How to Use Crystals to Enhance Your Tarot Readings

Posted on May 26, 2019
Updated on August 21, 2020

A Tarot Reader lays the cards out on the table next to a cup of black tea and crystals.

Tarot cards are a wonderful way to connect to our spiritual, intuitive nature and even energies around us. Alone, Tarot cards can give us glimpses into our psyche, our dreams, our relationships and careers. But, combined with the powerful nature of crystals, your Tarot experience can be amplified to reveal even more.

If you’re curious about how to begin incorporating crystal healing into your tarot work, this article will tell you which crystals to bring into your rituals and how to use them.

Powerful Stones for Enhancing Tarot Readings

While there are so many types of crystals that work beautifully with Tarot cards, you don’t need a huge collection.

This list will give you an idea of crystals to start with during readings, but you can also play around with other crystals that may not appear here.


Citrine is such a great stone for so many uses, and Tarot is no exception. What makes citrine so special is its ability to take negative energy from the space around it and metamorphosizes it, leaving behind a sense of purification. Citrine doesn’t even have to be cleansed like other stones, that’s how powerfully it eliminates negativity. This stone is known for bringing opportunity and abundance, and when used in conjunction with Tarot, it helps clarify the message being sent to you.


Labradorite is known as the Stone of Magic, and Tarot is, after all, quite the magical event itself. Labradorite helps us tap into the higher energies around us, allowing us to hear the messages we receive. This stone’s vibrations will emanate around your cards, infusing them with mystical energy and assisting you in choosing the right cards.


Selenite is like the glass slipper of crystals – it’s beautiful, a bit fragile and otherworldly. This crystal has a purifying, positive aura that penetrates your deck and recharges it between readings. Selenite is linked to the Moon and amplifies her influence. Both the Moon and selenite are representative of hidden mysteries and assist in revealing them when working with the Tarot. Because this stone is so closely associated with the Moon, it is a great stone for Tarot readings based around the lunar cycles.


Amethyst is an ideal crystal to use with Tarot because it works so well to strengthen and increase intuition. It enhances psychic capabilities, clairvoyance and acts as a spiritual compass. Additionally, amethyst is a calming, soothing and protective stone that will raise the vibrations of both yourself and the deck of your choosing. This is one stone that will really work with the Tarot cards to enhance almost every aspect.

While these are excellent stones to use while working with the Tarot, there are many more to choose from. If you have crystals that you like to work with for various reasons, they are likely to carry that energy over into Tarot territory. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with your favorite crystals, even if they aren’t listed here.

Ideas for Incorporating Crystal Healing into Tarot Work

There are so many ways to promote crystal healing within Tarot work, and this is where you can get imaginative.

Meditation is an excellent way to use crystals with the Tarot. You might choose an intuitive stone, like amethyst or labradorite, and then hold it in your left palm and meditate on its intuition-boosting qualities, allowing them to wash over your body. Crystals can really help you get in the right head space for an intensive dive into the mystical world of Tarot.

Physically, they can affect your cards as well. Like any physical object, our Tarot decks carry and accumulate energy. Especially if it has been a while since you’ve done a reading, your cards may have stagnant energy that you should definitely clear it out before the next reading. If your cards aren’t refreshed and recharged, they may not provide a clear reading. Citrine is the perfect stone for cleansing the Tarot. You can place citrine on top of the deck 30 minutes before your reading, store them with your Tarot to keep them clean or even make your own ritual of it.

Crystals also work fabulously to set the mystical mood for your Tarot sessions. There are innumerable crystal mats available that double as beautiful Tarot mats, but you can even use any beautiful scarf or piece of fabric that you treasure. Take your metaphysical tools to your favorite magic space, and light a candle, burn sage or incense to cleanse the space and invite spiritual energies, and sit comfortably. Lay your mat or fabric down and arrange your chosen crystals however you’d like, depending on the spread you’re going to do. These crystals will bring an ambience while working their wonders on the energy around them. And beyond their amazing healing properties, crystals are simply gorgeous and add a certain element of beauty to any space they inhabit.

Discover Your Favorite Ritual

The beautiful thing about the metaphysical tools we use, such as astrology, crystal healing, numerology, and Tarot work is that they are incredibly customizable. While certain things – like numerology and astrology – follow distinct rules, you can still choose how and when you practice, and in what settings. The ritual is yours to create. So, if you think of a unique way to incorporate crystal healing and Tarot work, try it out!

The most important aspect of any of this esoteric work is connecting to your own spirit and the spirit of the Universe. Do what makes you feel connected to you, whether that means drinking crystal-infused spring water while reading the cards outside on a sunny day or surrounding yourself with all your favorite crystals and working with your deck in your pajamas.

Have fun with the process and create as many rituals as you’d like. There is no wrong way to use Tarot cards and crystals together, and you will quickly begin to observe their unique, symbiotic relationship.

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