Happy Birthday Capricorn!  9 Predictions for Capricorn 2015 Astrological Forecast!

Posted on December 20, 2014

Happy birthday Capricorn! As the Cardinal Earth Sign, the zodiac sign of Capricorn is responsible for launching one of the Seasons. Like all other Cardinal Signs then, the Sun enters Capricorn on the same day as a solstice. For Capricorn, that means an official hello to Winter! December 21, the Sun will enter Capricorn and while Capricorn is enjoying their moment in the spotlight, the rest of us will also have a gorgeous Winter Solstice! That is a lot of energy to start a birthday, and Capricorn should be very excited as there are many exciting things in store for Capricorn this year. This is an exciting year for you Capricorn, and if you play your cards right you are going to experience a shift in many directions of your life that will lead to abundance for you. Whether you are a Capricorn celebrating your birthday over the next zodiac month, or know someone who is, here is our 2015 astrological forecast for Capricorn for the year ahead. If you have a Capricorn on your holiday list, print this out and tuck it into a birthday or holiday. Or, if you are one of our Capricorn stars this month post this on your fridge so you never forget these important tips for your year ahead. Are you ready? Happy birthday Capricorn! Here are the only 9 things that you need to know for 2015!

1. Saturn in Scorpio is energy that the entire world has been feeling for the last two years, Capricorn, and for you that has been touching your areas of resourcefulness. You have been dealing with a lot of issues of “letting go” over the last couple of years, and it has incurred some painful losses. With Saturn moving into Sagittarius just as your year begins, you are feeling a sigh of relief for a reason. The energy you have been putting into your career and work is going to pay off, but it has come at the cost of some you time. You are ready for a bit of a break, and as you begin 2015 you want to seriously consider taking one. Sometimes you feel unproductive when you aren’t “doing” something, but it is unproductive to work yourselves to the bone until you are too exhausted for anyone. Start 2015 with some scheduled down time for you to reboot and refresh you before you begin conquering the year. And you will.

2. Mars is in your money house for the beginning of January, Capricorn. You may feel urged to over spend right now for the holidays, if money is generally tight, hold off on that as January things don’t really lighten up for you. By mid-January this eases up and some ideas will come up that will help lighten the load for you. Mid May to late June is an important time of 2015 for career growth, you will start to feel some drive on big changes that will begin now, and continue through to mid-November. Follow your instinct on these matters, big purchases should be avoided until late June of 2015. Save early this year, Capricorn, then by this time next year you will feel a little more comfortable about life and money in general.

3. When it comes to love, Capricorn, the year starts off well for you. Jupiter is in Leo right now and this is helping you feel a little more fun in your romantic affairs. If you haven’t been, because you’ve been working too hard, time to stop that and start scheduling some child like fun times. This Spring you are going to feel like you’ve been bitten by Cupid. Between April and Mid May 2015 you will have a drive to really find the love of your life, or include more soul consuming love in your life. Affection will take center stage and whoever is your lucky target is never going to be short of it. By the end of June, Mars moves into your relationship house and will linger there until the beginning of August. Summer romance will be hot for you Capricorn, as Jupiter remains in Leo and the fun energy never stops swirling your way. You will have fun, but you will also be looking for commitment. You are better served by telling this to new potentials early on so you don’t wind up wasting your precious time on people that aren’t as serious about love as you. Expect to see a lot of excitement in your love horoscopes this year, Capricorn! Sexy excitement right through to August, after which love will stabilize into a committed flow that will have you feeling warm and fuzzy by the holidays next year. Who knows, Capricorn, a ring may not be under your tree this year, but next year is a different story.

