Happy Birthday Aquarius! The Only 9 Things Aquarius Needs for 2015 Forecast!

Posted on January 20, 2015

It’s that time again! Time to wish someone a happy birthday. Happy Birthday Aquarius! As the Fixed Air Sign Aquarius is the deep thinker of all of the zodiac signs. And, ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is also more than a little bit outside the box. So when it comes to the 2015 forecast for Aquarius, there are going to be a lot of funky surprises in store. Aquarius wouldn’t have it any other way! Are you an Aquarius, or do you know someone who is? We have the perfect gift to tuck into that birthday card, or to post on your wall or fridge if you are an Aquarius looking for exciting things this year. So let’s have a look at the only 9 things Aquarius needs to know for 2015. Happy birthday Aquarius, here is your 2015 forecast!

1. Saturn is going to be giving you that long awaited break you have been waiting for, Aquarius. Saturn has been really giving you the grind, since 2012 in fact and this has been making things tight and responsible for you. Have you been feeling a little worn out? Thank Saturn, but this is easing up. You will not feel as tested this year, and you will not experience as many hardships as you have of late, as Saturn moves out of the Fixed Sign of Scorpio and into an easier sign of Sagittarius. Expect to see many fruits of your hard labors over the past few years begin to play out, Aquarius. This is especially true in work, but will appear in all areas. You will see your status rise in some areas, and the “big prize” you have been holding out for is going to come to fruition by the end of 2015. Way to go! All that work as the Water Bearer is finally going to pay off.

2. Last year your social life took a bit of a back seat, Aquarius, and this makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable because you love people, friends, and the social setting. 2015 is going to be a lot different in this regard. Jupiter is coming into play and luck will be sprinkled all over your social life in many magical ways. Some very interesting partners and friends on the social scene will be introduced to you this year, and they are going to tickle all of your fancies, in all of the right ways. You go, Aquarius! Expect it to be a lively bunch too. The phrase “party like a rockstar” comes to mind. Enjoy it! You’ve earned it!

3. The year will begin on a bit of a nostalgic one for you, Aquarius. You often find your birthday landing smack dab in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde, and there’s a reason and purpose for that. As the January Mercury Retrograde comes into play for you, you will begin remembering and reminiscing about things from the past. One thing in particular will keep coming to mind. It will either be a work idea, or a lover idea, or someone from your past that for some reason you just can’t shake. There’s a reason for that! If that happens more than a few times, give that person a call, investigate this possible work option, look into the past that keeps cropping up during January’s Mercury Retrograde. There’s a surprise waiting for you there that will reap rewards ALL year long if you do! This is a slower more reflective part of your year, Aquarius. The best way to make the most of this energy is to spend as much time in reflection as possible during Mercury Retrograde. This is when the answers will come!

4. Speaking of retrogrades, Saturn is going to be doing some of this as well between the months of March and June. This is another time for you to slow the pace. If you do, you will find some serious accomplishments on the horizon that will last for as long as two years! Come March, right before the Spring, make some lists on the biggest changes you want to make this year, and in your life in general. Again, spend the time thinking on them. That’s what you do best! Revise, review, reflect, and renew, and once you have your action plan, there’s no stopping you. In this transit we are also seeing the North Node that is the fated node in your chart that will land opportunities in your lap that seem fated. The more time you spend in reflection while Saturn is in retrograde, the better the chances you have of making these fated incidents manifest into miracles of abundance. On March 17 the final alignment of the Uranus Pluto square is going to cause havoc for some, and miracles for you. Expect to see some strangely positive events happening in this regard, if you play your cards right Aquarius!

5. Romance is in the air Aquarius, and this is particularly true in the first 8 months of 2015. Right through to August with Jupiter in Leo you will experience fun and fantasy at every level, just what you like! And the quirkier the better, right Aquarius? Your methods may be unconventional, but they work, and when it comes to love this year expect the sparks to fly. During the Saturn retrograde we just talked about, expect to see some tests in love come your way. Remember this is a fated transit, so every test or challenge you come across comes with a destined purpose. Do the right thing, Aquarius, follow your heart, and your destiny will follow. Stay away from games or manipulation tactics, and you will be all set in love. You want to mark down July 1 on your calendar as a very special day for romance. Something big is going to happen in love here, Aquarius, so make sure your ducks are aligned to accept this into your life when it happens! Remember, no games! Be honest, open, and authentic, and accept nothing less than the same, and the rewards will be numerous on this magical day.

