Happy Birthday Taurus! 9 Things You Need to Know for Your Astrological Forecast!

Posted on April 18, 2015

Happy birthday Taurus! We are just a few days away from the “second month” of the “zodiac year” and that marked by the very special time when the Sun enters Taurus. The day the Sun enters Taurus is still a few days away, but maybe you are a Taurus or know a Taurus who is about to celebrate their birthday. If so, then today we have a very special gift to celebrate Taurus! Taurus is the Fixed Earth Sign that is ruled by Venus and this makes Taurus very special. Taurus is known to be both practical and hard working, but with a little bit of a love for luxury as well thanks to gorgeous and loving Venus. When these qualities are added to any astrological forecast, the potential for miracles is great! Are you ready for an exciting year, Taurus? Are you eager to find out how to make the most of the next year ahead for you? If so, then follow our 9 tips on the only 9 things Taurus needs to know to have the best year ever. Whether it’s your birthday coming up, or someone else’s, tuck this handy Taurus astrological forecast into a birthday card or pin it on your wall as your yearly reminder. Taurus has some exciting things in store for 2015 and beyond! Are you ready to find out?

1. Let it go, let it go, let it go.

This will be the theme song for the Fixed Sign of Taurus this year. As a Fixed Earth Sign, Taurus loves to hang onto things. They have a very difficult time letting go of anything from the ashtray they made in second grade to the toxic individuals in their lives. The truth is, Taurus can not succeed until they have let go of the things that are no longer serving them. Save the ceramic ashtrays that were handcrafted by loving child hands, but as far as the toxicity? You need to kick that to the curb, Taurus. If it’s not serving you, it needs to hit the curb or whatever it is that is causing you the most angst, will interfere with all of your hopes and dreams this year. 2015 for Taurus is about embracing spectacular new horizons and finding the miracles there. It is not about beating the same dead horses hoping for more miracles. You don’t need us to tell you what to kick to the curb, you already know what that is. No more ruts or negative nellies for you Taurus!

2. Romance is in the air!

This is going to be a good year for romance for Taurus and that is whether you are single, attached, or trying to break free from something that simply isn’t working anymore. August in particular is going to be a big month of love for you, Taurus. And this energy in August is going to launch a cycle that will last right through to 2016! Your mission, if you choose to accept it Taurus, will be to enjoy and embrace every second. The foundation you lay in Summer 2015, could be a romantic cycle that lasts up to 12 years! Play your cards right. Embrace the good, let go of the not so good. Later in the summer some wrinkles will crop up that will test you in this area. Allow yourself to follow your heart and truly serve your Higher Self during this time. You are permitted to indulge, and you are allowed to let go of what doesn’t meet those goals! Plant the seeds of love this Spring Equinox, Taurus, and see what grows!

3. Say Buh-Bye to Saturn.

Saturn, the planet of responsibility and structure is going to cut you a break finally, Taurus. Your opposite sign, Scorpio, has been entertaining Saturn for quite some time. Because Saturn has been in Scorpio for so long, and Scorpio is your opposite sign, this has created some discomfort for you. But not for much longer! You are going to feel this effect in your relationships the most. The best way for you to handle it is to ensure you give yourself and your relationships a little tune up. Specifically tune up your role in relationships that no longer serve you. This is kind of like getting a car tune up. When you take your car to the mechanic, you get everything fixed that needs to get fixed, right? Otherwise, your car stops being so reliable. Relationships with Taurus are going to need the same attention under this Saturn transition. Fix what needs to be fixed or the problems are going to be sending you back to the mechanic again, and again. And do you really have the time for that, Taurus? Take a vacation or a road trip around your birthday and you will be enlightened by the little boost your Self, and your relationships, see as a result.

4. Jupiter has some surprises in store!

For the first half of the Taurus year, things are going to feel like they are a little luckier. And you can thank Jupiter for that! The first half of the Taurus year will be brushed with the magic of Jupiter’s luck. Taurus is going to feel optimistic, lucky, and even courageous going into this year. That is Jupiter’s happy and optimistic energy coming your way. Taurus can improve their lucky strikes from Jupiter this year by focusing on the positive, and by exercising their generosity in key moments. Taurus always feels generous, but this year even more so. And Jupiter rewards generosity!

