Breaking News on Saturn Retrograde - It’s Not That Bad, It’s Just Karma

Posted on April 17, 2018

Although many fear and worry about Saturn, the truth is, dealing with it in the right way will create magic on your destiny and life path. Big ol′ grumpy Saturn is all about karma and life lessons. When you handle Saturn in style, then know you are shaping your own destiny.

Miracles are great, yes, but they are impossible to enjoy if we have a mountain of responsibilities on our plates. When it comes to those responsibilities and time constraints, Saturn says, get ‘er done - or they may come back to haunt you. That’s precisely what tends to happen during Saturn retrograde – old haunts come creeping back.

There’s a reason for that, and it’s not that bad, it’s just…karma.

What is Saturn retrograde?

Here’s the breaking news on Saturn retrograde. Saturn is like the consummate father figure. No father figure ever wants to see their progeny fail.

Thus, Saturn is just as eager to reward as he is to put the squeeze on a life matter. If you’ve been “the responsible one” of the family, Saturn retrograde will be a very exciting time for you, and is eager to teach you lessons like Mercury.

Saturn, as the task master, is already a karma driven planet. Retrograde periods are always about going back in time to ensure your karma is on a clean slate. This is a double whammy of a karmic time then. The same “re” themes apply here that applied during Mercury retrograde: Review, reflect, remember, resolve, reconnect, repair, and so on.

These themes are multiplied by two in intensity with the karmic planet in play. When Saturn is retrograde, we get a double dose of that. This is nothing to fear if you’ve been learning your cosmic lessons and doing right by all in your orbit. It’s nothing to fear if you haven’t, either.

In fact, Saturn retrograde is the time for you to make those corrections so you can dive into that mountain of karmic miracles that the universe has in store. Hey, no human is perfect! You’re allowed to make mistakes. In this lifetime, you succeed when you own them, make corrections, and move forward.

We’ve all slacked a little bit here or there, but over the next few months, from April 17 to September 5, Saturn will be in retrograde which will give you the perfect opportunity to tie up all of those lovely loose ends.

5 Themes of Saturn Retrograde That Will Improve Your Karma

When Saturn is direct, he is the father figure making sure you are getting everything done that you need to get done, physically, financially, and spiritually. Sometimes that means putting the squeeze of limitations on you until you get those things done. When Saturn is retrograde, the message from is, “I want you to think about how you can do better.”

You will be reminded of events in the past where you may not have performed so well. This is when destiny and karma come to play. It’s not a bad thing.

Destiny is the line of fates from the universe that sends predestined events your direction. Karma is the gas in the tank. Destiny is your destination. Karma is what gets you there. You put the gas in the tank, but you have no control over what’s happening on the roads on the way. Stuff happens. You have no control over predestined events.

You do have control over what kind of gas you are putting in the tank, and how you got it there, and what your intentions are. Did you steal it? Did you misuse someone to get it? Did you work hard for the money that paid for the gas in the tank of your car on its way to your destiny?

These are the things you want to think about when engaging the themes of Saturn retrograde to improve your karma.

1. Discipline.

This is a period to cultivate some patience, and to hold back on all of those impetuous things you may normally engage in. Hold the tempers, hold the rush, just…go with a very slow flow and be disciplined! Think things through. Do you really want to blow off that lover? It will come back to haunt you under this time frame.

It will come back to haunt you if you already have. Do you really want to cut corners at work or treat employees unfairly? You shouldn’t. Your bills will come due. Think and move slowly, using discipline. It’s time to be the responsible kid in the family and treat your fellow humans with respect and order.

2. Time Out: Think about what you’ve done.

Many people spend a lot of time waiting for karma to find them. That’s not how it works. Saturn is sending you clues all the time, and sometimes sending outright thunder bolts of responsibility. During Saturn retrograde, you have the opportunity to think about all of this yourself, and figure it out on your own.

Remember when you dad used to say, “Go to your room and think about the best solution for this.” That’s what is happening during Saturn retrograde. The consummate father figure doesn’t want to give you answers all the time. He wants you to figure them out on your own, because he knows when you do, you learn more.

The truth is, when we were kids and sent to our rooms to figure it out, our parents or guardians were saying, “We trust you to be responsible enough to work this out alone.” That’s not a bad thing! Those time outs were actual blessings. Wouldn’t you rather have a time out than be grounded from your friends for a month?

