How to Get Through the October 2014 New Moon in Scorpio Solar Eclipse

Posted on October 22, 2014

Intensity rises with this New Moon in Scorpio. Where are you feeling the most….wicked?
Intensity rises with this New Moon in Scorpio. Where are you feeling the most….wicked?

Things are about to heat up on the shadow side, are you ready?

In the week leading up to October 23rd, you might be feeling just a little more anxious. Just a little more tense. As Dr. Frank N. Furter in Rocky Horror Picture Show would say, you might be feeling just a bit of…antici…..


Your mind, your body, your heart, they all might be drawing up a mighty, mighty craving direct from the tap: that root chakra Kundalini snake just coiled as tightly as it can be is ready to spring forward, and, well, that bite can be ever so delicious. If you let it.

On the 23rd, we’re going to have a partial solar eclipse combined with some intense astrological configurations including a new moon- and it’s hitting us in all the right places.

Venus in Scorpio: Feeling Wicked, Feeling Wild

Scorpio can be a little bit scary and uncomfortable for those who aren’t used to the dark. The intensity can really push you over the age, to be sure. However, when we’ve got Venus in Scorpio, we have an intoxicating blend of the luxurious, the dark, the wicked, and the deepest secret truths.

So far beyond simple casual affairs, our deepest vulnerabilities can be exposed. We are left naked, bare and open before one another. While “secret” may make you think of dishonesty- in this case, it’s anything but. The courage to let it all out leaps forth from our psyche, and we’re just driven to let fly with everything.

You see, Venus wants more than just a little sexy fling. Venus brings a deep desire for a pure union of two souls. This could be friendship, it could be love. The superficial just isn’t enough- when Venus moves into Scorpio, we are truly driven by what the heart wants and going after it. We must live our deepest, buried truths.

Just like that Kundalini, coiled at the base of our spine, Scorpio moves in a fluid way, digging down into our secret heart of hearts. It’s a well known fact that when two people bond in intimacy, in the sex act, energy is not only combined, it’s transformed.

As Venus moves into Scorpio, we tend to really feel that deeply buried chemistry. You know that feeling when your nose to nose with your lover, just about to move in for that first kiss? That almost giddy, buzzing sensation in your stomach- oh, you know the one and you know the energy.

Acts of intimacy are incredibly worthwhile during this time. Those who share a bond of true intimacy will see it really grow, those who are just starting out may see it leap into something even deeper. Unfortunately, those who are merely surface connections with no real meat may fall by the wayside: but you will be better served for the loss. This is a time for that which is real. Now is also a wonderful time for a good session of Hot Yoga or a trip to the sauna. Purge that which is poisoning, set free that which yearns for expression. Connect and disconnect.

Neptune in Pisces

But wait! There’s more! We’re not even to the eclipse itself yet and so much power in such a short amount of time. Neptune in Pisces is actually an incredible journey completed: bringing energy that has crossed space and time to dip right back into an entire ocean of pure oneness. During this time, you will most notice that you feel a bit more in tune with the Universe, things will seem open wide: think babe in the woods. No matter how old or young you may be: you are standing on the thresh-hold of some beautiful experiences and you’ll sense that.

What’s this mean for relationships? Well, Neptune is all about breaking down walls, only, more or less in an acid like way. Things dissolve. They fall away so that healing can begin. The highs and lows of this can be incredibly intense: the depths of despair to euphoria and back again. Sounds pretty rough, except, this is where Pisces comes in.

Pisces is all about compassion and feeling. No one is left behind or left out. This powerful combination of energy can change your life- because of the changes it makes to your heart. We will all find ourselves deeply considering the higher love and our soul’s mission. Additionally, karmic ties may meet us full swing in this timeline and new ones may be forged.

Whew. Powerful stuff. I told you so!

All this AND Mercury in Retrograde (In Libra, no less.)

So, we go from these intense configurations to the fact that they all culminate in this powerful solar eclipse on the 23rd. Here we have all of these giant desires bubbling up over within us. These insanely powerful, unifying and destroying energies. Emotions are just riding high- and Mercury is still in retrograde! If I was allowed to use swears in this, I would have, just now.

Why? I mean, isn’t it bad enough that Mercury in Retrograde bungles communication? What else is there? It’s in Libra. You know what Libra is? The sign of relationships.

Get this, though- it does not have to be a bad thing. This is transformation of the highest order. Don’t panic. Instead, listen to what those hidden desires are trying to tell you. Listen to those hidden emotions. Give that shadow a huge hug and love it. Understand it better. Do not hide from it. That’s the thing: if you hide from this, you will get hung up in a bad way. Bravely face the truths that are revealed during this time.

Here’s another thing, Scorpio is going to be at 0 degrees. That’s the doorway. Scorpio is a sign of power, so consider yourself standing at the doorway of your own personal power. Do not be afraid.

But what about the eclipse and new moon?

All solar eclipses carry a unique charge, but when they occur in Scorpio, those energies are not only very intense, they’re very internalized. Take this time to do some solo soul searching, as well as looking very deeply at those connections you have.

This is an amazing time to heal and make things right in your soul. You’ve got to explore those shadow places of yourself, and let go. If you can do this, quiet your mind, your heart, and your body- you’ll find yourself moving forward in your personal evolution. As you do this, you’ll find it easier to deepen those intense connections and rid yourself of the toxic ones.

In these days before the event itself and the few just after, you really want to revel in this. Delight yourself. Explore yourself. Explore each other. There’s going to be a big theme of surrender: both within yourself and in your connections. For some, the surrender is letting go of the connection entirely and for others, it will mean surrendering to the connection entirely. Either way, transformation is most definitely afoot. Go with it.

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