How to Seduce Each Zodiac Sign: Tips & Turn Ons

Posted on March 23, 2019

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What does your zodiac sign tell you about how to seduce your lover? Lots!

How do you catch their eye and get them really interested in you? Whether you’re navigating a new relationship or trying to reignite the flames of passion with a long term love, every sign responds to different signals when it comes to getting turned on!

Have you ever tried to apply the characteristics of each zodiac sign to improve your love life? Of course, it makes sense that different signs respond best to specific approaches.

If you find yourself stuck in a romantic rut or just want some spicy new ideas on how to best please your lover, consider the following tips for love compatibility, tailored to each sign!

Pisces - Old Fashioned Romance

If you’re trying to turn on your Pisces lover, break out the romance. Send an old-fashioned love letter, pack a picnic basket with a loaf of fresh bread, some good cheese and a bottle of vino for just the two of you. Stuck at home? Give your sweet Fish a sensual foot massage that leads to even more delights.

Aries - Get Your Blood Pumping

Aries Rams like action — lots of it! If you want to stir the embers of the first Fire sign, start with a mutual workout to get the blood pumping. Show your Aries lover you have all the right moves and lots of confidence, and he will surely be inspired to do the same for you.

Taurus - Engage all 5 Senses

Taurus the Bull loves sensuality in all its forms. Dab on an earthy, seductive scent and prepare your love chamber with low lights, silky sheets and soft down pillows. After wining and dining your Fixed sign Bull with a delicious meal, gently lead them right where you want them to go.

Gemini - Stimulate Their Brain First

Gemini Twins are so mercurial it sometimes seems as if they are two people in one body. The key to capturing a Twin’s sexual attention best by stimulating their minds. Courtships that involve lots of texts, sects, and conversational banter intrigue most Geminis, and don’t be afraid to engage in a little bedroom role-playing to keep your Twin tuned in solely to you.

Cancer - Make Them Feel Secure

Cancer natives get their groove on best when they feel secure, so take the time to make sure that your Crab knows that he is loved and appreciated by you. This is not typically a sign that has one-night stands and Crabs like to take it slow when it comes to opening up and coming out of their shells. The intimacy you share with your Cancer lover will bring on the passion.

Leo - Make Them the Star of the Show

Leo Lions perform best when they know they are your one and only. Don’t be shy about complimenting their prowess. For Leos, all the world’s their stage, and they just love to be the star. Make sure you turn all your focus on them, and they will eagerly chase after you.

Virgo - Give Them Control

Virgos thrive when they maintain control, so let them hold the reins in bed. They won’t be able to let loose in a chaotic environment, so make sure you tidy up your love nest before inviting them in. Engage them with mentally stimulating conversation, tease them gently and draw a warm bubble bath the two of you can share. Let the magic begin!

Libra - Woo Appropriately

Charming Libras love beauty, balance, and the art of seduction, so pull out all the stops when it comes to wooing your Venus-ruled love. Let them know that you dote on them by packing lunches with sexy love notes that can fan passionate flames later and don’t be shy about gifting them with the luxury items they crave.

Scorpio - Up Your Game

If you love a Scorpio native, you should up your love game considerably. Scorpions are the most passionate of signs, and they love to be naughty, so don’t be afraid to incorporate some toys and games into your lovemaking. This sign loves to unravel a good mystery, so don’t show all your cards at once. Let them poke and prod a bit before the big reveal to keep them coming back for more.

Sagittarius - Use the Outdoors as Your Playground

Sagittarius Archers get their kicks from outdoor activities. Turn a morning run together into a passionate encounter (or in the shower post-run) or go camping and make love under the stars. This Mutable sign loves to flirt and laugh, so don’t take each other too seriously in bed or out.

Capricorn - Snap Them Out of Work Mode

Cardinal sign Capricorns can have workaholic tendencies, so your job is to help them disengage and unwind. Get them thinking about love by strewing rose petals from the door to the boudoir, and once you get them where you want them, take charge masterfully so that they can really relax.

Aquarius - Use Your Mind & Body

Quirky Aquarians live their lives outside of the proverbial box, so if you want to join them in their worlds, break free of traditional mindsets when you woo them. They value intellectual stimulation at least as much as physical interactions, so don’t be shy about engaging their minds. Be open to trying new things in bed and you will be well on your way to capturing the Water-Bearer’s heart.


There you have it! Just like our differing personality traits, each sign desires something unique when it comes to getting down to business. What are some of your best seduction tips to draw your spicy Leo or shy Cancer closer to you?

If you want to check out your love compatibility with that special someone, check out our Love Compatibility Calculator and free daily 3-Card Tarot Love spread! Now get out there and have some fun!

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