How to Plan Your Holidays Using the Tarot

Posted on December 11, 2018

Everyone has plans for the holidays. But like any big event of the year, we often go into the holidays with a little trepidation or nervousness because at any given moment something could go wrong that throws off the best-laid plan. You’ve made your lists, checked them twice and triple checked them twice. But still, you worry. What if your loved one’s flight gets delayed? What if you are snowed in before travel? What if that very special parcel that’s going to make Christmas doesn’t arrive on time? What if you run out of money before it’s too late? What if, what if, what if. For these little questions in life, and around all of life’s big events, we turn to the Tarot to help you ease that uncertainty. So today we are going to look at a variety of ways to keep those holiday plans intact, with the help of the Tarot.

Tarot & Travel Questions

Travel uncertainty is among the biggest stressor when it comes to the holidays. Will you have enough money to travel, will the car be okay for that snowy road trip, will the flight get delayed, will customs clearance go okay, will everything be all right?

For every travel question, Tarot has a card for that. In fact, Tarot probably has more travel questions than any other theme in life, oddly enough. When you are asking travel questions of Tarot, be specific. You can do these in simple one-card draws. I prefer to ask Tarot yes or no questions for travel queries.

Some examples are, will the flight be okay? Will our journey be okay today? Will we have safe travels? But if you are worried about one specific thing, like say running out of gas, ask the Tarot. Will you run out of gas today?

You can also ask Tarot action questions if you don’t want to use Yes or No questions. What do I need to do to have a safe journey with my family today?

Use our Tarot meanings and definitions to get answers. Sometimes the answer could be confusing which is why Yes or No questions are best. Bright coloured pictures suggest a yes, darker cards suggest a no, but be careful as sometimes the darker cards are telling you that you are worrying for nothing.

Tarot & Gift Questions

We all have that one person on our list that is impossible to buy for. The Tarot can help with that, believe it or not! Use the suits of the Tarot to your advantage. But the Tarot does have other clues.

The Chariot card says you should get something car related for the person you are asking for. The Sun says you should get something for summer or warm weather for that person, but it could also be a gardening tip. The Lovers card suggests something romantic and sexy. You get the picture.

In all likelihood, when you ask the Tarot and get your card, you will be inspired by the symbolism immediately. Expect to think, “Oh I know what I’m getting them now!” The first thing you think of as far as a gift is concerned is the gift you should get when you have this gift reading.

But the suits of the Tarot can help too.

  • Air signs and Swords suggest gifts involving paper or gadgets. Some nice stationery or a sweet accessory for their phone or tablet.
  • Earth signs and Pentacles are coming up for the gardener on your list. Get some nice gardening tools or make a gardening gift basket. But pentacles may also be money, and who doesn’t want free money at the holidays? Get them a gift certificate to somewhere they can treat themselves.
  • Water signs and Cups are coming up for gifts that need to come from the heart. That means, don’t break the bank but put some love and thought into it. The 6 of Cups, for example, may be telling you to just draw something or write something sweet for that special gift. The 7 of Cups may be hinting to use your imagination and fantasy to find that special something. The key here is to lead with love, and you’ll know what to get.
  • Fire signs and Wands come up for gifts that feed the sparks of fire. This could be actual fire. In which case, a fireplace poker or accessory set, or a set of candles would be a nice gift. Or it could be something super sexy. You’ll know it when you see the card.

If you pull a Tarot card and want to know what that means for your holiday gifts, give us a shout on our Facebook page and we’ll see if we can help you out with that.

Tarot & Timing Questions

Okay, so we all have a lot of “when” questions when it comes to the Tarot. For the holidays, those questions are going to be like, “When am I getting paid” or “When will that package arrive” or “when should we hold family functions” or things like that. So there is a very general rule of thumb with timing questions and the Tarot, and again we look to the suits for that.

Generally speaking, Swords and Fire are quicker moving suits, meaning your answer is, it will happen soon. Cups and Pentacles are slower moving, with Pentacles being the slowest. So you’ll have to wait a bit. Keep in mind many Tarot readers have their own timing system, so these are not set in stone. Always go to the first thing that jumps to your mind when you see a card. That is your answer. But the suits of the Tarot do give us some clues, and this is a general guideline I use on timing questions, at any time of year.

  • Wands: Days or hours. So if you ask and get the 3 of Wands, for example, your situation will manifest very soon, almost immediately. This could also be pointing you to a time of day. Like, 3 o’clock for a three card.
  • Swords: Weeks. If you are asking how long it will take for something to happen and get say, the Ace of Swords, the answer is within one week. But swords and wands can interchange sometimes depending on the situation and I’ve seen things manifest within the hour for an Ace of Swords or Ace of Wands.
  • Cups: These usually are month-long answers. Let’s say you are wondering if you are going to get engaged this holiday season and you pull a cups card. That may be telling you the love is there, but you’ll need to wait. Or another question may be, when will I see someone? The answer is within months.
  • Pentacles: Pentacles are the slowest moving timing questions and again the answer is usually years. You probably won’t see too many pentacles showing up for a holiday timing question, but if you do, let us know and we will see if we can help you get to the bottom of it.

Tarot & Family Questions

We all have that drunk uncle or that family member we just aren’t too sure of. Or there may be a family conflict now and you are worried if it’s going to ruin the holidays. You are not alone. Tarot can’t give you advice on that remember. But when it comes to Tarot and family stuff, it’s always better to ask the Tarot what you need to do to get through these situations with a smile.

These are easy, one card draws. Just ask the Tarot what action you should take to get through this family situation. You may get a high action card like, 8 of Wands or the Chariot, which suggests travel to go see them. Or you may get a low action card like the 2 of Swords which is telling you to just sit on this for a bit and see what happens because there is more to this situation than meets the eye.

You may also be told by Tarot to give up on this, and stop stressing about it. The 8 of Cups would be a good card for that.

Concluding Thoughts…

We can’t solve your family problems for you over the holidays. But we can help you get through them by guiding you to what you need to do to create your own success on that given day. Use one-card draws and then go to our meanings and Tarot definitions guides to help you decide how to make the best moves this holiday season.

It helps to have your own Tarot deck when asking holiday questions, but you don’t have to. Use our Free Tarot reading to consult the Tarot from your own phone, tablet, or desktop. It will pass the time on those flight delays or road trip bores. Just ask, tap, and look forward to a happy holiday season with the help from the Tarot. Use these holiday readings in conjunction with your Daily Horoscopes, and you are set for every wrinkle or drunk uncle that comes your way. Don’t stress about holiday planning. Tarot’s got you! Let us know how that worked out!

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