Happy birthday, Pisces! 9 Magical Moments in Pisces 2016 Horoscopes

Posted on February 18, 2016

It’s birthday time again! And this time it is a Pisces birthday! Happy birthday, Pisces! Do you have the feeling that you are in for a big year? If so, you are spot on. All of the planets are working in all of your happy houses this year and there are some very exciting things in store for Pisces this year. The Pisces horoscope for 2016 is rich with opportunities. And if you know a Pisces, and are wondering what to get them this year, why not tuck this little list of magical moments into their birthday card this year. Because there are big changes in the work for Pisces in all sectors. Pisces love horoscopes are seeing lucky Jupiter action, and Pisces career horoscopes put you in the limelight. It’s all happening all year long in Pisces 2016 horoscopes. Share these gifts of Pisces predictions if you have a Pisces birthday coming up, or enjoy them for yourself if it is your birthday, Pisces! What are Pisces love horoscopes for 2016? And what are Pisces career horoscopes for 2016? How fabulous is your life going to be this year, Pisces? Well, let’s find out. It’s your time to shine. Happy birthday, Pisces!

1. Love gets serious.

Being the hopeless romantic that you are, Pisces, we know you want some love this year. And you are going to get it! Big changes are in the works for you in love. You will start to see those as soon as next month. By the Summer however we see Jupiter moving into your 7th house and your house of long term partnerships. How’s that for a great birthday, Pisces! No matter what state your current love life is in, you can expect to see some serious commitments this year, and they will most likely happen this Summer. So start planting those good vibrations now, because luck is definitely your lady with Jupiter on your side in the love department this Summer. How are you hoping to take love to the next level this birthday, Pisces?

2. Saturn puts you in the spotlight!

We are also seeing Pisces 2016 horoscopes contain some Saturn energy in your tenth house. This is a transit that will last all year. Tenth house matters relate to your career, the career that you were destined for. There could also be some father issues come up for you in your Pisces 2016 horoscopes. If your dad or thoughts of crop up around your birthday, Pisces, that is nostalgia and intuition guiding you from beyond. Use that information! This is particularly true in relation to your career. With Saturn placement, these are not destined career matters that will just happen to you. You will need to make them happen, but the hard work, and attention to responsibilities, is going to pay off. And when we say pay off, we mean, in the kind of way that might even make you famous! When tenth house activity crops up, that’s Universe’s way of saying, this is your moment. Make it happen this birthday, Pisces! What dreams do you want in the spotlight?

3. Money isn’t everything, but it might be for you this year!

We have Uranus in Aries leaving your first house, Pisces and entering into your second house of money. This is usually a positive transit, especially if you have been having money problems in the past. What this means is that out of the blue surprises and big bold moves you were not expecting are going to occur in your money house this year. That’s a great thing if you have been really struggling. You might see an inheritance or get an unexpected bonus on the work front, or land a job that pays four times what you get now. It’s a big thing. And with Saturn in your tenth house you can often see these changes occur on the work front. What are you hoping happens in your money or career 2016 horoscopes this birthday, Pisces? Expect big changes!

4. Eclipse season helps you cut out the clutter.

This year is all about you, and if anything validates that to you this birthday, Pisces, it will be eclipse season that begins March 9. This is happening in your first house, your house of Self, and so this eclipse on March 9 will be for you all about getting rid of that which no longer serves YOU. And it’s about time you did too! News should come to you this week in the way of your career that will really help you see what you are destined for. It’s just one more moment in this magical year of moments for you where you will be in the spotlight. Enjoy it, you may have to relinquish the spotlight later in the year to your partner, lover, or colleague. But it will pay off in bank if you play your cards right. For the eclipse that begins right around your birthday, Pisces, March 9, pay attention to cues and signs from Universe that you are on the right path. What clutter can you cut out this year that will serve you well in your Pisces 2016 horoscopes?

5. What goes on within, must come out.

We are seeing Neptune in your first house, Pisces, and this may be an uncomfortable placement for you. But, if you want to shine this year, it’s a great thing. You like the transits when Neptune allows you to go within, and create fantasies and dreams that are unimaginable to the average non-Pisces mind. This year, Neptune is bringing all of that action front and center in your house of Self. Meaning, what happens within, will come out of that cave and you can use all of these fantasies and creativities you explore within, for good purpose this year. You might even be able to make money off of them! So when you are given the opportunities to fantasize and dream your heart away this birthday, Pisces, do so. With this Neptune placement, take those dreams and fantasies into the real world and you will find some truly magical moments result indeed.

