How the New Moon in Scorpio Creates Transformation Miracles All Month Long

Posted on November 07, 2018

It’s another New Moon time, beloveds. Every New Moon brings with it some intensity as far as energy is concerned, as well as some love and wishes for the opportunities of new beginnings. With every new beginning in our life, we experience powerful transformations in our life. Even if the new beginnings are small! No chance for change is too small. This month’s New Moon is a little more intense than some of the other New Moons of the year, because this month’s New Moon is happening in sweet Scorpio! Scorpio rules the eighth house of the zodiac, the house of transformation. Today we are going to talk about how you can use this New Moon energy to your fullest advantage, and launch some new beginnings that will last all month long. What a glorious way to enter the holiday season!

The New Moon in Scorpio and its Power for Change

This is also the house of all things that are taboo, and all things that are sexy and saucy. You’ll also find themes in this house that pertain to secrets and change. The themes of the New Moon in Scorpio are all about all of these things, merging with the theme of new beginnings we find under every New Moon.

So we have saucy Scorpio, concerned with secrets and change. That means that most of the work that Scorpio does is internal, and this is one reason why Scorpio is so psychic. Everybody is, but most Water Signs are even more so because they develop their abilities by working from within. Scorpio does so almost daily, and for some Scorpios, every minute of the day.

Scorpio is co-ruled by Pluto, the planet of death and transformation. Pluto encourages us to take down our walls, or the walls around us. When Pluto arrives in the day in our Daily Horoscopes, we often experience abrupt change. Someone or something tears down a wall and an intense transformation begins.

Have you ever heard a Scorpio say, “It’s dead to me.” They may say that about a person, a job, a relationship, a lifestyle, anything. They mean it! That is the combination of their Plutonian influence and their ruling house of transformations.

When a Scorpio says, “This isn’t working. I refuse to do it anymore.” Then they make the move and refuse to look back. It usually shocks any others involved to their core.

The refusal comes from their Fixed sign nature. Fixed signs get fixated on their current obsession. Sometimes Scorpio is obsessed with change that they make that “it’s dead to me” move. They don’t look back; they are fixed to it. That’s just how Scorpio rolls, like it or not. But on the flip side of that coin, the Fixed nature of Scorpio means they are extremely loyal. If you have a friend in Scorpio, you have a friend for life. Unless you cross them. Then… well, you know.

So, what does all of this tell us about the New Moon in Scorpio and how this can create transformations for you all month long? Easy. New Moons are beginnings, and Pluto-ruled Scorpio is about transformations.

What part of your life do you need new beginnings? You probably have an answer for that right off the bat. That is your New Moon wish.

The answer is a clue. And Scorpio, the zodiac detective, is saying, that is your clue on what you need to change as well. Take control of the change. The thing you want to change is pointing you to what you need to change. In order for that change to occur, you need to make something dead to you.

It’s not easy for Scorpio, who is a Fixed sign, and pretty obsessed about the things that make them feel comfortable and secure. But once Scorpio makes that cut, it’s cut for good. You know the thing in your life that is unhealthy. It’s the thing that makes you feel a little awkward when you hear the thought of cutting it out.

Do you need to stop being inauthentic to people? Do you need to stop letting your childhood pain interfere with today? Do you need a healthy relationship? If so, then you need to cut out the unhealthy ones. Or, you need to start being more authentic. Forgive yourself for any childhood pain and leave it behind you.

It’s all dead to you, starting now. That’s how this New Moon in Scorpio is going to light the way of transformations all month long and bring YOU miracles. The New Moon zone this month is between November 5 and November 9, peaking on November 7. Use this forecast to guide your New Moon wishes.

So, let’s have a look at how each zodiac sign is going to feel these themes this month.

New Moon in Scorpio Horoscopes and Forecasts for All Zodiac Signs

Scorpio – Rise from the ashes.

The New Moon in Scorpio is working your first house of Self, baby. It’s time to shed some skin. Be the wonderful you that you are. Stop being what you think others want you to be. Just be you. It’s intense. It’s glorious. New beginnings are on the docket for you more than any other zodiac sign. You like being stuck in the ways that you think have been working. But you know what isn’t working, sweetie. Cut it out. Tear down that wall. It’s time for your new reality. Fly, baby, fly.

Sagittarius – Digging up buried treasures.

You have the New Moon in Scorpio working your twelfth house of spirituality and endings, Sagittarius. And that means you are feeling this New Moon with some emotional intensity. Time to dig into that shadow side of yours and find where the kernels of gold are. What is it about your sense of Self that you have buried? Bring it up, buttercup. When you do, you become the beautiful butterfly that you are. This requires some downtime and alone time, but you are blessed with the gift of the twelfth house guardian angel to help you determine what needs to become a skeleton, and what part of you will become that beautiful butterfly.

Capricorn – If you build it, they will come.

The New Moon in Scorpio, Capricorn, is about building your field of dreams. This New Moon is working your eleventh house of groups and friendships, which is also your house of your biggest dreams. Use your networks during this time to awaken those dreams that are buried deep inside you. This is new beginnings time. It’s time to light the fire on those dreams, and see how far and how long it will burn. If you build it, they will come.

Aquarius – It’s all about the greater good.

