How to Interpret Bad Dreams for Healing

Posted on January 01, 2019

If you’ve had a bad dream that you just can’t shake, it’s because you haven’t received the healing message from it yet. Bad dreams contain the most powerful healing messages because they alert us to our own fears and unresolved issues.

After struggling with alcohol and getting sober, I still have dreams where I am dealing with messes and angry people because of alcohol. Every time I have these dreams, it’s to alert me that I will encounter a situation involving alcohol and it’s a gentle reminder that alcohol isn’t for me and I don’t need that drama. Now that’s a kind blessing if you ask me!

Today, we want to teach you how to apply the art of dream interpretation to your bad dreams so that you come to realize that there really are no bad dreams, only dreams that still need to be understood.

Common Bad Dream Meanings

  • Extreme Weather

Tsunamis and storms are common in dreams for people when they are holding subconscious emotions that are trying to come to the surface. If you dream you’re running from a wave of water, swimming in water, or you’re in a rainstorm or hurricane, the water represents your emotions. Weather, in general, represents your subconscious emotional state. While extreme weather may feel like a bad omen, these dreams are actually telling you to deal with your emotions by facing them instead of stuffing them down.

  • Being Chased

Being chased is a very common nightmare that can cause people to wake up in a panic. These don’t have to be dreams that make you dread sleeping though, because these dreams can reveal some of the most valuable aspects of your subconscious so you can be empowered. Being chased often means you’re allowing your fear to lead your life. It means your anxiety or thinking about what could go wrong is wreaking havoc on your vision of life and your actions. If you’re being chased in your dreams, consider it an invitation to confront why you are acting out of fear instead of out of purpose and intent.

  • Being Late

Being late or forgetting things are common bad dreams that also contain a hidden blessing to show you that the background thoughts running in your mind needs some maintenance. It shows that you’re running baseline anxiety instead of baseline positivity. The good news it that this is absolutely something you can shift in meditation. Use affirmations to retrain yourself to expect good things - the power of words guides the subconscious. Stop dreading these dreams and appreciate them, and you’ll find you’re able to build your inner optimism and then attract more positive experiences in your outer world.

  • Fights or Arguments

Getting in a fight with someone is another common recurring dream that makes us wake up feeling off and can leave a negative residue in our emotional state if we don’t understand why the dream is there in the first place. A dream containing a fight shows you have unresolved energy that needs to be communicated or is revealing how reactive you can be (even if it’s someone else is the one being reactive in your dream). People in our dreams represent a part of us, so if someone is yelling, there’s a part of you that wants attention and to be heard. If someone is trying to harm you, it can represent how you are allowing a person to control your thoughts and even your destiny.

Recurring Bad Dreams

When you keep having the same dream, known as a recurring dream, it’s an invitation to find a pattern in your subconscious that first creates an emotional response and then an action in your waking life. It clues you into a pattern your intuition knows you don’t want to repeat and it’s alerting you to the potential to fall back into an old pattern whether it’s in your thinking, your relationships, or the way you view yourself.

Some recurring dreams alert you to an unhealed experience. If you keep reliving a memory or some version of it, take another look at the emotions or perspectives you’re holding about this experience. Either it’s clouding your vision because it warped your own perspective of truth, or there’s still a lesson about self-love in it for you. Recurring dreams are trying to help you find self-love and release negative emotions.

Ask what negative beliefs or feelings comes from the recurring dream, then ask yourself if those feelings are serving you positively in your waking life in any way. The answer will almost always be no, you don’t. Once you receive and begin to act upon the healing message from a recurring dream, the dream will stop happening - unless you are close to experiencing the same emotion or a similar situation again where it will show up to remind you again of the healing message so you don’t fall back into old, less empowered ways of thinking. Pretty cool how this works, right?

Concluding Thoughts…

Keeping a dream journal and writing down your dreams is the best way to practice and gain the most benefit from dream interpretation work.

Then, check out our Dream Dictionary to look up any recurring symbols in your dreams.

You can always assume that everyone and everything in your dream represents a part of your own psychological self. If the experience is negative, remember that your subconscious is trying to reveal a hidden blessing to you. If you die in a dream, it doesn’t mean you’re going to die. You’re simply letting go of a psychological part of yourself you no longer need, which yes, you got it, is a good thing. Dream interpretation is mental alchemy - turning negativity into positivity.

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