How to Embrace Change Using Tarot

Posted on November 12, 2017

Change is not always easy to embrace with open arms. When our lives feel like they’ve been turned upside down by change, we begin to feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. Tarot can be a wonderful source for working through our stubborn emotions and unwillingness to go with the flow. The Tarot will always show you the cards you need to see at the time, however, it can also be useful to focus upon certain cards for emotional release and understanding.

This article will explore a few ways to use the art of Tarot to embrace the changes in your life.

The Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross Spread is one of my favorite, go-to Tarot spreads. It is simple, yet encompassing. It provides a great resource for an overview of the issues you are most struggling with in life. This spread consists of ten cards, spanning everywhere from past influences to current energies in your life. This is a terrific reading for a comprehensive look at the basic issues you should be confronting. Pay particular attention to change-themed cards such as the Devil and the Two of Disks.

Meditate on Change in the Tarot

In addition to letting the cards speak to you, it can be beneficial to meditate on cards that focus on the areas in which you need a little boost. For instance, the Two of Disks is a wonderful card to think upon when dealing with the struggles of change. The Two of Disks urges us to become harmonious in our exchange with, and embrace of, change in our lives. It reminds us that we are connected to Mother Earth, and part of the natural world around us. Just as the ocean’s tides crash and break, we too must ride the waves of change.

One pivotal trump card in the Tarot, particularly in the Thoth deck, is one that has been largely misunderstood. While the Devil might appear to be a frightening card on the face of it, this card further instructs us to embrace change, recognizing that there may be relationships that no longer serve us. Severing ties with someone can be one of the most difficult changes of all, yet it is sometimes necessary for our growth and evolution.

Consult the Cards Regularly

Sometimes our situations and mindsets shift from day to day. Each time you consult the cards, you’re likely to learn something new about yourself, including techniques for thriving in the midst of chaos. Each experience with Tarot can be insightful and helpful, and the more you use them, the more you begin to understand each other. The cards have an energy of their own, and it is looking to mesh with yours.

Sometimes, even taking that time out to do something for yourself is enough to soothe the senses. Lighting candles or incense, playing some relaxing music and consulting the Tarot can be a wonderful opportunity to heal. Taking notes regarding your results can also be helpful on your journey, showing you how your thoughts, moods and cards change over time.

Trust the Tarot

Many times, I’ve gotten results that I disagreed with, or couldn’t find truth in, only to realize the truth in them days, or even weeks, later. The cards will not always tell you want to hear, but they will always show you what you need to see. Tarot can be an opportunity to connect with and show compassion for, the self and all its parts. You can learn to use it to navigate through the windy, changing roads of life. Simply keep practicing, keep studying the cards and learn to show them trust.

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