How to Be as Lucky as Sagittarius All Year Long (No Matter What Zodiac Sign You Are)

Posted on November 25, 2018

Happy Sagittarius season, Earthlings!

Many of us are already feeling lucky, optimistic, and generous, as the holiday season approaches. But there is another very BIG reason we are feeling this right now. It’s Sagittarius season! This energy is taking us right into the holidays, and through the holidays, and feels so BIG because that’s just how Sagittarius rolls. There are a number of reasons for this, but one BIG reason is due to the fact that Sagittarius is ruled by the biggest planet of them all – Jupiter. Not only is Jupiter the biggest planet, but Jupiter is also the luckiest planet. This makes Sagittarius a little luckier than some. But as BIG as Sagittarius and Jupiter energy is, so too is it generous. Sagittarius always wants to share the wealth.

If you want to find out how to be as lucky as Sagittarius is all year long, keep reading. No matter what zodiac sign you are, Sagittarius has more than a little extra luck this year to go around.

Jupiter in Sagittarius Lucks Bears Luck All Year-Round

Sagitarrius, the Mutable sign of the Fire signs, is considered extra lucky because it is ruled by the lucky planet Jupiter. This year, Sagittarius has an extra dose of their natural luck, because Jupiter is in Sagittarius all year long this year. From November 18, 2018, to December 2, 2019, Jupiter is in Sagittarius and will send Sag a little extra of that generous love, all year long.

But that also means that every zodiac sign can enjoy this luck as well! Whatever house Jupiter is visiting while in Sagittarius will experience an extra dose of Jupiter and Sagittarius luck as well. So what are those themes exactly?

Here we have the big planet Jupiter, the planet of expansion, faith, luck, travel, and optimism, entering the Mutable sign of the Fire signs Sagittarius. Jupiter is all about the blessings, but a keyword of Jupiter themes is – faith. You have to believe to receive!

Then we have Sagittarius, the zodiac sign that loves to learn, thrives on travel, and is as creative as the day is long. Sagittarius is a natural philosopher, and by being a Mutable sign, is open to all perspectives in faith and philosophy. Sagittarius is also an intuitive and creative sign, thanks to their Fire sign nature.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and growth, and Sagittarius is always looking to improve on that. Where you see Jupiter in your chart this year is where you are going to experience abundance, growth, and luck! Where will your star shine the most? Here are some clues.

Sagittarius Jupiter in the 1st House:

Your overall sense of self and your physical appearance may take on a total transformation this year, Sagittarius. It’s where you’ll feel luckiest!

Scorpio Jupiter in the 2nd House:

Money matters are going to matter this year, Scorpio, but you can expect your sense of Self worth, and your income, to experience some wonderful luck and gains this year.

Libra – Jupiter in the 3rd House:

Your personal network and sense of communication is going to feel very lucky this year, Libra. When you reach out and touch someone, or many someones, your luck grows! Sibling matters are also very lucky this year.

Virgo – Jupiter in the 4th House:

With your house of roots activated under Jupiter’s lucky energy, Virgo, you are feeling very lucky at home this year. Real estate, renovations, or just connecting with your roots are themes that take on energy that is very generous and lucky for you this year.

Leo – Jupiter in the 5th House:

Your house of true love and creative joy is getting some lucky strikes this year, Leo! Expect romance to feel lucky in love, and pleasure-filled as well!

Cancer – Jupiter in the 6th House:

Your luck will be found in the matters of your daily routine this year, Cancer. Expect to see some lucky strikes at work, or in your health matters. The little things reap some lucky rewards this year, Cancer!

Gemini – Jupiter in the 7th House:

Your biggest commitments when it comes to partnerships, and usually romantic ones, will see the biggest luck and karma this year, Gemini. Love is a boomerang, but you have to do it right!

Taurus – Jupiter in the 8th House:

Sexuality and shared resources are the areas where you will see the most luck this year, Taurus. Woo hoo! Luck in love AND money? Lucky you!

Aries – Jupiter in the 9th House:

Areas of travel and philosophy are the areas you will see the biggest luck this year, Aries. Expand your mind. It’s not just about travelling. It’s about getting there are perspectives bigger than your own. That’s where your karma is or isn’t this year.

Pisces – Jupiter in the 10th House:

Jupiter is touching your career house which is your house of public reputation and image this year, Pisces. Your star is really going to rise in a big and very lucky way!

Aquarius – Jupiter in the 11th House:

Jupiter is in your home house, Aquarius, your house of big ideas. So expect to see some luck in your big dreams this year, Aquarius! Your connections to humanity and the world at large are lucky as well, and your luck increases when you connect to the world at large.

Capricorn – Jupiter in the 12th House:

It’s all about your spiritual connections and ridding yourself of things that are no longer spiritually healthy for you this year, Capricorn. You’ll know what they are. Your luck increases when you follow that theme.

Sagittarius Themes for All Zodiac Signs

Now that you know exactly where you should see the most luck this year, here’s how to do it. Whether Jupiter is in Sagittarius or not, embodying the spirit of Sagittarius is the way to improve your luck, all year round, any year of your life! Here are some tips.

  • Sagittarius makes their own destiny. That’s why they are the archer of the zodiac. They aim, they shoot, they win. Where are you aiming your arrow?
  • Sagittarius takes risks. You can’t win or get lucky in life if you keep doing the same old, same old. As a Mutable Sign, Sagittarius is always up for something new. You can take risks and be a planner too. Where are you taking risks?
  • Sagittarius knows when to fold ‘em. When something is toxic in their life, Sag lets it go. Can you? When you do, you free up spiritual room for luck to increase. Whether it’s an outdated friend or an outdated investment, Sag knows when to fold ‘em.
  • Sagittarius likes a challenge. A lot comes easy to lucky Sagittarius, but Sagittarius doesn’t like to take the easy way out all the time. They like to reach beyond to the Big Picture, and they can’t do that without rising to a challenge. It’s about goal pushing.
  • Sagittarius likes to have fun. Are you having fun reaching your goals? Or trying to? Jupiter is a carefree and optimistic energy. It is not a stressed out and angry energy. Are you having fun looking for that luck? If not, try. When lucky Jupiter is kicking around in your horoscopes, we always say follow the optimism. That’s why. Because following that optimism leads to luck.
  • These are things you can start doing every day, to see where your luck falls on that day.

Concluding Thoughts…

It’s easy for all zodiac signs to enjoy Sagittarius luck all year long. Not only do you have Jupiter in Sagittarius blessing you this year, but you now know the themes of Sagittarius which will help you to go out and capture your own luck. Keep reading your Daily Horoscopes to find out even more ways to stay lucky all year long, every single day.

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