Jupiter Retrograde & Chiron: How to Heal a Broken Heart

Posted on February 09, 2017
Updated on October 29, 2020

A big change is coming for many of us! Sadly, some of those changes will involve broken hearts. All of this change is heralded through the lunar eclipse that will occur tomorrow with the Full Moon in Leo. Amplifying these changes, and also smoothing them over, will be our friend Jupiter which went retrograde this week.

Although we are also getting some help to heal our broken hearts at this time of the year from the wonderful planetary body, Chiron, that we call the ‘wounded healer.’ Whew! That’s a lot happening in one day, and some of these events will not be pleasant. We are here to help.

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Lunar Eclipses Often Bear Endings

When it comes to love, a lunar eclipse may bring a moment of clarity or a moment of elevation in your love life. Even if you are in the process of breaking up with someone right now! You’re going to have an “Ah-ha!” moment that will reveal if your partner is right for you, or not.

You’re going to know exactly what you want in a relationship, and you’re going to undergo a serious assessment on your current relationship status. Is it meeting your standards? If it’s not, you’re going to be making some changes. You might be able to navigate these changes with your current partner, or you’ll move on.

If you aren’t the one having the moment clarity, your partner might be assessing your relationship, too! All hope is not lost. With you driving most of the change in relationships under this Full Moon and lunar eclipse, the healing process won’t feel as insurmountable to you.

Jupiter Retrograde Sends Unexpected Luck

When Jupiter is direct, you experience luck from external events. When Jupiter is retrograde, you undergo a period of spiritual reflection and personal metamorphosis.This is why a lot of us will have hard moments when it comes to relationships.

If your relationship status is the area of your life that you want to see growth in right now, sometimes, breaking up is the way to achieve that growth. So with Jupiter retrograde combined with a lunar eclipse, you are thinking deeply about what is best for you and your life right now. In this case, breaking up is hard to do, but it is so worth it.

What Jupiter wants you to do, whether retrograde or direct, is to be honest with yourself about what is best for you. That’s the positive news about Jupiter. A critical key to healing your broken heart over the next four months is to simply be honest with yourself about what is good for your highest self.

If you are falling into the trap of greed or laziness, you will not experience these rewards. So that’s another important tip to keep in mind when you are working on that broken heart of yours. If you’re really trying to get your love life back on track and heal a broken heart—and it’s not working— that’s because the god of luck, Jupiter, has a higher plan for you, something better!

Repair Your Heart With Chiron

Here’s where the magic of the wounded healer Chiron chimes in to save that broken heart of yours. It will be the cherry on the ice cream sundae of healing. Chiron is all about healing, whether that’s a physical ailment, or you have a broken heart. What Chiron does is help you work through those issues from your past that you haven’t resolved yet. You always have the choice to either get over those matters or not.

Do you find yourself making the same relationship mistakes? Or maybe a better the question is, do the same negative relationship experiences keep happening to you? Don’t beat yourself up for that. We have all been there. All you need to feel the healing powers of Chiron over your wounds is to accept your own role in these situations and change them in the future. Also important here, is to forgive yourself.

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Never forget that you are human. Never forget that you will make mistakes because we are all flawed. Life and love work with us when we identify those flaws and resolve them to truly develop our highest self. Even though it hurts, and breaking up is hard to do; it’s one the hardest things that many of us will ever experience.

We have planets in play right now that can help you to not only heal that broken heart. Use its energy so that when your next love does come around, and it will, you are a better version of yourself and ready for an exceptionally better relationship. It takes some honesty and hard work on your part, but it’s worth it!

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