How to Use the Sun in Taurus to Push for What You Want

Posted on April 22, 2018

From April 20 to May 21, the sun will move through the sign of Taurus. This earth sign has a streak of independence, which we can use to push for what we want.

Because it’s a practical earth element, we can make headway in our strategy by putting a plan together to help us move into that house we want, revamp our personal style to express ourselves with optimal zest and energy and even come out of our romantic shell. Taurus is a sign of the senses and you’ll find you’ll even be more bold about what you want to eat.

If you feel you’ve been pushed into a corner because you’ve been bending to what other people want in order to ‘not make waves,’ it’s time to realize you weren’t born to accommodate every opinion that people have. The only person’s opinion you will feel like accommodating during the sun in Taurus is your own.

This doesn’t have to be a selfish rampage either. It’s about getting clear on what your soul wants you to do and following that path unapologetically. If you want to wear blue lipstick, then do it!

Here are some more details about how to push for what you want in this time. As you read these words, start to visualize yourself doing this and it will get the ball in motion.

Write Down What You Want so You’re Clear

The time is ripe for you to let go of living the life that others want you to live. Sometimes we’ve been doing that for so long, we aren’t even sure what we want. Have no fear! You can find that out by sitting with a journal, maybe a good cup of tea and some relaxing music. Let your heart and mind wander and see what comes to you.

Do you want a new job? Do you want to learn to play the drums? Do you want to move? What comes to you should make you feel happy and free. Ask yourself when it comes up if it’s something you want or if it’s a seed someone else has planted in your mind to tell you what you want.

Now write down what you want. Maybe it’s more than one thing. Do you want a more exciting wardrobe? Do you want healthier food? Don’t feel bad about what you want even if it feels wild or way out of character. Often we’ve identified ourselves by our environment and our heart is saying, “No that’s not the real me.”

Give yourself permission to be yourself. Sometimes we’ve been trying to fit a mold for so long that we aren’t able to see how uncomfortable we’ve become in our own skin because we’re used to it.

Maybe take a trip outside of town to shake things up and see how your mind feels when you get away from it all. Who is the real you trying to come to the surface? Maybe you don’t want to wear a suit every day. Maybe you don’t want to wear heels every day and maybe you don’t want to cut your hair to please a boss who has never even met you.

Let your soul speak to you and give it room to breathe.

State What You Want Emphatically

Now that you know what you want, it’s time to put that desire into motion. Yes, sometimes change can be scary, but start and the pressure will be off. When we break routine ways of doing things, people are often surprised. If we say, “No I will not be at your party,” they may even get offended.

There’s a great book that can help you through this, check out The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. You can tell people what you want. That’s right, you can say, ‘No I’d rather stay in,’ or, ‘Actually, I’m going to yoga.’ Whatever you want, just say it.

If someone doesn’t respect you, let’s be honest, they’re not really that great of a friend anyway. The people who really care about you will not try to control you. Being bold and straight forward about what you want doesn’t always come easily or naturally. Ask yourself, “Am I a people pleaser?” Drop that habit by starting to say and do what you want today.

Go After What You Want With No Excuses

After we overcome the challenge of what other people make us feel obligated to do with their subtle manipulation, often appearing as a sweet smile and fancy dinner spread, we are ready to take on the more intense and illusory challenge, our own mind.

Often it sounds something like this, “Well, I would have started my own company but I don’t have the money and I don’t know how,” or, “It’s just not practical and I’m just not good at business.” I call b.s. Anyone can learn and anyone can develop skills if they put their mind to it. I have a secret to share with you.

I’ve made some major shocking changes, my life turned on a dime, asking no one if I should and have done well at it. How? Well, it’s not about what my ego wants, but about the reasons behind doing it.

When I get in touch with my soul and say, “What’s in the highest good for me?” and it tells me to move to Hawaii, it gives me a bit of a blurry picture of what I might be doing there.

However, I know it’s for a reason and I know the details will be worked out to help who it needs to help. This is an act of trust that your intuition knows what’s best because it’s linked to your soul and what Star Wars calls ‘The Force.’

What excuses do you use? I’m too busy. I’m too old. I’m not good enough or not pretty enough. I don’t want to hear it and frankly, neither do you. You can do anything you set your mind to. What you need is motivational words in your face, mentors who worked through their fear and a clear vision of why you want that.

Who is it helping and why is it important? When you see the good that it will bring people, you’ll find a way to do it. When it’s coming from the ego, it’s not a high vibration intention and not even necessary to listen to because it will be a dead end anyway, maybe even leaving you in a worse state.

Spending money on implants for example may actually be based in insecurity and not improving the world, capisce?


Go after it. Do something. Make the decision and make the first step. The next day, make the second step. Pick up the phone, put on your shoes, drive to that place and ask the questions. You know you’ve been waiting for something and it’s no coincidence that you read to the end of this article. Now is the time to free your soul.

Think about that song lyric, “I don’t want to wait for our lives to be over.” We’ve come out of Mercury retrograde, so it’s a good time to go after what you want and with Pluto retrograde, we can move past blind spots or excuses of our unconscious mind more easily, so in four months we’ve transformed ourselves to have the rock n’ roll life we want!

Don’t sit on the sidelines anymore, cook the life you want with your soul’s unique recipe and have some fun while you’re at it!

If you feel like you want to boost your relationship status or really work on your love life, it’s a good time for that because Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and romance. You can read more about enhancing your romancing in this article from last year!

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