How to Remember & Understand the Secrets Hidden in Your Dreams

Posted on July 09, 2018

Your dreams, on the surface, seem confusing, meaningless, and at times exhausting. Yet remembering the symbols and messages of your dreams is key in your own spiritual growth and can unlock your potential for success and happiness in the physical plane, your waking consciousness, the playground of the Earth realm. For now, as far as we are concerned, this is the main stage event in your reality.

So here are some practical, tangible, non-woo-woo steps you can actually take to remember your dreams more and thus unlock the hidden messages trying to come through to help you heal your perceptions and allow you to succeed in this life beyond even your wildest dreams - all the while enjoying yourself!

Welcome to the world that clairvoyants live in, the world of dream recall and interpretation. You can always use our dream dictionary once you’ve increased your recall to interpret what you’ve seen. You can be your own shaman with enough study and practice.

Substances and Diet

People I’ve met who smoke or drink frequently have had a tendency not to remember their dreams or believe they don’t dream at all.

Yet, when the people I know (including myself) stopped consuming said substances, their dream recall increased and their own psychic insights skyrocketed. Basically, consciousness-altering substances like pot and booze keep you from remembering your dreams.

Next is a subject often overlooked in the genre of dream recall, and this is the biggest factor in my book - possibly more important than meditation. Your diet. What you consume shifts your body’s ability to be sensitive to other states of consciousness. Switch to a raw and plant-based food diet and cut the crap (processed foods, fried foods, sugar, red meat, fast food).

The reason this is so essential is because the complex systems in your body need to harmonize and work together to get you to a place of clarity where your brain and your higher consciousness can actually communicate. If you have a headache, a stomach ache, or fatigue, your dream recall will suffer.

Eating superfoods and plant-based foods will increase your dream frequency because your health will improve and thus your overall mood will as well. Positive emotions have a higher frequency than negative ones. When we have visitations, visions, and altered states of consciousness in the dream state, we will be more tuned into that station when our circuitry system is tuned up instead of bogged down with toxins and emotional disturbances.

Consistency is Key

Next comes the daily practice of recalling your dreams. If you make it a habit, it becomes much easier. This means you are actively trying to remember your dreams and recording them in your designated dream journal. When you wake up, before you move around and check your phone, write your dreams down while you’re still half asleep. If you wake up in the middle of the night, do your best to write down anything you remember. You don’t have to put pen to paper, just make a quick note in your phone if it’s nearby.

This will develop in you the connection that you need to start to remember more and more details of your dreams. If you do it with consistency, it will improve. You may start by only having a vague notion or feeling. It may grow to just remembering one thing and then it will continue to expand to full-blown, feature-length movies with different characters, weather, places, stories, and feelings. You’ll actually look forward to how fun it can be, and your dream journal will soon begin to look like a book of short stories.

Eventually, instead of having just one word to write down, you’ll get a sentence, and soon you’ll get paragraphs. Later you’ll get pages! You’ll notice more details come to you throughout the day as something happens that reminds you of your dream. You’ll also realize that you do have precognition and will often dream specifically about something that’s going to happen or something someone will bring up in conversation. Recently, mine was cinnamon buns. It made me laugh because it was such a funny precognition that revealed the Universe’s sense of humor.

Before going to bed, set an intention that you will remember your dreams. You’ll eventually be able to astral travel, which means you can direct your dream when you’re dreaming because you’re aware that you’re asleep. This is also sometimes called astral projection, or lucid dreaming.

Why Dreams Can Help

It’s clear that with proper diet, reducing substances that block dreaming, and writing down our dreams, we can increase recall. But what do we do with this information? All messages that come through in symbols in the dream state are there to help us. There are no bad dreams, just messages to help us heal. Check out this article to learn how to use your dreams to heal once you start remembering them.

I once had a nightmare every night for a year. I felt tremendously bad every morning and it took time to shake it off. But one day, I suddenly realized there was a healing message in the nightmare, and that’s why it hadn’t gone away. I realized that it was there to protect me from making a particularly bad decision and found gratitude for this message. When I realized that, I stopped having the dream and my self-esteem was able to heal because I realized my dreams were showing me the power of personal sovereignty and choices.

Another time I was in a relationship with someone who wanted an open relationship. While that’s fine for people that want that, it wasn’t fine for me. I had a dream that someone was crushing my head with their hands, which meant that they were trying to change my thoughts. I realized it, broke off the relationship, and my happiness went back up.

What I’m getting at is that your dreams are there to show you when you’re veering off course. They will help you see if you’re not making decisions that are adding positively to your life. They will help you see where you can unlock more happiness by letting go of someone’s opinion of you. They will even help you remember how to have fun and help you pull your natural skills and abilities forward.

More than anything, dreams help you connect to your soul, your intuition, deceased loved ones, and guides. Many people report visitations and messages from deceased loved ones that come through in their dreams. Others report ideas for books, songs, or even a new perspective that they needed in order to move through a block coming through in dreams. Ask your dreams to show you what you need to see to help you work through something before you go to bed. Write down your question and then revisit the question in the morning.

Concluding Thoughts…

This topic is one of major interest to successful creative professionals, business executives, and astute academics. In my career as a dream interpreter and healer, I met people from all walks of life, but those that knew their dreams would unlock major helpful secrets for them were usually people that had already achieved a great deal of success from other personal development work.

Healers, clairvoyants, and psychics are very interested in their dreams because it helps us stay clear so we can do our work for others without reading them through our own unresolved clutter. Our experiences are stored in our subconscious and sometimes they can negatively affect us. Dreams help us face and deal with perceptions we have from pain or loss that we can release. Dreams help us see when we are out of control of our decisions or giving our power away. Dreams help clue us in to when we need to take time to check in with our emotions and move out the ones that aren’t helping us.

Your subconscious is also the area that creates your vibe, activating the law of attraction. If we aren’t living up to our potential, our dreams will try to cue us into this by showing us our own power in our dreams. In our waking lives, we will often meet people who aren’t living in their power. In that way, your dreams and waking life are mirroring back to you where you are so you can be the director and use the reflection to shift what you want in your internal landscape.

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