4. There are 3 Mercury Retrogrades every year, Capricorn, and these are periods where communication problems crop up, travel plans go awry, or people have crossed wires with each other. You can also see computer problems, cell phone problems, and car problems crop up here too. For you, Capricorn, 2015 Mercury retrogrades are most likely to affect your work sector. Your money house in the January Mercury retrograde will be the most affected the first time around, remember what I said about saving and no big purchases next month? From January 21 to February 11, save do not spend. In the May Mercury Retrograde from May 19 to June 11 you will see retrograde effects in your every day work house. Be particularly cautious with paperwork, technology, and communication on the work front during this period and don’t rush to sign anything. And from September 17 to October 9 your life path and career sector could be affected by the retrograde. Don’t make any rash decisions, and go with the flow at work rather than trying to make it to the top. As well you can pick up a second job at this point and test another one of your talents to see if you can make money doing something fun for a change.

5. Aries is in your family house this year and so the family front is going to feel rather fulfilled for you, Capricorn. We have Uranus in Aries for you as well, so there are going to be some changes on the home front that will turn things upside down a little bit. Chances are you are the one making those changes and you are happy with the choices you are making, but every change brings stress with it and so there will be some frustrating moments for you. This is a time where you may feel like you need to cut people out, so there could be some unexpected relationship matters crop up particularly around mid-February where you distance yourself abruptly from people that are no longer serving your higher Self. Uranus in Aries occurs not just in your family house, but in your home sector as well, so if people aren’t the element that change in your home life this year, then your actual living space could change. You may have a huge renovation project crop up, or a relocation is entirely possible. You should have your answers to this and how this will manifest in your life by the solar eclipse on March 20 where you will be confronted with a big decision. Follow your gut, and you will make the right one.

6. Your emotional state is going to have you reflecting inward quite a bit this year when Saturn enters Sagittarius December 23, 2014. Until now, you have taken your emotions very seriously, as you should, and as an Earth Sign that is what you do and there is nothing wrong with that. Your subconscious believe it or not however is going to take center stage for you. Through the holidays and into the New Year 2015 you will be facing some matters from your past. It will feel painful, but it’s a good thing. Deal with it now and nip it in the bud, Capricorn, leave it behind as you move into 2015. It may mean a big bold move or decision on your part, but once you make it, it is done and you will launch 2015 feeling more emotionally invigorated than ever before.

7. Your mental state may be feeling slowed over the holidays as you become bogged down with responsibilities and details to ensure all of those you love have a beautiful holiday season. Take a break in the last two weeks of December to help you cope with these stresses. Mars will enter your mental house this year but not until mid-January and so that will be the ideal time to pick up steam on your mental horizons. Book a club or a class that will stimulate your mind on an area of your passions that you never have time to explore in the new year. This could even open up another money making door for you if you play your cards right.

8. Jupiter in Leo is a pretty optimistic aspect for almost everybody, but when Jupiter enters Virgo, your fellow Earth Sign on August 11, 2015 you will feel much happier. Your mood will lift quite a bit at this point in the year, and you are going to feel happier and luckier about…everything! Remember what we said about that summer romance? By now it is just kicking up a notch. A solar eclipse in Virgo on September 13, 2015 with a New Moon in Virgo on this date is going to be especially powerful for you when it comes to expanding your mind, luck, and optimism. This is another great time of year for you to enroll in a course or matter related to higher education. Upgrade your current skill set or take a continuing education course, it could mean a bump in salary for you before 2015 is out!

9. Overall you are also feeling a bit of Pluto energy this year for 2015 Capricorn and you want to use this energy wisely. How it will feel to you is that you will feel power hungry and will feel an urge to rise to the top. Follow your passions in work and in love, Capricorn, but not to the point of obsession. Does someone in your company have the job that you want? Stabbing them in the back is the wrong way to get it. Either find a way to make your own talents known in this industry, or find another company with the opening that you want. Your success should never cost someone else if you are watching your karma. Key traits you need to curb if you want to expand your money making and leadership potential will be jealousy, stubbornness, and possessiveness. These are traits Pluto wants you to magnify in your darkest hours, don’t listen. Using them will not get you to the top but only make life a greater and more disturbing challenge for you. Instead, transform yourself and watch the world around you rise to your occasion. Happy birthday Capricorn!

And there you have it! Everything you need to know, Capricorn to have the very best 2015 year yet! What did you think? What part of 2015 are YOU most excited about, Capricorn? Happy birthday Capricorn!

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