5. Make it pretty Taurus!

Taurus is ruled by Venus and this is one of the many reasons Taurus likes their pretty things. If it sparkles or is luxurious, Taurus is all over that. And with a Venus retrograde in play this year for Taurus, this gives Taurus a chance to slow down a bit and really focus on making things beautiful around them. As Spring starts, Taurus will start this first in their garden. Taurus is the zodiac sign with the prettiest garden on the street, and the most unique too! Take the beauty inside, Taurus, and cast your special touch of beauty on the interior of your home as well. This is going to not just make your surroundings beautiful, but inspire a warm and glowing presence in your home and family life. When things are beautiful in your world, you feel more sensual, loving, and affectionate. So make it pretty, Taurus, and the energy that results will create miraculous results.

6. Map out your career destiny!

This is an amazing year for Taurus on so many counts. Love, work, and play are all favored for Taurus this year. And, if Taurus is really looking to finally shape their destiny on this planet career wise, this is a great year to focus on that. We see the North Node of destiny leaving the Taurus career house this year, and thus leaving Taurus with the energy they need to push forward with serious career goals. This starts early in your year, Taurus. In April and May, the career productivity will center around the inspirations you have to make your work life work. By June, we see Saturn chiming in to help you turn those inspirations into realities. Expect to see more clients, more work, or more opportunities regarding your dream job shine through by the end of the summer if you have played your cards right. Don’t plan your life for others, be inspired, Taurus! Whose life is it anyway?

7. Romance gets some energy!

We have said that romance is going to be getting a boost this year, Taurus, and again you can thank Saturn for that. This is a transit that only happens every 12 years for you, so when we say it’s going to be a magical one, we really mean it! As the Spring gets rolling in motion, you are going to be feeling lucky and passionate with all of the right people. By August, Jupiter waves his magic wand in relationships and provides just enough sparkle for Taurus to make it work. And this magic as we say will last through 2016. By the Fall, Mars chimes in and this turns that magic into committed and inspired realities. Things are going to heat up in love for Taurus around this time and Taurus can expect their relationship status to move towards a position they have really been hoping for. If you don’t have a ring on it yet, by Christmas you may well get your heart’s desires if you use your astrological energy wisely.

8. Expect your sex life to take a boost!

Not that Venus ruled Taurus needs any help in this area, but this year Taurus is going to get some assistance on pleasure matters whether they want it or not. We expect your most intimate relationships to feel the most spark filled over the Summer months and into the early Fall. You’ve already had your share of trials and tribulations in love and relationships, Taurus. So epic changes are not likely for you this year unless it is you that is creating them and cutting people out. You have lived a life of “learning the hard way”, especially when it comes to intimacy. But this year Taurus, all of that is going to change. This is a year where, if it feels good, it can’t be that bad. So enjoy it! Use the energy from your most passionate Self to fuel all areas of your life. You are one of those zodiac signs that when your sex life is going well, all else is as well. So do enjoy the break you are going to receive in this area this year, Taurus!

9. Balance is a must!

Balance is going to be key for you this year, Taurus, and is going to be the key that holds all of this together. As a Fixed Sign, your most endearing qualities are that you are loyal and committed. But it is no secret that sometimes these qualities come across as stubborn and obsessive. If you fixate your mind or eyes on one goal alone, Taurus, you will be disappointed this year. Balance is going to be the key that helps you find the magic in all areas of your life. We see your North Nodes of fate and destiny teaching you these lessons right through the end of the year. This combined with a Mercury retrograde in Libra in the Fall is going to put you in pause and reflection mode. That’s a good thing! Remember that Libra is about balance and harmony, so if you have not found this balance by September of this year, then use the Mercury retrograde in the Fall to help you sort it all out. What areas in your life are the strongest? What need a little bit of a boost? Finding a way to balance it all over the Fall months will be your key to finishing the year with the success you are dreaming about. It is going to require a little bit of take from some areas to give to others, but you will sort it out just fine.

And there you have it folks! Your 2015 astrological forecast for Taurus! Happy birthday, Taurus! What are your birthday wishes this year?

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