6. Those psychic hunches aren’t just in your head.

With Neptune placement in your house of Self this year, expect to be receiving a lot of messages from beyond this year. This could be anything, from your twin flame, through telepathy, or even hearing the thoughts of people in the same room as you. Don’t dismiss these! All of these empathic feelings you will be having, and intuitive hunches that come your way this year, are coming to you for a purpose. Use them wisely. So if you have been feeling like some of your intuitive hunches already this year have been spot on, you’re right. It’s not just in your head. You as a Mutable Water Sign are typically one of the more psychic zodiac signs to begin with. This year, under eclipse seasons in March and September, and with Neptune in your first house, even more so. So when you have a big question regarding your Pisces career horoscopes 2016 or even your love horoscopes for 2016, go within and discover what those hunches are telling you. They’re spot on! What intuitive hunches have you already been working with this birthday, Pisces?

7. Use Mercury Retrogrades wisely.

There are 4 Mercury Retrogrades in the Pisces 2016 horoscopes and forecasts, as we all have them this year. You have successfully come out of one already. The rest of the Mercury retrogrades this year should be used for analysis and review, and you will find yourself reviewing your primary relationships the most under these transits. The Summer Mercury retrograde between July and October has Mercury in your house of relationships. Mercury won’t actually go retrograde until August 30 but this time period will be a period of reflection for you. You know things are going to the next level, and you just want to make sure that all your ducks are lined up and you are good to go…so that you can go to that next level. Keep your karmic balances in check and your love horoscopes for the rest of 2016 will be just fine. And you should receive a surprise on the love front, in the good kind, around September 1 if your karmic plate is clean. So don’t stress the Mercury retrogrades this year. Slow down on love under those transits, and use the information from soul mates, twin flames, or any romantic interest wisely. When you do, those slow moments turn into magical ones before the year is out.

8. Being practical pays off in big ways.

We are seeing Jupiter enter your eighth house by September 2016 horoscopes, Pisces, and this is going to breed some additional income opportunities for you. Your key here is to not be impulsive and spend everything at once. The more practical you are, the better off you will be financially. If you need loans in this period you will have an easy time getting them, if you are doing everything above board. Investments in this last quarter of the year between September and December are also very good for you, particularly in the way of real estate with this Jupiter placement. If you need to sell or buy real estate this year, holding off until September could pay off in a very big way. Your work earnings in the first half of the year will clear off old loans or debts by the Summer. After that, curb your enthusiasm on the spending and you will find that practical nature paying off in dollars and cents in the last quarter of the year.

9. Take care of your heart.

Overall your health looks like it is going to be in good shape this birthday, Pisces. You may have the odd problem but overall for all Pisces we are not seeing too many shakeups. If there are any to be had, they will occur on the emotional front and this will be between April and September. This will be due to the changes eclipses cause in March and Jupiter activity in the summer. Don’t let emotional matters run your life, or at least, find ways to deal with them in healthy ways. Take care of your heart, Pisces, or it will create physical problems. Sagittarius energy is high for you this year and travelling or just getting away from the grind will help you overcome emotional disturbances this year. If you can’t get away, adopting a pet or taking in a new furry friend as a companion will also cheer you up on a daily basis, and keep you as emotionally centered as you need to be to knock it out of the park this year. Because you are destined to! And you don’t want emotional matters to interfere. It’s okay to be sad once in a while. We all are. Just manage that in a healthy way and it won’t stop you from turning all of your magical moments this year into gold. How will you take care of your heart this birthday, Pisces?

And there you have it. All of the details of your Pisces 2016 horoscopes to cover every magical moment we expect you to have this birthday, Pisces, and this entire birthday year. Happy birthday, Pisces! What gifts are you hoping your 2016 love horoscopes bring? What is the destiny you hope to see in your 2016 career horoscopes, Pisces? What are your birthday wishes, Pisces? Make them good ones! You are destined to have a great year.

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