How Random Acts of Kindness Reap Abundance, for Everyone

Posted on November 19, 2015

It is that time of the year! The season of giving, gratitude, and the miracles that occur in tiny random acts of kindness. It’s the time when the year begins to wind down, and so do we. But we are anything but bored. At this time of year we do begin to put work on the back burner a little bit more. There just seems to be more to do this time of year in all other areas! And some people are working more to pay for it all, and can’t afford to put work on the backburner at all. With the American Thanksgiving just one week away, the theme of gratitude and love is in the air. For many, this is the week that launches the holiday season. Many stores and retailers have already started trying to coerce you into some early holiday shopping. And the season of giving has officially begun!

Just thinking about it though can make you feel frazzled. But the truth is, if you are going into this season already feeling that, before it has even begun, then you are going to have a very disappointing holiday season. And why should you? The holidays are supposed to be that one time of year when magic is in the air at every turn, and you always feel peace and joy. Are you feeling it yet? No? That may be because you are too worried about practical things.

The truth is, the holidays aren’t about feeling practical at all. They are about love and joy and peace on Earth, gratitude, and good will towards men. Don’t let your stress enter the picture. Those are the only feelings you should be thinking about this season. So as long as you are embodying those qualities, you will have a great holiday season. No matter how much it costs. It was Deepak Chopra that said, giving connects two people. His exact words were, “Giving connects two people. The giver and the receiver. And this connection gives birth to a new sense of belonging.”

Would you like to feel like you belong to something a little bit bigger than your life holds right now? Anybody can. And the easiest, fastest, and simplest way to do so is by committing random acts of kindness. This time of year it’s a little bit easier, as the feeling of both giving and receiving is in the air. The world will be more receptive to your random acts of kindness. And know that with each one you perform, you create an invisible and unspoken bond between you and the receiver that gives birth to a new sense of belonging. It’s the greatest gift you can give to humanity at any time of year. And when you do, you experience the rewards of that gift almost instantaneously. You just feel good immediately! And that’s the Universe’s way of sending you the signal that boom. You are onto something. Keep doing those good things is the message! This is true no matter what zodiac sign you are. We could write thousands of tips and ideas on how to perform random acts of kindness during the holiday season, or during any time of year. But as we mentioned when discussing the North Node, if you are doing it for the wrong reasons, the Universe will come back to bite you for it. The true intention of random acts of kindness shows when you come up with those ideas yourself. So let’s have a look at how random acts of kindness can reap abundance for everybody, and how it doesn’t need to cost you a thing!

1. It’s your soul’s purpose to be kind.

Performing random acts of kindness should just be about just being human. It shouldn’t surprise you when someone is nice to you. And it shouldn’t surprise them when you’re your turn to share the love. But it is, and it does, because we’ve become a very corrupt world. Wars are everywhere. From the streets to the seas abroad. Loving each other just for being human gets harder every day. But you have to do it. It’s the law. This is what saints such as Mother Teresa and greats like Deepak Chopra try to teach us. The stars and the Universe agree. Being good to each other is not just a nice idea. It is your calling. It doesn’t matter what zodiac sign you are, it’s your Destiny. Every religion on the planet functions under this basic belief, whether they believe in God or not. Do unto others. Just do it. Not because it’s a great idea and you might get your own blessing in return, but because it’s your job. Be kind like it’s your job. And when you do, the payout is pretty darn awesome. The payout is abundance. For the giver and the receiver. This is the law. And abundance is as awesome as it sounds.

2. Kindness rewards are exponential.

This is what the Universe promises. It is the law. Call it pay it forward, call it whatever you want. When you do good, it multiplies. You may not see it right away, and you may never see it at all. But sometimes you do and it’s pretty spectacular when you do. Ellen DeGeneres just celebrated her 2002nd episode, and had on previous guests from the history of the show. She said she started her career as a comedian, and her only intent in her work ever was to make people happy. And she has sure accomplished that and then some for many lifetimes to come. Every single person that showed up on her show that day, was a past guest who was helped by Ellen out of some dire situation like poverty or drugs. That person has used Ellen’s help to better their lives and change the lives of others, and they were on Ellen to tell those stories. It was truly miraculous. Because Ellen just wanted to help one person, in every single story. But every single one of them now has incredible accomplishments about how they have helped someone else, just because they got a phone call from the Ellen show one day. Ellen bawled her eyes out, it was beyond her wildest dreams. Yes, even Ellen has dreams that are coming true and have yet to come true.

And so do you. So you may not be able to bankroll a change like Ellen can, but you can do something. And you just never know how small a change might be. Have you ever heard of someone stopping themselves from committing suicide because someone showed them love at just the right time one day? Did you know that studies show that people’s days can change on a dime just from getting good service in one restaurant? Be that person that gives good service in some way to someone today, and tomorrow, and as often as you can every day of your life after that. You just never know when you are going to get that call that you made someone smile so much that they made someone else smile too. And there’s no feeling in the world like that. It’s contagious and you can’t put a price on that. Not only does kindness multiply, but as Ellen proves, so do your rewards.

3. Kindness reaps lucky events.

It’s weird how it happens and it’s always surprising when it does, but that’s what luck is I suppose. It’s the nature of the law of attraction to match energy fields. So when you create an energy field that is about love and joy, the Universe matches that for you. That’s why kindness reaps lucky events. That’s why you feel good after you do it. You’ve just created a happy space in your soul’s path to launch a lucky streak in something. It’s not a happy coincidence that nice people have happy lives. They are kind, and it comes back to them. Remember that there is enough abundance in the world for everyone. That’s what abundance is. Universe will never run out. So creating those happy happy joy joy energy fields by putting it out there, is exactly how to send that karmic boomerang right back. And if you are looking for an astrological influence to tie this into, Jupiter in Virgo and the North Node in Virgo are your go-to’s. These are two transits that we have in play right now that will have a lot to say about your own personal Fate and Destiny rewards this year, and into 2016. Virgo is the zodiac’s humanitarian. And Jupiter in Virgo transiting with the North Node in Virgo at the same time is a rare, and lengthy transit. Use this energy wisely and Jupiter the god of luck and karma will be very, very kind. When you experience abundance in your life, it is usually the result of a lucky event. So if you are doing your due diligence with random acts of kindness with love as your intent, don’t be surprised when they start happening. How else is the Universe going to give you abundance but for lucky events? Follow your soul’s purpose of kindness and the abundance will manifest.

And there you have it. The only three reasons you will ever need to ensure abundance in your own life. You may want to revisit your Jupiter in Virgo horoscopes we printed earlier this year. In there you will find lucky clues that will help you to embrace the spirit of random acts of kindness this season, and all year round. And Jupiter always rewards kindness. The easiest path to that abundance you crave will always be just that. The path of love. That is what makes the Universe go around. It doesn’t matter what zodiac sign you are, and it doesn’t matter what happened in your past. What matters is, what are you doing to leave your soul’s legacy on this world, in this lifetime? What energy patterns are you putting out? Tis the season to begin spreading peace on Earth, and good will, to all men.

Share your favorite random act of kindness story in the comments below. One of my favorite random act of kindness stories is about a guy who leaves a table full of several small vases with roses in them, at the end of his driveway every year on Valentine’s Day. He doesn’t want any fellow human to go unloved on Valentine’s Day, and offers free flowers for his fellow human’s loved ones. He asks for nothing in return, and puts the word free on the table. What is your favorite story about a random act of kindness that happened to you? How did you feel after? What can you do to help someone else feel that awesome today?

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