Holiday Dinner? Let Your Sign Help You Bring the Perfect Dish

Posted on November 26, 2017

This time of year is glowing with the crystal lights of holiday decorations and the bright smiles of the ones you love. Thanksgiving is a tradition with a misunderstood history, but one we collectively love the spirit behind; gathering with your friends and families to visit, feast and be grateful for your blessings is an invigorating, fulfilling experience.

The last thing you need during a time that can be otherwise hectic, is the stress of trying to decide which dish to bring to the table. This article will alleviate your food-focused, Turkey Day worries. Using the mystical properties of astrology, we will explore and discover the best recipe for you to share on this happy, hungry, and sometimes sleepy holiday.

With minimal effort, a little recipe research and a pinch of love, you can create any of the incredible items listed below. Let’s take a look at the perfect creation to impress and delight your loved ones with this Thanksgiving, based on your sun sign.


Your spicy, feisty personality should be reflected in your chosen fare this year, Aries. While you might be tempted to turn up the heat, it is important to keep any little ones or elderly in mind who have a more delicate palette. After all, you want to bring something everyone enjoys, as you love to give yourself to the ones you care for.

For you, I suggest baking a generous portion of cheddar and jalapeno cornbread. With a dash of fresh jalapeno, this recipe will provide a kick without being overwhelming. The gooey, cheesy bits cut the heat a bit as well, making this the perfect side.


Your taste is elegant and refined, Taurus, and as such you take your culinary experiences seriously. You won’t bring just any dish to a family event, you make sure to put your very best into it. Your style reflects your appreciation for fine art, delicate food and decadent drink.

Try something fresh and unique, like prosciutto wrapped asparagus with a drizzle of balsamic reduction and a sprinkle of fresh flakes of Parmesan. Your kin will be impressed and your taste buds will dance with appreciation.


Gemini, your eccentric nature is sure to influence your decision this year, although your mind is likely not made up easily. Your head might be swirling with endless visions of holiday entrees and wintery cheer, but don’t be discouraged. Try something comforting and warm with a twist reminiscent of your surprising personality.

A cheesy, hash brown casserole with garlic and diced onions will satisfy your need for creativity, as well as everyone else’s rumbling stomachs. Throw in a dash of white pepper for the ultimate finishing touch.


Your nurturing, sympathetic nature inspires you to care for your friends and family, Cancer. Yours is a labor-of-love kind of affection, and you are willing to do just about anything for those loyal and trustworthy to you. For your perfect contribution, I recommend a traditional, warm, baked apple pie.

The buttery crust with a tart yet cinnamon-laced filling acts like an elixir for the soul. This dessert is almost as sweet as you are.


Anyone who knows a Leo knows how much fun they are to be around; you’re optimistic, lively and endlessly energetic. You want to provide a dish that reflects your particular brand of self-expression, which is inherently delightful. Your vibe often steals the room, as people are drawn to your enigmatic wavelengths.

You need to make something that is as much of a staple for the evening as you are, and for that I recommend the ever-adored green bean casserole. Thanksgiving just isn’t the same without it, kind of like you.


Virgos are traditional and wholehearted. Your ideal recipe includes tried and true results. You’re not afraid to put effort into anything you do, and that translates well into your capabilities as a chef. Yours is an earth sign and as such you are connected with nature and its bounty.

You are likely health conscious and responsible, yet you seem to do so without compromising flavor. I suggest a heaping bowl of mashed sweet potatoes which provide comfort, nutrients and the sense of tradition that comforts and centers you.


You are a lover of beauty and follow the path of the aesthete, Libra. Your sign is represented by the scales and you are deeply concerned with justice, fairness and above all, balance. You crave soul food and, yet, you restrain yourself from overindulging. Something healthy and packed with intense flavor is the perfect choice for you.

Think of trying something like roasted cauliflower with herbs, spices and a dusting of Asiago cheese and black pepper. You’ll be equally impressed by the deliciousness as well as the vitamin packed, nutrient rich nature of seasoned, roasted veggies.


Scorpio, you are a deeply mysterious creature with a big heart you do not wear on your sleeve. It can be hard for the people who love you to discern how you feel about something, but they love you even more for your independent tendencies. You don’t follow the pack and that’s a trend I think you should follow for the holidays.

Try something fun and unique like apple and walnut stuffing or chocolate bread pudding. Put your own unique spin on a family favorite. Give everyone a little peek into that well of creativity. They’ll be sure to thank you for bringing your energy to the table.


Your bubbly, adventurous spirit is a refreshing one to have around the often hectic holidays, Sagittarius. Your spirit is bright and your energy is clear, if not a little frank. You can focus your talents on one goal at a time, making you the perfect candidate for a dish that requires a bit more finesse and care than others.

Try a homemade macaroni and cheese bake, made from scratch. Use your intuition and skills to pick a variety of delectable cheeses to fold into your noodles, and consider topping it with breadcrumbs for a crunchy crust. It may require a bit more work than some of the other options, but it will be well worth it.


Capricorn, yours is a sign rich in tradition and values. You love and admire your family, and this is a wonderful time for you to gather with them and break bread. Your sign is earthy and rooted, and as such I recommend a bake of roasted root vegetables.

Beets, squash, yams, parsnips, carrots and onions will make a lovely medley of the veggies that are just now in season on these crisp days. Your contribution will not go overlooked.


You are an innovator, Aquarius. Your cool, eclectic spirit will not be dampened by anyone. You want to provide your loved ones with something fresh and exciting, as you love to be on the cutting edge of any new adventure in life. Try something revolutionary like bringing a fresh salad of spring mix, pomegranate seeds, blueberries and glazed pecans with a light vinaigrette.

After all, Thanksgiving food can be a little heavy. This will provide a unique, healthy treat.


You’re a dreamer, Pisces, and a true romantic. You might idealize the holidays, daydreaming of the adventures to come. You should bring a dish that will reflect your starry-eyed view of the world, seeing everything in all its wonder. Try something light and heavenly, like a lemon pie, to satisfy the sweet tooth while inducing a state of appreciation and awe.

The airy yet rich flavors will inspire visions of loveliness in all those who taste it.

Thanksgiving is a time to practice gratitude and appreciation for the mysteries and miracles of life. The best part is, there is a bunch of yummy food involved. Get in the kitchen and whip up something fantastic for the holidays!

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