How Tarot Can Help You Through The Holidays

Posted on November 21, 2018

Is it possible that a deck of 78 cards could help you use the time of the holidays to deepen your relationships, grow on a spiritual level, and find more joy? Absolutely. The tarot is a divination tool we can use to access our spiritual truth and it is especially helpful when we are faced with the many types of situations the holidays can be such as new opportunities for relationships, seeing people from the past and possible doing things differently regardless of tradition. Whether you’re trying to decide where to spend the holidays or who to get a special gift for, the tarot can help you use your energy in alignment with what is best for you.

Here are a couple of examples of how the tarot could help you. Instead of getting a gift for a guy who is all wrong for you, it can guide you to find happiness in being the type of person you want to meet. Or perhaps it could guide you to tune into how you’d truly like to spend your time and money instead of how you feel obligated to spend them which could help you trust yourself and even learn to manifest!

As we approach the Winter Solstice on December 21st, the Sun is reborn within us. This is a deep time of regeneration for our souls, so today we have some ideas for tarot reading that will help you navigate your internal and external world during the most wonderful (or most stressful) time of the year.

Start & End Your Day With Tarot

If you’re like me, you can get overwhelmed around other people who are busy keeping up with all the holiday traditions, parties, and gifting. I want everyone to be happy, but keeping people happy often leads me to feel a bit depleted. This often happens because I stop listening to my body’s guidance and instead start living through my senses, which can create confusion over where to direct my energy. What I do to recenter and calibrate my soul is sit down each morning and night with a journal and my favourite tarot deck.

Even if you’re new to tarot, do not dismay, you can still use a deck or even an online deck which will offer you the card interpretations. Hey, even professional tarot card readers will sometimes consult the book for more insight.

You can do a 3-card daily tarot spread to keep in touch with your intuition. The 3 cards represent the past, how you’re feeling now, and where your energy is projecting. You can use this tarot spread to see if you’re blaming people for your feelings, expecting things to go poorly, or letting fear dictate your decisions. If you don’t like the projection, you can shift it!

You can also ask the tarot decision questions about how to spend your day and see what your heart is calling you to do. Of course, there’s no question you can’t ask the tarot, but make sure your intentions are based in love and not selfishness. The more you align your energy with your true purpose, the happier you will be! The tarot is only as effective as your own intention, so check in with yourself and ask if your desires are coming from ego or from a higher consciousness. Doing this twice daily can help us from making a fool of ourselves chasing someone after having too many glasses of wine or from dipping into victim mode when we don’t get the attention we expected. Trust me, I’ve been there - tarot is your friend!

Pull Cards For Guidance When You Feel Stressed

Perhaps you’re wondering if you should go to a colleague’s Christmas party, if now is the best time to start a diet, or maybe you’re just trying to decide if you really do want that New Year’s Eve kiss from that special someone just yet. Consult the tarot. The tarot can help us tap into our own intuition and pull away from the worldly desires that can distract us from our soul’s wisdom and truth. I love to keep a deck in my purse so I can pull a card and get guidance on the go.

If you feel the holiday blues and can’t quite pinpoint why, take a moment with your tarot deck and get to the root of those emotions. Often old emotions will resurface, and instead of pushing them down, sit and let them breathe so you can move forward. Also, ask the tarot how you can bring more joy into your life and let it guide you to a shift in perspective. This will offer a direct link to your soul so that your mind can be directed by how you want your day to go instead of just letting your day happen to you! Now that’s a Christmas present!

Concluding Thoughts…

Instead of using the tarot to predict how the holidays will go, let the tarot give you the power to direct your holidays how you’d like them to go. Without manipulating anyone, you can align your intention with purity and be the merriest spiritual guru your friends and family have ever met. When you let the tarot let you see how to find positive perspectives, create healthy boundaries for yourself and see the hidden patterns you can heal within yourself, you will the twinkle in the room because you’re able to keep your vibration high. To quote the new Disney Nutcracker movie, “everything you need is inside.”

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