Happy Birthday Taurus! 9 Fabulous Gifts in Taurus 2016 Horoscopes

Posted on April 19, 2016

Happy birthday, Taurus! Yes, it is birthday time again. And we know how much our Astrology Answers friends love birthdays! Aries has been in the spotlight for a whole month, and in just a couple of days it is going to be Taurus’s turn. Taurus is our Fixed Earth Sign who is described as earthy, grounded, and very passionate thanks to being ruled by Venus. And that means that everything Taurus touches, Taurus wants to turn to gold. And Taurus usually does! Taurus of course is also known as being a teensy bit stubborn, thanks to being symbolized by the Bull, and also due to your Fixed Sign quality. We at Astrology Answers however prefer to refer to those qualities as, being loyal and committed to your opinions, beliefs, and goals. We have some exciting surprises for you today. Whether it is your love horoscopes or your career horoscopes that you are hoping to see boosted this year, gues what? You are in luck in BOTH areas. Taurus, it’s your time to shine, happy birthday, baby! Are you ready to dive into the 9 fabulous gifts that Universe has for fabulous Taurus this year? Let’s get to it!

1. Your inner naughty has permission to play.

Ohhh….we know how much you love to hear this, Taurus. With Venus your ruling planet, you always love to show off your naughty side. And sometimes it can get you in trouble. But Taurus 2016 horoscopes suggest, not this year. Your fifth house of pleasures and entertainment is wildly activated this year, all year long. So your inner bad boy or girl has the green light to pursue all of those saucy little desires of yours. You know when to pull back when the light begins to turn amber, that’s the reliable and responsible Earth Sign in you. So go ahead, Taurus, and show off that naughty side. It will lead to some exciting and exotic adventures this year, and could even provide some exciting opportunities for you as well!

2. Love is getting real, and you will like it.

There is nothing that Taurus loves more than a little dose of real talk. And Taurus has a way of turning real talk into sexy talk. This year, you have a bouquet of planets in your eighth house, meaning the real talk on the love front is going to lead to epic change, and a deeply committed one. So it’s not just about being saucy and sexy, though you do love that. It’s about turning that energy into something very real in Taurus 2016 horoscopes. Uranus will visit your twelfth house this year, so expect that real talk to be closely tied to the values that define who you are. You definitely want to keep our love compatibility test bookmarked….all year long you saucy thing you.

3. You hold the wild cards in relationships.

Love can be a bit of a poker game at times. And this year is certainly no exception. The upside for Taurus is that Taurus 2016 horoscopes show Taurus holding the wild cards this year. You call the shots, and you decide how your hand plays out. Saturn has been in your seventh house of partnerships for a bit, which is fine. But you want more excitement. You likely saw this during March 2016 eclipse season. And the September 2016 eclipse season is going to take the changes from March 2016 eclipse season, and amplify them to your advantage. This could be just the wild card you’ve been waiting for. Don’t get stuck in a rut this year in love, Taurus, as Saturn will tempt you. Mix it up, and the wild cards will win for you every time. Those wild cards are going to show up in September too. Do enjoy, Taurus!

4. You will go out on a limb, and win this year.

Mars is flirting in Sagittarius this year, and this is really going to stretch your limits. Or at least Taurus 2016 horoscopes are showing that you are being given the opportunities to do so this year. This is true for both your 2016 love horoscopes, and your 2016 career horoscopes. Don’t say no to these opportunities. Go out on that limb! You are used to the tried and true. This year, it’s time to do something really different.

5. Friendships could go….anywhere this year.

Friendships are certainly favored in Taurus 2016 horoscopes this year, there is certainly a lot of energy to work with. During September 2016 eclipse season, those wild cards could happen on the friendship front. And the single Taurus may see a friendship blossom into something more under this eclipse cycle. The attached Taurus may find their current partnerships involve more friends or expand your circle of friends. Your friendship relationships however Taurus are going to a new level this year. Your instinct will be to nurture those connections, and build on them. Follow those hunches!

6. Other people’s money finds you, bonus!

There are some financial bonuses in the works in Taurus 2016 horoscopes. That’s never a bad thing to hear on your birthday! We are seeing the energy in your eighth house, meaning the financial changes aren’t necessarily happening from your bank account, but from others. You could see a bonus at work, an inheritance that brings a financial change, or even just a windfall that finds its way to you. You can thank Saturn for that! What do you plan to do with your financial bonus, Taurus?

7. Career peaks begin happening NOW.

Are you feeling antsy when it comes to work, Taurus? That’s because there is some change in the works. It’s not just in your head. And it’s good change too! But don’t fret if it doesn’t happen all at once. Four years from now your career is going to look completely different than it does this second. And you will be in your glory. Those changes are going to start percolating this year. You will start to see them in the way of recognition on the work front this year. Resources from other people are going to be coming in over the first 8 months of 2016, then you will go into planning for 2017 the last quarter of the year. And you will knock it out of the park!

8. Jupiter loves you this year, Taurus!

Are you feeling naturally lucky this year, Taurus? Or just naturally optimistic and happy that things are working out? Good. Because they are. Again, it’s not just in your head. That’s Jupiter doing what he is supposed to do best. You are going to see these lucky strikes in both the career and romance front. You can increase this potential by taking chances. Yes, we know that as a Fixed Earth Sign, that’s not really your game. Make it your game this year. Taurus 2016 horoscopes want you to embrace every possible change that comes your way this year, because Jupiter is going to be sprinkling some magic in your favor when you do.

9. Be real about all of it.

The key to all of these hidden income bonuses and advances in both love and work, Taurus, will be to honor your real side. Be honest with your career connections and with your love connections about what you want. And don’t let fear of putting those desires to voice stop you. As the Fixed Earth Sign, you are about as real as it gets. And we love you for it. Use that quality this year to your advantage, in every possible way, and Taurus 2016 horoscopes show that will pay off for you, big time this year.


And there you have your 2016 horoscopes, Taurus. Happy birthday, Taurus! If you want to take these horoscopes to the next level, be sure you are staying in touch with your Taurus daily horoscopes right here at Astrology Answers, and your Daily Tarot reading too!

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