How to Ride the New Moon in Cancer Roller Coaster

Posted on July 15, 2015

Feeling a little touchy or over sensitive over the past few days? Or maybe you’ve been feeling over emotional all together. The Water Signs, Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer, have probably been feeling it the most. But many of us have been super emotional this month. There’s a reason for that! Cancer energy is abundant! We have many planets in the zodiac sign of Cancer right now and this is where all of that emotion is coming from. Cancer is the Cardinal Water Sign and also one of the most psychically sensitive of the zodiac signs. This means that psychic hunches are coming in all forms this month, and especially for those super sensitive Water Signs. And wouldn’t you know it. Right, smack, dab in the middle of all of this Cancer work we also have a New Moon in Cancer this month. Prepare for an emotional roller coaster. If you have been waiting for the time of the month to make wishes on new beginnings the time is now. Whatever psychic hunches are coming your way on new beginnings in your life, roll with them. And be careful what you wish for because you most certainly will get it.

But, with Cancer, we know already that this month’s New Moon experience is going to be an emotional one. You’ve likely already been feeling it, and sweet, sappy Water Signs are all nodding their heads on that one. This energy is peaking in intensity this week with the New Moon in Cancer on July 16. By July 18, the emotional waves will begin to smooth themselves out. Remember that karmic energy is also high this month as we have been saying all month long. So how you react to the emotional waves and roller coaster rides that come your way could make or break those New Moon wishes. And sometimes, as you will learn, being emotional and even over-emotional is a good thing. Here’s more on that plus tips on how to handle the New Moon in Cancer roller coaster ride.

1. Love happens.

Cancer is one of the most emotional zodiac signs no doubt. And when Cancer loves, Cancer loves deeply. There is a lot of this energy in the air right now with so many planets in Cancer. If you are starting a relationship this is a really great time, because ooey gooey good feelings are in abundance for everyone. If you need a reboot in your relationship go back to those first dates and re-experience heady honey mooning love all over again. Everybody is falling in love with everything right now. It’s a great time to start a new relationship, and a great time to take things in a current relationship to a new level. New Moon in Cancer time is a great time to make these New Moon wishes too! And, be careful what you wish for.

Remember that New Moon energy is about planting seeds for new beginnings. So your seed is not going to blossom into a flower over night. Have faith and know that if you are making those wishes, or planting those seeds on love that it will happen. And under this New Moon, it is going to happen when you least expect it. So make the wishes, and really prepare yourself and open yourself to every possibility. If it looks like love and feels like love, embrace it. Even if it doesn’t look like or feel like what you were expecting. Love happens. And all species great and small are feeling the love right now, get in on the action! Be grateful and accept it when it happens to you. Because it will!

2. Once in a Full Blue Moon sandwich.

This New Moon in Cancer is going to be one of the most powerful New Moons of the year. And you’re going to pay for it with a few emotional roller coaster rides. Just remember that this New Moon is the meat of a Full Moon sandwich, and know that the energy is truly magical at this mid-point in the month. We opened July with a gorgeous Full Moon in Capricorn, a zodiac sign all about commitment. We will finish July with a glorious Full Moon in Aquarius, that also happens to be a Blue Moon. These are all rare events to happen in this time frame hence the Blue Moon terminology. Hence the phrase, “Once in a Blue Moon.” The New Moon in Cancer is the New Moon that comes at the halfway point of this extraordinary event. That is no accident! And that does not happen all the time.

With Cancer ruling this one, whatever you feel deeply about…pursue it. That is the Universe saying, your time is now. What new beginning do you want? It’s a Once in a Full Blue Moon sandwich you definitely want to savour, because you never know when you are going to get this chance again. Take a big bite out of that dream of yours! The time is now.

3. Timing is everything…

Many will experience reunited love in this period. That’s because under this transit, all of the stars are going to align to create perfect timing for perfect beginnings for all zodiac signs. That is the magic of this powerful “Full Moon sandwich.” Don’t question it. You WILL be overwhelmed emotionally. Magic and dreams coming true doesn’t happen every day. In every other area of your life you have likely done everything you can to create the perfect outcome. But we always know, when it comes to timing and luck, sometimes there’s just nothing you can do. Jobs are lost because the timing doesn’t work and even relationships end because the timing stinks. All of that changes under this transit. The things that are dearest to you in work, love, and play, are actually going to come true, if you harness the energy of making new beginnings. This is the one time of the astrological year where you won’t have to worry about Fate and Destiny and timing, because the energy is already in play to make it happen. For you. So just remember that when the emotions feel like they are getting too intense, and you want off the ride. Stay on. It’s going to be so worth it.

4. Own it.

Cancer is a Cardinal Sign which means they are born initiators. That means, under this transit, you need to be the initiator of your Fate. Consider yourself the Magician in the Tarot. You have all of the tools of the Universe that you need to make it happen right there in front of you, the magic of the New Moon in Cancer. All you need to do is wave your magic wand, follow those psychic impulses, and take the lead to make it happen. And it will. These are your wishes and your biggest dreams. Be the magician and initiator of your Fate and own it.

5. Your heart is playing for keeps.

With the New Moon in Cancer, emotions are going to be all over the place. Remember that the Universe is about balance and knowing this is not going to last forever is going to help you sail through this ride swimmingly. But also know that, what happens now, could last forever. Right now your heart is playing for keeps, and if you plant the right seeds, they could blossom for a lifetime. With the New Moon in Cancer between a Full Moon on commitment, and a Full Moon on loyalty and partnerships, this New Moon in Cancer is about playing for keeps. The overwhelming emotional roller coaster ride will end, but the effects will not. Your heart is playing for keeps. So wish on those things and plant those seeds that will change your life in the most abundant and fruitful way.

Love experiences will change for many. We’ve been saying romance is hot in the air all July for a reason. The New Moon in Cancer is the mid point on that. With Mars and Mercury both in Cancer as well at this time, your heart is playing for keeps. And so is your partners. Some of the emotions you feel overwhelmed by right now are fears that it feels too good to be true. Don’t question it. This energy is for keeps and that’s the biggest reward of this New Moon in Cancer.

If you are feeling ooey gooey good with your partner right now, it’s not just you. They feel it too. And if you don’t, but you want to, start taking charge like Cancer would and own the situation. You will be miraculously amazed by the results. And these tips work for changes you need on the career and job front situation as well! If you need changes, own what you want and, be the initiator and plant the seeds of your biggest wishes. What are your New Moon wishes this month?

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