How To Use Astrology To Manifest Wealth

Posted on August 06, 2018

Astrology is a tool we can use to manifest what we need and want. Browsing through books and the internet, you may not get a picture-perfect, clear idea of how to manifest using astrology. So here it is! We want you to be empowered and successful.

We have 4 simple ways you can use astrology to manifest wealth. They are straightforward and easy to understand too. You’ll need the time and location of your birth to use the 3 and 4 tip but the first 2 you need only know the Moon’s current phase and your date of birth.

Allow yourself to take a deep breath and open your mind. These tips are time-tested, author tested (I use them all the time), and easy. Our belief that success has to be hard is only that, a belief.

When we are equipped with a greater understanding of consciousness, the ebbs and flows of how people behave and our own inner strengths that can make us money, we have a huge advantage!

Tip 1

Use the Moon cycles to manifest. Each month you have a New Moon which is the time to start visualizing what you want and go after it. You have building energy for the next 2 and a half weeks that will help you take action and plant seeds.

By the time the Full Moon happens, you’re extremely likely to get things you have been visualizing and working towards. This works like clockwork - and trust me, it feels miraculous when everything shows up at once within the 2 days before and after the Full Moon.

The reason this works is because the Moon affects everyone similarly. We are all our most creative at the New Noon which is when we conceive of our ideas. Then we have energy to move forward as the Moon begins to get closer each day moving towards the high energy Full Moon. Everyone has lots of energy on the Full Moon and makes decisions because they feel confident.

Start paying attention to when the New Moon and Full Moon are and use this to manifest new jobs, new opportunities, and creative ways to generate cash! Don’t just visualize and don’t just take action, do both! Write down what you want on the New Moon and rewrite it every day while you work on your goal and put energy towards it. Trust the process and relax to keep your vibes up!

Tip 2

Your Sun sign has basic strengths you can capitalize on to generate wealth. For each sign, there are jobs that just come easier to you. You’ll find most accountants are Earth signs like Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn whereas most performers are Leo, Pisces, or Libra.

The other way understanding your Sun sign can help you create wealth is to understand your natural weaknesses so you can be aware of them and overcome them. For example, if you’re really good at something but you rush, you can intentionally slow down. Or if you’re a great fit for a role but you come off as rude because you’re too direct, you can soften it up a bit and land it!

The better we understand ourselves through our birth chart, the better we can balance our personality and have control over our emotions. You can also understand what another person is like and get along with them easier just by knowing their Sun sign. Relationships are the foundation of our business and building strong relationships through your interpersonal skills will bring you wealth!

Tip 3

Look at your 2nd house of money for natural gifts and use them. You can get your free birth chart online and find what sign and planet fall in your 2nd house. The natural strengths of this sign reveal areas where you can easily make money. This is why we often feel drawn to certain things and resist what others may tell us to do.

Many people don’t ever look at their birth chart and sell themselves short. Most of the time, people I’ve worked with on finding the perfect career love the careers that are revealed by their 2nd house. They are shocked when it reveals what’s been in their hearts all along.

When you do what comes naturally to you, it’s much more enjoyable. When you like your life, people enjoy your company and a positive snowball effect can occur in your career. (This article goes into this more in-depth How To Line Up Your Career Using Your 2nd and 10th House.)

Tip 4

Jupiter is the planet associated with luck and fortune. You can look at what sign Jupiter falls in your birth chart to see what characteristics of yourself to focus on to attract money. For example, my Jupiter is in Pisces which means I attract fortune when I’m compassionate, caring, and looking out for others; in other words, when I’m focused on a Universal vision.

When Jupiter is transiting your Sun sign, you’re going to have even more financial success. Jupiter spends a year or so in each sign, so when it’s your time, you get a whole year of success! Additionally, it’s important to know when Jupiter goes retrograde; for 3 or 4 months of the year, we are less likely to have wealth come so easily. But don’t sweat it - just remember to save for rainier days.

Concluding Thoughts…

There are many more ways that astrology can help you generate wealth. Use your understanding of the signs to improve your friendships with your coworkers. Know that Mercury retrograde is a time not to make major business moves or changes, but to reassess your approach so you don’t rush into anything without proper foresight.

You can also follow the monthly Sun placement and use the energy available to you each month to dial into ways of generating money. Some months you’re more creative and others you’re more organized. You can look at the Chinese Zodiac year to understand the general theme for the year and align your major projects with that. You’ll know if it’s a year to partner up or a year to go out on your own.

There are infinite ways to use astrology to attract wealth and the more you understand astrology, the more you will see how helpful this ancient system is in our modern life.

Keep your eyes especially on Jupiter (your luck) and Mars (your passion and drive) to understand and accept the natural ebbs and flows of your ability to focus versus when it’s time to rest and rejuvenate. Knowing and understanding the fluctuating energy available to you allows you to work more efficiently and manage your time to create a life that to most people is truly magic.

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