016 Aquarius horoscopes reveal….Happy birthday, Aquarius!

1. Get your motor running!

You are ruled by Uranus, Aquarius, and this usually has you a little bit all over the place. In a good way. You like to do things outside the box, go places that nobody else ever thinks of, and read and explore things that few would dare to dream. All of that is going to get amped up a few notches this year with your ruling planet Uranus in your third house. Expect to be even more in exploration mode than ever before. Get your motor running, Aquarius. Your actual motor running. We are seeing many trips abroad, or even some road trips in your 2016 Aquarius horoscopes. Make sure you keep an eye on your daily horoscopes here for tips and tweaks that can give you a hint or a nudge on just what days this year you can expect that to happen. September 2016 has a big trip on the agenda. Jupiter is in your house of love here, so this may be a trip to meet a romantic partner, or to share with a romantic partner. Many of these excursions you take this year are going to satisfy multiple needs, some may satisfy your constant quest for learning, and some may satisfy your constant quest for love. Only you can decide. So get your motor running, Aquarius! You are the traveling zodiac sign this year!

2. Neptune gives a boost to the money pile.

This is an odd transit for Aquarius, or for any sign for that matter. Neptune is generally in a house of fantasy and dreams, and often works with our emotional center. For Aquarius in 2016, Neptune is going to have an impact on your money pit. And in a good way! This excitement isn’t going to occur until the last quarter of the year. So between September and December you can expect to see some nice surprises on the money front. Neptune in your second house is going to at first create some illusions for you over the summer. You won’t know if you are coming or going financially. But by September you will see some nice surprises come around on this front. All will begin to make more sense. So if you are struggling for cash over the summer months, be sure you sock away now every bit that you can. You won’t be hurting this year, you will for the most part be just right. Until that last quarter, when a lot of the work you have been doing begins to come together. There will be some nice money surprises for you by Christmas this year, and even ones that exceed every financial expectation you have set for yourself. When you have a big money decision this year, be sure to check your Aquarius daily horoscope here to make sure that you are making the right ones.

3. Relationships get a makeover.

One of the biggest surprises for you in your 2016 Aquarius horoscopes this year is that you will be experiencing all sorts of satisfactions on the love front. A word to the wise though, it’s a bit of an up and down year for you on the love front. You will have some days where you won’t know if you are coming or going. But for the most part, satisfying is the word you will use most often when it comes to love. This is especially true if you are already in a relationship. But if you aren’t, and are a single Aquarius looking to mingle, those short journeys Uranus offers you this year are going to have an awesome impact on your love life. The love planets in your Aquarius horoscopes this year are in the area where things begin to come full circle. And this is true whether you are single or attached. It is no longer about easy flings and one night stands or frivolous adventures in romance. You know what you want, and you are going to get it this year. Every relationship for Aquarius gets a makeover. And a very saucy one indeed!

4. Eclipses bring corrections.

Every year we have at least two eclipse seasons that all zodiac signs feel the crunch on. Eclipses are all about change, as well. If there is something in your life, anybody’s life regardless of zodiac sign, that needs a tweak or a correction, the eclipses will bring that this year. Aquarius horoscopes reveal that those corrections are coming in the way of relationships. Expect to see big changes on the love front in both March and September this year. These will be changes that you need. And, they may not be changes that you want. If there is a relationship that is already on the weak side, eclipses will make those corrections. On the other hand, if you are aching for love, eclipses will bring those corrections to your life as well. Remember that no matter what strain or stress that eclipse season brings, it’s all about healing and forging through to a better path. And we are always here to make sure you get through those eclipses with the charm and grace that you are known for. So if you need help during eclipse season, just check back here for your daily horoscopes and you will be given the nitty gritty on how to take your love life to the next level during the climactic eclipse seasons this year.