When your parents chose the consequences it’s because they didn’t think you were mature or responsible enough to do so on your own. Are you now? Saturn retrograde is the grand time out so you can re-configure your karma and re-set your destiny and re-shape those predestined events.

3. Reflect, review, recorrect, renew, repeat.

Now that you’ve taken the time to think about what you’ve done, be honest with yourself (Hint: Nobody’s looking.) and make the corrections or you will repeat your mistakes and be sent back to your room again.

Be grateful for this slower period to reflect, review, and renew. What are your personal boundaries? What are your personal rules? Don′t let anyone interfere with them. Reflect, review, and renew as often as you can. Then do it again. The ah-ha moments aren’t far away.

When you repair your mistakes with re-sponsibility, the rewards Saturn sends in retrograde are truly breathtaking. Use the time to become aware of how you function in this world, and how you want to manifest your best possible self. What is your first ah-ha moment of self awareness?

4. Embrace the past.

There is going to be a lot of past energy coming up during Saturn retrograde. Karma can’t happen without karma. It’s the infinite loop of the number eight, something goes around, and it comes back again, then it goes around, then it comes around, because it’s karma.

It’s either going to be really, really good, or, there’s going to be a wrinkle or two. Embrace these opportunities to do right and wipe those slates clean. Be honest with yourself, yes we keep saying that for a reason. Owning it is the most important step. Embrace the opportunities that allow you to do that during Saturn retrograde.

People will look at you in an entirely new way when you make this cosmic shift, and it will be the good way!

So you made a mistake. That’s called being human. If you have people in your life hanging onto that and judging you for it, the universe is sending the message to cut those ones out. The path of true and unconditional love comes from a place without judgement. That’s what love actually is.

If mistakes come calling, forgive yourself first and foremost, and go easy on the ones that come to you for forgiveness under this transit for the same reasons.

You made a mistake. You are not perfect. We are all flawed. You don’t need to be forgiven by anybody but yourself. Of course forgiveness from others is always nice when we mess up, but you won’t always get it and that’s okay. Those in your life offering unconditional love will.

The most important and most miraculous step is owning it, that’s the karma part. Nothing else is in your control, the rest is destiny. Only worry about what you can control. Owning it is pretty much the only thing you do control, but so is showing mercy and goodness to other humans. So, take control.

These tests may come by way of an old lover, an old job, and old friend, some old responsibilities, old contracts, old family matters, employees, employers, anything really. Are you truly valuing your people? If not, they are searching for the ones who will in order to correct their own mistakes under Saturn retrograde.

Many people work very hard to put their past behind them and keep it there. When this happens during any planetary retrograde it can be downright annoying! When this happens, that′s okay. The things that are coming up now are happening for a reason. Embrace them! This is your karma and destiny calling! How will you answer?

5. Sow good karmic oats.

In the event that Captain Obvious hasn’t shone through the message yet, here it is. When it comes to Saturn retrograde, it′s a good idea to be on your best behavior. Just do that and you will have fewer mistakes to correct.

It′s never a bad idea to be on your best behavior, but human souls are not pure ones, so during Saturn retrograde it is even more important. Life lessons are cropping up and some are so subtle you won′t realize it until the moment has passed, and you have missed it, so pay attention.

Most importantly, lay down good karmic oats so when the rings of Saturn′s karma and destiny begin moving forward again, know that you have laid your karmic path well. Now, your destiny awaits.

Concluding thoughts….

We’ve just come out of a Mercury retrograde with some relief, and are in the middle of a Jupiter retrograde. Major karma is being developed right now. The Law of Attraction is afoot. The very next stinking day after Mercury retrograde, Saturn turns retrograde and puts on another squeeze.

Big deep breath. It’s going to be okay. It’s going to be better than okay if you want it to be. Mercury retrograde was preparing your thought processes about your karma and destiny. Now Saturn retrograde is asking you the question, “Are you ready to get real?” When you do, karma and destiny are calling.

That’s the breaking news about Saturn retrograde. It’s really one special kind of awesome. Stay tuned to your Daily Horoscopes to find out what blessings are in store for you day by day. What special kind of awesome are you hoping comes your way?

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