The New Moon in Scorpio is working your tenth house of career destiny and public image, Aquarius. You are going to feel like your public image is amplified if you launch the right new beginning and make the right New Moon wishes. It’s all about channelling the energy for good. This karmic time is going to put you in the spotlight. YSo you want to be on your best behaviour; follow the light, and only the light. Set your mind on something powerful that you’ve never done before, or one of your favourite activities. Then plant those seeds to see what blossoms. We predict it will be something wonderful if you have the right intentions.

Pisces – Transcend into the light.

The New Moon in fellow Water sign Scorpio is working your ninth house of foreign affairs, Pisces. This is the house of travel and adventure, karma and light. This house is also ruled by Jupiter, the god of luck and karma, which means you have a little bit of luck when you follow these stars. But that also means you need to be on your best behaviour, and only putting out what you want to get back. Think BIG. No detail is too small right now. It’s time for your master plan to all come together. Your transformation awaits.

Aries – Is it really worth it?

You have the New Moon in Scorpio in your eighth house of all things taboo, Aries, which is also your house of transformations. This is also the house of Scorpio. Your transformations are going to happen and will be powerful. This house is ruled by the karmic number eight, which is an infinity symbol upside down, and that means that the power of the Universe is at your disposal. Are your intentions pure? Or do you think that using karma and change for nefarious purposes will help you to succeed? Think long and hard before you make that change, Aries, as the karmic boomerang is coming. Is it really worth it? You don’t have to think about it for long if your intentions are pure.

Taurus – Couplehood & space.

You have the exciting opportunity to enjoy some New Moon wishes in love, Taurus. This New Moon is working your seventh house of love and partnerships, and you can see some transformations in this area of your life. But there’s a double-sided coin in play, as always. Do you want to be glued to your partner? Or do you want a little space? Find a way to have both under this New Moon and you both will be feeling refreshed. And, if you are single and looking, stick close to someone that enables and supports who YOU are as a person. Don’t change for them. Change for you. Then fly, baby, fly. Time to love, Scorpio style. It’s going to be amazing.

Gemini – The little things become the big things.

Oh, dear Gemini, you have some new beginnings in the way of health or your little routines in life. This New Moon in Scorpio is working your sixth house of details. A big transformation is on the docket, and it’s going to go the way of good karma. Is yours in good shape? How is your health? Have you been obsessed with nefarious intentions and shortcuts? If so, the new beginnings that are arriving may not be the ones that you want. On the other hand, if you have been doing the good work and following the grind every day in a pure way, well then, your daily outlook is going to get a refreshing transformation. You are tired of the grind. Yes. So change it. That’s what this New Moon is all about. Keep that karma clean and this will be a refreshing transformation for you.

Cancer – Make room to dance.

The New Moon in Scorpio is working your fifth house of pleasures. Have you been working too hard lately, Cancer? Not just in your every day but in your grind of life? Time to let that hair down a little bit. Time to not just look beautiful, but feeeeeeel beautiful. This New Moon is all about allowing yourself that freedom to dance and just feel amazing. You worry too much about others. Keep doing that, you’re doing a great job. But you don’t worry enough about yourself. Make room to dance and this New Moon may not only bring you a stronger love life, that is more fun, but you’ll actually start to enjoy life too. You’re allowed to enjoy life, you know.

Leo – The tree of life.

The New Moon in Scorpio is working your fourth house of roots and foundations, Leo. That means that you are focused on family, your roots, and your actual home foundation under this New Moon period. New beginnings with your family or home are on the docket now. But you know what you need to put behind you to make this work. Pain, old grudges, and the things that haven’t worked before need to be put behind you now. It’s time to start on a new page. When family or home matters aren’t working, nothing is. So you know where your transformation power is. Make something dead to you in order to start something new. As a fellow Fixed sign, you know how to do this as good as Scorpio! Make those New Moon family wishes count!

Virgo – Good words are worth everything.

The New Moon in Scorpio is working your third house of communication, Virgo. This is also the house of your siblings. New beginnings in the area of communication are possible, but you need to put behind you any grudges or issues that have held you back in this area from the past. Communication has the power to change everything under this New Moon. Use your feelings words. Connect. Shed your skin of anything old and icky. Your transformation awaits.

Libra – Money matters matter.

The New Moon in Scorpio is working your second house of earned income, Libra. As the Cardinal sign of the Air signs, when money matters aren’t working for you, nothing is. It ruins everything. Shed that mindset for just a little bit, and know that a new beginning in the area of money is on its way to you. Enjoy its blessings. Allow it to just be what it is instead of what you want it to look like. When you engage that powerful mindset, you engage a powerful transformation in your entire life. It’s going to feel good! Money matters matter to you. So this transformation is going to feel pretty darn good! Many zodiac signs are working the money angle for this New Moon. Your New Moon wishes on money are going to be more powerful than anybody’s. Expect that cash flow to start feeling pretty good right now!

Concluding thoughts…

The New Moon in Scorpio is all about transformations. New beginnings, and endings. Each zodiac sign and every human soul has this potential. Make those New Moon wishes count! If you do it right, the transformations will not just last this month, but all year long until Scorpio’s next time to shine!

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