5. Secrets have an impact….and a yummy one.

We are seeing Pluto in your twelfth house in your 2016 Aquarius horoscopes. This means two things. One, secrets are going to play a role in your year this year. Pluto is the ruler of the underworld, the planet of death and transformation. So this does imply there are some big changes in the mix for you this year, and that secrets are going to play a role. We suspect this is going to have an impact on Aquarius love horoscopes more than in any other area. A secret affair perhaps, Aquarius? Not one that is evil or malignant, but one that you just prefer to keep on the down low, for your own special reasons. Secrets could also have a role in an existing relationship. Maybe you just feel like surprising a special person all year long in little ways. March and June are the months where you can expect this to manifest. The March eclipse season will bring some of these things. By November these secrets may have your travel itch itching and you could be whisked away, or whisking someone away for a secret getaway just before the holidays. Mystery and secrets rule your 2016 Aquarius horoscopes with this placement. The second thing you want to note with this placement is that there is also an air of a guardian angel around you through all of this. So, even when it seems stressful, as change always is, know that you are being protected.

6. Your career destiny awaits…

Tenth house activity, which is your destiny in the work place, is being ruled by Saturn in 2016 Aquarius horoscopes. This has been a transit that is in place for a few years now, and so this is not all that surprising to you. You are feeling like you are almost there with your career goals, or at least you feel like something bigger is pending. And you are not wrong! A lot of astrology answers will come to you this year that answer those burning questions. Expect to feel very comfortable with your career destiny by the end of this year. An opportunity arrives in September with the lunar eclipse, and this is going to be what puts the impetus on those financial changes we discussed earlier in your birthday horoscopes.

7. Follow your ambitions.

Mars is also in your tenth house this year in your 2016 Aquarius horoscopes. This means you are feeling like this destiny that has been urging you for two or three years is really urging you this year. You don’t just know something big is coming, you want to do something about it. So when you get those urges this year, Aquarius, we are saying, follow them. Tenth house is the house where career takes all zodiac signs to new heights. This kind of activity could even make you famous! Don’t ignore the call of ambition this year. And if you need a little help, be sure you review your daily horoscopes every day to find out just what you need to do every single day, to meet that call of Destiny.

8. Groups and social connections yield rewards.

Mars spends most of the year in your tenth house as we said, but by September your 2016 Aquarius horoscopes reveal that he moves onto the eleventh house for the last quarter of the year. Remember what we said about things changing for the better in that last quarter? If you followed your ambitions while Mars was in your tenth house for the first 8 months of the year, then the last 4 are going to yield some epic results. 11th house activity also suggests that groups will play a role in your career life this year. This is especially true after September. So don’t say no to after work drink offers, or office parties, or situations that put you in the social mix to mingle and network with the big wigs.

9. Ignore nothing. Surprises are in store all year.

As an Air Sign, Aquarius usually gets their surprises in the way of elements ruled by Air, like messages, paperwork, contracts, mail, paperwork, and the like. These are the things you really need to pay attention to this year. And these elements are being ruled by Neptune this year, who is sitting in your second house of money. Our word of caution to you for your 2016 Aquarius horoscopes is to not ignore anything in the way of these paper elements. Don’t avoid phone calls, don’t delete voicemails, don’t brush off emails and mail that doesn’t meet your need in this moment. Opportunities abound in these areas, Aquarius! And your birthday horoscopes are saying that is where your biggest surprises are as well! Ignore nothing, Aquarius. And you will find that 2016 pleasantly surprises you all year long. Happy birthday, Aquarius!

And that’s really and truly all that you need to know for your 2016 birthday horoscopes, Aquarius! If you love an Aquarius and want to surprise them this year, use these birthday horoscopes for Aquarius birthday gift ideas. Maybe some accessories for the fun travels they will be taking this year? Or perhaps some new office items for the success that their career will be experiencing? Or, just tuck these birthday horoscopes into the birthday card of your favorite zodiac sign, and wish them an awesome year. Because they are getting one! Find out what celebrity Aquarius birthdays match yours, like Ellen Degeneres, and be sure you make some awesome birthday wishes this year, Aquarius. What celebrities have the same birthday as you, Aquarius? Your 2016 Aquarius horoscopes say, an awesome year is your Destiny. What is your biggest birthday wish, Aquarius?

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