6. Woo hoo, Aquarius, sexuality is going to take a boost for you as well between July and September! Specifically we are seeing the dates July 25 to September 7 harbor especially good things for you in love and intimate affairs. You are going to see some of your past creep into play here, that’s okay. There’s a reason for that. If old issues are triggered in this period, that’s okay too, there’s a reason for that too. Do not let your shadow side take control when past issues crop up, especially in the area of your intimate affairs. Release it, and create room for miracles to manifest. Anything that feels weird, (bad weird I mean, weird is usually your oyster) or uncomfortable, should be avoided at all costs. Toxic friends are not allowed in your life my dear this year, not if you want to manifest those miracles. If you missed the big love date on July 1, August 6 has some surprise for you! Be open to them, and don’t be afraid to let go a little bit of some of that independence you love so much.

7. The spotlight is on your career Aquarius, and this will be the theme in work almost all year long. Whatever you have been doing to get the game going in your favor before this year is going to manifest big time in the months ahead. The year will start slow, but don’t let that bring you down. This is all for a higher purpose. Saturn is going to be setting up shop in your house of long term goals and visions, so if the year starts off sow, expect things at work to pick up as the year goes along. Jupiter in Leo is going to help you in this area, and don’t expect to see success on your own. Part of your social life will overlap into work, and you will get help from others in accomplishing your career goals. Remember that review period we talked about between March and June. This is not a “see success” time, but rather a “plant the seeds for success” time for you. Again, review, reflect, and create action plans during this period when it comes to career as well. If rejection on key ideas comes your way, take the feedback as lessons on how to do better and rise better. And take advantage of this transit while you have it, because this kind of luck isn’t coming around again for another 30 years.

8. If you are looking for one moment of the year where you will get a bit of a breakthrough or Ah Hah moment, wait until the April eclipse period. April is going to have some heavy energy in the month with two eclipses coming our way. For you this is going to be a very enlightening time. Do not make any major decisions in love, sex, or work, unless you absolutely have to, Aquarius. This month is the best and most ideal time of the year for you to observe and think about what is happening around you in your life. And when you do, the Ah Hah ideas are going to come in a way that will really roll out the red carpet for you in whatever area of life you need some sparkle. Whatever comes to you now in this period will NOT be what you expect. It will be better!

9. When you get stuck this year, Aquarius, take a road trip. Either grab your best mate and hit the road, or grab your sense of Self, and get on the trails. You love to see and visit the big wide world, and groups and social settings are totally your gig. So when things get stuck along the way this year, as they definitely will, get away from what is in front of you and travel. We are seeing that infamous North Node that is the fated node sprinkle magic on your current dreams and goals, and travel is a great way for you out of all zodiac signs to make the most of these fated moments, Aquarius. If you are banging your head against the wall wondering why what’s in front of you isn’t working, time to get away from what’s in front of you and see what else the world can toss your way. Universe is waiting to surprise you with some wonderful things if you do!

And that’s it for your 2015 horoscopes Aquarius! You certainly have some exciting things ahead, Aquarius, and it is going to be truly a spectacular year. Nobody ever has a perfect year, so don’t go into the year expecting nothing but miracles. You will be disappointed. Your year will be about balance, and about you using the right times of the year to reflect and review and correct whatever you don’t like about it. Some tests are coming, but Saturn has rode you hard in this area already. So many of them you have already passed and are already behind you. If you want your star to shine this year Aquarius, you have all of the alignments in your wheel house to make sure it happens. You just need to find the magical moments that will let you do just that!

Have a great year, Aquarius! What was your favorite part of the 2015 Aquarius horoscopes? What are you most looking forward to this year, Aquarius? Happy birthday Aquarius!

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